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(industrial zone, Obninsk high-tech park and Vorsino Industrial Park): innovative developments, including small and medium-sized businesses. An important link in the cluster, MRNTs of the Russian Ministry of Public Health and Social Development will serve as a basis of a federal high-tech innovative center of medical radiology. Key fields of development of the pharmaceutical cluster: *manufacture of pharmaceutical products; *manufacture of substances; *research in the field of pharmaceuticals


. The leading foreign pharmaceutical companies have set up partnerships with the region. Most of the research is done in Obninsk, Russia’s first technology city. '''Manufacture of Finished Dosage Forms:''' *Khemopharm (STADA Group, Germany), present in Kaluga region since 2007, first in Russia to export medicines both to Europe and USA; *Berlin-Chemie Menarini, Menarini (Italy); *Novo-Nordisk (Novo Nordisk) (Denmark); *Niarmedik Plus (Russia); *AstraZeneca (Sweden-UK). '''Pilot production

Meat Factory OAO; *Invest Alyans OOO; *Zuegg Russia (Zuegg) OOO ООО; *Obninsk Dairy Factory, Wimm-Bill-Dann branch; *MosMedynAgroprom OAO – dairy products. Consumer Goods Consumer goods manufacturers in Kaluga region include about 250 companies and organizations of various ownership, including 11 large and medium-sized companies. The following large companies operate in the key sectors of the consumer goods manufacture: *Ermolino OJSC, textiles

; *Runo OJSC, textiles; *Sukhinichi Clothing Factory, clothing; *Ludinovo Clothing Factory LLC, clothing; *Yukhnovo Clothing Factory LLC, clothing; *KALITA OJSC, shoes; *Kaluga Shoes LLC; *Forio LLC, shoes. In its efforts to diversify the regional economy the government of Kaluga region focuses on the development of various industries. Nowadays companies in Kaluga region manufacture paper, cardboard package, chipboards and wood fiberboards, board packets, bricks, sanitary stoneware, reinforced

major scientific

for training of car manufacturing industry specialists was established. Special classes with instruction in the French, German, and English languages were opened for children of foreigners working in Kaluga Oblast. The first Science Town – Obninsk that was established in Russia is situated in Kaluga Oblast. It carries out research in the areas of atomic power, space and telemechanic technologies, and radio equipment and instrument making industry. These are some of the major scientific institutions of the oblast: *Physics and Energy Institute named after A.I. Leypunsky State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation *The Obninsk branch of Physics and Chemical Institute named after L.Y. Karpov State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation. *Technologiya Obninsk Scientific Production Company State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation. *Kaluga Scientific Research and Radio Technology Institute Federal Scientific and Production Center *Medical Radiological Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences *Electronic Equipment Scientific Research Center *Space Materials Science” of the Crystallography Institute named after A.V. Shubnikov of the Russian Academy of Sciences Scientific Research Center *Specialized Space Equipment Design Bureau of the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences *KNIITMU Federal State Unitary Enterprise *All-Union Physiology, Biochemistry, and Animal Food Scientific Research Institute *All-Union Hydro Meteorological Scientific Research Institute *All-Union Electronic Equipment Scientific Research Institute *All-Union Agricultural Radiology and Agro-Ecology Scientific Research Institute *All-Union Agricultural Meteorology Scientific Research Institute *All-Union Timber Processing Scientific Research Institute These are the main education institutions of the oblast: *Kaluga State University named after K.E. Tsiolkovsky *Obninsk Atomic Power Institute NIYAU MIFI *Kaluga branch of the Moscow State Technical University named after N.E. Bauman *Kaluga branch of the Agricultural University Kaluga Oblast is one of the 15 federal subjects in which the subject “Basics of the Orthodox Culture 8 ”. was introduced in the regional curriculum as of September 1, 2006. There is Kaluga Oblast Dramatic Theater named after A.V. Lunacharsky in the oblast. Tourism and recreation wikipedia:Kaluga Oblast Commons:Category:Kaluga Oblast

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breeding''' Dual purpose cattle breeding is the principal line of the agricultural business. Modern pig factories supply pork to the internal market providing retail trade with chilled meat and pork pre-fabricated products. Among them, Russian-Thai Joint Venture Charoen Pokphand Foods OOO (Dzerzhinsky District (Dzerzhinsky District, Kaluga Oblast)), Kharchevnikov Peasant Farm Enterprise OOO (Ulyanovsky District (Ulyanovsky District, Kaluga Oblast)), Tonoyan Peasant Farm Enterprise OOO


, and is one of the largest cultural, educational and scientific centers of Russia. Geography Kaluga Oblast is situated in the central part of the East European Plain. The oblast's territory is located between the Central Russian upland (with average elevation of above 200 m and maximum elevation of 275 m in the southeast), the Smolensk-Moscow upland and the Dnepr-Desna province. Most of the oblast is occupied by flatlands, fields and forests with diverse

OJSC, Kaluga Scientific and Research Institute of Telemechanic Systems OJSC); *products for military purposes (Typhoon JSC, ORPE Tekhnologiya OJSC, KNIRTI OJSC, KZRTA OJSC, KZTA OJSC); *electronic tubes and quantum products (Voskhod-KRLZ OJSC); *devices and equipment for nuclear power plants and radio chemical production facilities (Signal Instrumental Plant OJSC); *diesel locomotives, machines and mechanical devices for railway track repair and maintenance (LTZ OJSC, Kalugaputmash OJSC, RPM

of potential in Kaluga region. The Russian Development Strategy of the Pharmaceutical Industry up to 2020 included Kaluga region into regions where a combination of scientific and educational centers and production facilities is most conductive to the development of the pharmaceutical industry. In 2013 33 pharmaceutical companies were registered in Kaluga region. The emerging pharmaceutical cluster of Kaluga region has a constellation of companies developing new ideas and implementing new technologies

radio local

operator broadcasting television and radio programs in the oblast. As of 2007, 100% of the oblast territory has been covered by television broadcasting services. TV programs of the regional television company and radio local news programs are broadcast in the entire territory of the oblast through satellite transmission equipment. In addition, cable television networks are being developed in the oblast. Starting from 2013, a Digital Television in Russia federal project will be launched

important single

, and the road section M3 "Ukraine" which passes through the town of Balabanovo. The total length of automobile roads with hard surface is 6,564 km. The density of hard surface road network of common use is 165 km per 1,000 km². The trunk railroad Moscow – Kiev is passing through Balabanovo, Obninsk, Maloyaroslavets, and Sukhinichi. In addition, there are also important single-track diesel locomotive lines located in the oblast, including

books published

at Obninsk under Timofeev-Resovskij. One was Nikolai Bochkov, director of the Institute of Medical Genetics, in Moscow; the other was Vladimir Ivanov, head of the Laboratory of Experimental Genetics at the same institute. While in Obninsk, Timofeev-Resovskij wrote two books (published in 1968 and 1969 – see the book list below) and more than 60 papers on population genetics, radiation biology, and evolution. His wife Helena assisted him by providing her eyes to compensate for his lost vision

largest cultural

, and is one of the largest cultural, educational and scientific centers of Russia. Geography wikipedia:Kaluga Oblast Commons:Category:Kaluga Oblast


. Opportunities for establishment of facilities in industrial parks and the Lyudinovo industrial production free economic zone, tax benefits and support provided by development institutions guarantee the most favorable environment for any kind of business. Major international corporations, including Volkswagen, Volvo, Peugeot, Citroen, Mitsubishi, GE, Samsung, Continental, Berlin-Chemie Menarini, Novo Nordisk, STADA CIS and others are developing projects in Kaluga Region. Enterprises from traditional

Kaluga Oblast

'''Kaluga Oblast''' (

Established in 1944, Kaluga Oblast is located in the heart of the European part of Russia. It has well-developed transportation and utility infrastructure. The oblast has been demonstrating high economic growth rates, has substantial human reserves, and is one of the largest cultural, educational and scientific centers of Russia.

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