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lake to the northwest of the town and features residential houses and about 150 summer cottages and holiday apartments, and Caterpillar Island (Toukka) lies in the eastern part of the lake. Also within the municipality is the , which is a notable nesting area for Great black-backed gull and ospreys.

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crashes into hotel author Press Association location United Kingdom date 2010-01-04 accessdate 2010-01-04 publisher Google News causing extensive damage to the room. Wikipedia:Kajaani Commons:Category:Kajaani

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-story art museum in the middle of downtown Kajaani exhibits a wide variety of art, in medium, content and theme. Photography, videography, installation art, and more can be found here. Exhibits change about 6 times a year. They also offer workshops, lectures, and performances (in Finnish, of course). There is little to no English available here, but that's rarely an issue. (Take a Finn with you if you'd like a more detailed description of each piece of art.) The museum is in front of the historic, yellow town hall (which features a clock tower). Just look for the nondescript, white-gray building with the word Taidemuseo on it. * Wikipedia:Kajaani Commons:Category:Kajaani

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, Sun: 14.00 – 20.00 price content As implied by the restaurant's name, the food is influenced heavily by sort of "wild-west", Texas or Mexico thing or such. Delicious hamburgers, steaks, french fries and wedges can be found on menu, and restaurant also haves daily lunch. Place is decorated in wooden style of old "wild west" saloons. *

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-5PM price content Tasty, no-nonsense Finnish food with a good wine list. Main dishes €6.5-14, fixed menu a little more. The restaurant is situated on a beautiful site next to river. * Wikipedia:Kajaani Commons:Category:Kajaani

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Marko last2 Hakanen first2 Marko last3 Haikari first3 Janne title Physical and Cultural Space in Pre-industrial Europe: Methodological Approaches to Spatiality url http: books.google.com books?id s9U2ccpLKrYC&pg PA209 year 2011 publisher Nordic Academic Press isbn 978-91-85509-61-4 page 209 During the Greater Wrath in the 18th century, Kajaani Castle was forced to surrender to Russian forces. The Russians blew the castle up in March 1716, and it has been in ruins

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" Villages in the vicinity include Jormua, Koutaniemi, Kuluntalahti, Lahnasjärvi, Lehtovaara, Linnantaus, Mainua, Murtomäki and Paltaniemi. Districts of Kajaani include: Heinisuo, Hetteenmäki, Hoikankangas

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: books.google.com books?id 4gCcAAAAMAAJ year 1994 publisher Office des publications officielles des Communautés européennes isbn 978-92-826-6919-8 page 54 The government-run Kainuu Music Institute was founded in 1957, and is part of the Kaukametsä Congress and Culture Centre. It is one of the largest musical institutes in Finland, with an enrollment of about 900 from the wider Kainuu region. Wikipedia:Kajaani Commons:Category:Kajaani

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'') displays information related to the tar industry, the ''Kalevala'' (the national epic of Finland) and author Elias Lönnrot and others on the ground floor, and regularly hosts temporary exhibitions upstairs. The most notable annual cultural events in Kajaani are Kajaanin Runoviikko (The Kajaani Poetry Week), Wikipedia:Kajaani Commons:Category:Kajaani


'''Kajaani''' ( inhabitants.

The town began in the 17th century, fuelled by the growth of the tar industry. It succumbed to Russian forces during the Greater Wrath of the 18th century, who ruined the castle in 1716. Today, the local economy is driven by mainly the sawmill, lumber and paper (paper industry) industries, although UPM Kymmene's Kajaani paper mill, the main employer from 1907 until 2008, has now closed. Kajaani Church was built in 1896 in the Neo-Gothic style by architect Jac Ahrenberg, replacing an earlier church. Kajaani Town Theatre was established in 1969.

Kajaani is home to two football clubs, AC Kajaani and Kajaanin Haka, and ice hockey team Hokki. Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, a small university of applied sciences, was established in 1992.

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