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guitar bass

, Finland instrument singing, guitar, bass (bass guitar), keyboards (Keyboard instrument), cello Background Ismo Alanko was born on November 12, 1960 in Helsinki, but grew up in Joensuu, North Karelia. - Elävä arkisto - Retrieved on 9 April 2008 As a 15-year-old he played in a band called Sight, already writing some of his own songs. In the Finnish

local association

Prihat (women's volleyball). The ice hockey team Jokipojat plays in the Finnish second-tier league Mestis, and their home arena is the Mehtimäki Ice Hall. The local football (Association football) club Jippo plays in the Finnish First Division (Ykkönen). Finnish baseball enjoys popularity as well and the local team, Joensuun Maila, plays in the top division Superpesis. Joensuu has produced many world class athletes, including Jukka Keskisalo

short summer

: englanti index.htm email address Linnunlahdentie 1 lat 62.597 long 29.740 directions phone +358 10 666 5520 tollfree fax hours price checkin checkout content You can bring your tent or caravan, or you can rent a cottage. Next to the campsite is a small beach, should you whish to swim in the lake. Opens only for the short summer (June–August). *

progressive rock

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work school

is located one block south from the main market square, a 10 minutes' walk from train and the bus station. There are ten bus lines which serve traffic inside the city of Joensuu. Departures are usually every hour per line, most traffic runs in work school days and there are less departures in Saturdays and Sundays. Some bus lines continue to countryside outside the city. An one-way ticket on Joensuu local buses costs currently (2012 01) €3,20. If you travel frequently, a 10-journey card or a 40-journey

local quot

that is fried whole in butter and coated with rye flour. It's eaten whole, head and all; it's small enough to not even feel the bones. A choice of these are around the town, including in both ends of the market hall Kauppahalli. At the market square you have a choice of local and ethnic (including Thai) food stands. For small snacks only, try local "karjalanpiirakka" pastry at the marketplace stands or from Marttakahvila's Piirakkapaja. * Wikipedia:Joensuu Dmoz:Regional Europe Finland Eastern Finland Localities Joensuu Commons:Joensuu


29.7505 directions phone tollfree fax hours price content Wooden 19th century houses close to the Pielisjoki river. Some other remains of the wooden Joensuu remain here and there, but the old town as it was is now mainly lost due to construction speculation in the 1960s up to present. The center anyhow follows the town plan that was made in 1848. Streets were made wide to prevent fire in a wooden town, and the trees in the streets are birch for the same reason, for example

visual culture

in foreign trade. Joensuu offers varied cultural activities. A series of events – Ilosaarirock festival, Joensuu Music Winter, Festival of Visual Culture Viscult, Gospel festivals – and the unspoilt environment increase the attractiveness of the city. Joensuu is sometimes referred to as the Forest Capital of Europe, mainly due to the fact that the European Forest Institute is based there. Other forestry research and educational facilities are also based in Joensuu. Statistics


;russian_american" The Republic of Karelia A fast fibre-optic cable link connecting Finnish Kuhmo and Karelian Kostomuksha was built in 2007, providing fast telecommunications. The State Provincial Office was a joint regional authority of seven different ministries. It promoted national and regional objectives of the State central administration. Eastern Finland

Joensuu ("River's mouth" in Finnish) is situated at near the point where the Pielisjoki river flows into the Lake Pyhäselkä. It is one of the relatively fast growing centres in Eastern Finland. The University of Eastern Finland supplies a constant stream of fresh student meat from all over the country and exchange students from abroad. Joensuu's industry, as well as a large part of the University programs, is dominated by forestry. Get in By plane

Huge outdoor flea market that is held every other Sunday during the summer. Eat *

live music

phone tollfree fax hours price content A small bar that serves both food and drinks. * *

address Torikatu 21 lat 62.59958 long 29.76182 directions phone tollfree fax hours price content Beer and live music from rock alternative bands. *


'''Joensuu''' ''(lit. "mouth of the river")'' is a city and municipality in North Karelia in the province (provinces of Finland) of Eastern Finland. It was founded in 1848. The population of Joensuu is

Joensuu is a lively student city with over 15,000 students enrolled at the University of Eastern Finland and a further 4,000 at the North Karelia University of Applied Sciences. http: english default.htm

The largest employers are the municipal City of Joensuu, North Karelian Hospital District Federation of Municipalities, Abloy and Punamusta.

The European Forest Institute, the University and many other institutes and export enterprises such as Abloy and John Deere Forestry give Joensuu an international flavour.

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