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industry based

. During the Cultural Revolution, Jilin was expanded again to include a part of Inner Mongolia, giving it a border with the independent state of Mongolia, though this was later reversed. In recent times Jilin has, together with the rest of heavy industry-based Northeast China, been facing economic difficulties with privatization. This has prompted the central government to undertake a campaign called “Revitalize the Northeast”. Major cities in this province include

title water

purifying materials offered to Russia work www.chinaview.cn date 2005-12-16 Chinese leaders later had to apologize to the Russian government over its handling of the incident as the pollutants finally flowed into Heilongjiang River, the major boundary river between China and Russia.

century efforts

is among one of the oldest cities in Northeast China. The ancestors of the Manchus lived there before Qin Dynasty. During the reign of the Yongle Emperor in the early 15th century, efforts were made to expand Chinese control throughout entire Manchuria. Mighty river fleets were built and sailed several times from Jilin City, getting the chieftains of the local tribes to swear allegiance to the Ming rulers. Shih-shan Henry Tsai, ''The Eunuchs in the Ming Dynasty

Huntsmen on His Horse.jpg thumb 250px A Jurchen man hunting from his horse, from a 15th century ink and color painting on silk. The Ming Empire (Ming Dynasty) took control of Liaoning in 1371, just three years after the expulsion of the Mongols from Beijing. During the reign of the Yongle Emperor in the early 15th century, efforts were made to expand Chinese control throughout entire Manchuria. Mighty river fleets were built in Jilin City, and sailed several times between 1409 and ca. 1432

track event

in Jiaohe (Jiaohe, Jilin), Jilin City, Jilin) is a Chinese (Chinese race) former long-distance (Long-distance track event) runner (Running). DATE OF BIRTH January 19, 1973 PLACE OF BIRTH Jiaohe, Jilin City, China DATE OF DEATH Geography Benxi is located at latitude 40° 49’—41° 35’ N and longitude 123° 34’—125° 46’ E, and has a total area of . To the east is Jilin City, Jilin Province (Jilin), to the south

poem written

first Richard Louis last Edmonds publisher University of Chicago, Department of Geography; Research Paper No. 213 isbn 0-89065-118-3 year 1985 pages 113, 115–117 Since then Jilin City has developed at a rapid pace. The nickname of Jilin City is ''River City'' ( " of a poem written by Kangxi Emperor when he was visiting Jilin City in 1682. Jilin retained its importance into the 18th and 19th

modern public

-planned city with broad avenues and modern public works. The city underwent rapid expansion in both its economy and infrastructure. Many of buildings built during the Japanese colonial era still stand today, including those of the Eight Major Bureaus of Manchukuo ( ). From 1931 to 1945 China's last emperor Pu Yi was installed as the Manchukuo government

education high school

: * North Big Lake ski resort * Songhua Lake ski resort * North Hill ski resort * Zhuque Hill ski resort * Filibiin swimming resort Winter swimming is widely practiced in Jilin city. Education High School * Jilin City First High School * Ararsame Second High School Universities and Colleges * Beihua University * Northeast Dianli University * Jilin Institute of Chemical Technology * Jilin Agriculture University Transportation Air The city

book year

on ''Ishiha'', pp. 685-686) Tsai (2002), pp. 158-159.


! Hanzi ! Hanyu Pinyin ! Population (2010 CENSUS) ! Area (km²) ! Density ( km²) ---------- 1 Chuanying District Fēngmǎn Qū 296,924 1032 288 ---------- 5


on ''Ishiha'', pp. 685-686) Tsai (2002), pp. 158-159.

Jilin City

'''Jilin City''' (Postal map spelling (Chinese Postal Map Romanisation): '''Kirin'''; and 1,975,121 in its built-up (''or metro'') area consisting of 4 urban districts. A prefecture-level city, it is the only major city nationally that shares its name with its province.

Jilin City is also known as the ''River City'' because of the Songhua River surrounding much of the city. In 2007, it co-hosted the Asian Winter Games.

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