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expedition to capture Spanish possessions in the Caribbean, and had taken part in the English seizure of Jamaica (History of Jamaica) in 1655, for which he had been rewarded with two plantations. Jonathan's brother Caleb stayed on the plantations while Jonathan became a merchant in the then chief port city of Jamaica, Port Royal. The earthquake of 1692 (1692 Jamaica earthquake), which nearly destroyed Port Royal, caused the Dickinson family great financial losses. Andrews

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;ref Parliament of Jamaica In 1806 he went to Jamaica, first managing some estates, and afterwards joining a business firm in Kingston (Kingston, Jamaica). The latter post necessitated his making frequent journeys, on the incidents of which he based his best known book, ''Tom Cringle's Log''. '''''Man in the Hills''''' is a reggae album by Jamaican musician Burning Spear (Winston Rodney), released in 1976 (see 1976 in music) on Island Records. ''Man in the Hills'' was follow-up to the seminal ''Marcus Garvey (Marcus Garvey (album))''; ''Man in the Hills'' is usually considered a worthy follow-up, though less innovative and incendiary. produced (Record producer) by Jack Ruby (Jack Ruby (record producer)), ''Man in the Hills'' is a simple and unadorned album, with songs that reminisce about Spear's childhood in St. Anne's Bay, Jamaica. Birth and education Pindling was born on 22 March 1930 to Arnold and Viola Pindling in his grandfather's home in Mason's Addition, Nassau (Nassau, Bahamas), Bahamas. Pindling's father was a native of Jamaica who had earlier immigrated to The Bahamas to join the Royal Bahamas Police Force as a constable. Lynden grew up on East Street in Nassau and attended the elite Government High School from 1943-1946. Following his graduation at the age of 16, he took a job as a junior clerk in the Post Office Savings Bank before travelling to London to study law. He received a Bachelor of Laws (LL. B.) degree from King's College, University of London, in 1952 and was called to the English Bar at the Middle Temple in February 1953 and to the Bahamas Bar in June 1953. At his call to the Bahamas Bar, Pindling publicly dedicated himself to the service of the Bahamas and the Bahamian people 'within and without the realm of pure law'. Tynes also revived doubts about Pindling's birth, claiming that his Bahamian mother was not his biological mother and he had been born outside the Bahamas. ''The Tribune'' published his disclosures and promptly received corroborative information from several sources suggesting that Pindling was actually born in Jamaica and spent the first few years of his life in the care of two aunts before being sent to Nassau to join his father, who was working as a policeman in the Royal Bahamas Police Force. Some of Pindling's former PLP colleagues said the truth about his birth had been known inside the party for years, but that it had been suppressed for political purposes. These peppers are used to flavour many different dishes and cuisines worldwide and are often used in hot sauces and condiments. The Scotch bonnet has a sweeter flavour and stouter shape distinct from its habanero cousin, which it is often confused with, giving jerk (Jamaican jerk spice) dishes (pork chicken) and other Caribbean dishes their unique flavour. Scotch bonnets are mostly used in West African, Grenadian (Grenada), Trinidadian, Jamaican, Barbadian (Barbados), Guyanese (Guyana), Surinamese, Haitian and Caymanian (Cayman Islands) cuisine and pepper sauces, though they often show up in other Caribbean recipes. moe. Cruise From March 7, 2004 until March 14, 2004, moe. embarked on their first musical cruise aboard the Norwegian Sun through Les and Lynn Berger of Rhythms at Sea Cruises (formerly Rock the Boat Cruises). Setting out from Miami, FL, the Norwegian Sun visited Jamaica, The Cayman Islands, Costa Maya, and Cozumel before returning to Florida. The band performed each day except for the 12th on the pool deck, Stardust Lounge, and the Observation Lounge. The shows on the 10th in the Observation were acoustic sets and featured questions and answers with the band. Recent history The final round (United Kingdom general election debates, 2010#Prime Ministerial Debate - economic affairs) of the first ever televised leaders' debates (United Kingdom general election debates, 2010), hosted by the BBC, was held at the university during the 2010 British general election (United Kingdom general election, 2010) campaign on the 29 April 2010. commons:Jamaica

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This album is a collection of some of the songs that The Wailers recorded in Jamaica together with producer Lee Perry from 1970 to 1971, before they received international recognition. Included are also two of the group's self-productions, "Trenchtown Rock" and "Lively Up Yourself", that both had been big hits in Jamaica. Success Williams and Chambers started the writing process of the album in Jamaica in the spring of 1998. ''I've Been Expecting You

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World Band , Inner Circle (Inner Circle (reggae band)), Chalice Reggae Band, Culture (Culture (band)), Fab Five and Morgan Heritage. The genre jungle (Oldschool jungle) emerged from London's Jamaican diaspora. The birth of hip-hop (hip hop music) in New York City owed much to the city's Jamaican community. Literature Ian Fleming, who lived in Jamaica, repeatedly used the island as a setting in his James Bond novels, including '' Live

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. At the 1992 Summer Olympics, Devers starred. She qualified for the final of the 100 m, which ended in an exciting finish, with five women finishing close (within 0.06 seconds). The photo finish showed Devers had narrowly beaten Jamaican Juliet Cuthbert. In the final of the 100 m hurdles, Devers' lead event, she seemed to be running towards a second gold medal, when she hit the final hurdle and stumbled over the finish line in fifth place, leaving Voula Patoulidou from

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populations identified as Black (Black people). However countries such as Argentina and Chile do not have a visible African presence today. Census information from the early 19th century shows that people categorized as Black made up to 30% of the population, or around 400,000 people. Though almost completely absent today, their contribution to Argentine culture is significant include the tango (Argentine tango), the milonga

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of the United Kingdom (s. 157). It has also been extended, with consequential amendments, by Order in Council to Bermuda qualify for copyright under the Act: Antigua, Dominica, Gambia, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica

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, then God. He presented himself as a persecuted prophet to carry out the law of love unfulfilled by God's representatives, including Jesus. Jean-Pierre Bayard, ''Guide des sociétés secrètes et des sectes'', Paris, 2004, p. 247 (ISBN 978-2-84898-039-3) In the history of the WPSF the United Kingdom has been the most successful, winning the "WPSF Grand Prix" 5 times in the seventies (even three times in row). The United Kingdom is followed by the United States

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the Jamaican style of ska and added a harder, punk rock-influenced style. The Beat song, "Mirror in the Bathroom", is largely built on top of the driving, eighth-note bass line that runs through the entire song. Fine Young Cannibals had a more soulful, and sometimes electronic sound, and Steele's bass lines were less prominent in the outfit. Pennant owned vast properties in Caernarvonshire and six sugar plantations in Jamaica, where he owned over six hundred enslaved workers

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at The Black Ark studio on June 20, 1977 and in Scotland in August of the same year.'' #*Linda McCartney – Lead vocal #"Sugartime" (Charlie Phillips (Charlie Phillips (singer)), Odis Echols) – 2:06 #*''A cover version of the original by The McGuire Sisters. Recorded in Jamaica at The Black Ark studio, June 20, 1977 and July 7, 1998.'' #*Linda McCartney – Lead vocal Biography Andru Donalds was born in Kingston (Kingston, Jamaica), Jamaica. His musical


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Once a Spanish (Habsburg Spain) possession known as ''

Jamaica is a Commonwealth realm, with Queen Elizabeth II (Elizabeth II) as its monarch (Monarchy of Jamaica) and head of state. Her appointed representative in the country is the Governor-General of Jamaica, currently Patrick Allen (Patrick Allen (Governor-General)). The head of government and Prime Minister of Jamaica is Portia Simpson-Miller. Jamaica is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy with legislative power vested in the bicameral Parliament of Jamaica, consisting of an appointed Senate and a directly elected House of Representatives.

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