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of western Hispaniola have been classified as part of a Sub-Taino, Western Taino or Ciboney Taino cultural and language group. Keegan describes any distinctions between Lucayans and Classical Tainos (of Hispaniola and eastern Cuba) as largely arbitrary. The Lucayans lived in smaller political units (simple chiefdoms, compared to the more elaborate political structures in Hispaniola), and their language and culture showed differences, but they remained Tainos, although a "hinterland" of the wider Taino world. The Lucayans were connected to a Caribbean-wide trade network. Columbus observed trade carried between Long Island and Cuba by dugout canoe. A piece of jadeite found on San Salvador Island appears to have originated in Guatemala, based on a trace element analysis. Granberry and Vescelius:14, 38, 43 Keegan:104, 162, 203 '''David "Ziggy" Marley''' (born 17 October 1968, Trenchtown, Jamaica) is a Jamaican musician and leader of the band Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers. He is the oldest son of famed reggae musician Bob Marley. bobmarley.com family His father gave him the nickname "Ziggy"; he has stated that it means "a small joint". Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, 9 May 2011 http: www.latenightwithjimmyfallon.com video ziggy_marley_5911 1326240 Mongolia has no diplomatic relations with: *Bahamas, Belize, Haiti, Jamaica, Saint Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Suriname, *Cook Islands, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Micronesia (Federated States of Micronesia), Niue, Palau, Vanuatu, In the Mediterranean Sea, the man o' war was first spotted off the coast of Spain, and then later in Corsica commons:Jamaica

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, Cindy Breakspeare, being from the rich part of town, and his father, Bob Marley, coming from the poor part of town, thus him being "a tree halfway in between the 'rich' world and 'poor' world." Additionally, Halfway Tree is a well-known landmark that marks the cultural

family support

union and basketball for his school. Colin Jackson appeared in the BBC One documentary ''The Making of Me'' on July 31, 2008 in attempt to find out what had made him such a talented athlete. A sample of his leg muscle showed that he had 25% super fast twitch fibres, when all previous athletes tested had only 2%. Family support was also thought to have been highly significant. Jamaicans are notable for the high level of support and encouragement


). thumb Fishing boats and bauxite (File:Alligator pond Jamaica fishing boats gm.jpg) cargo ships share the waterways near Alligator Pond, Jamaica The economy in 1997 was marked by low levels of import growth, high levels of private capital inflows and relative stability in the foreign exchange market. Recent economic performance shows the Jamaican economy is recovering. Agricultural production, an important engine of growth increased 15.3% in third quarter of 1998

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have been elected to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Three seasons had joint winners—Dave Cowens and Geoff Petrie in the as well as Elton Brand and Steve Francis in the 1999–00 season (1999–00 NBA season).

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) ''The Maroons of Jamaica, 1655–1796: A History of Resistance, Collaboration & Betrayal'' Bergin & Garvey, Granby, MA, ISBN 0-89789-148-1. Briefly, from 1796 to 1800, around 550 maroons, who had been deported from Jamaica after the Second Maroon War, lived in Nova Scotia. In 1800 they were sent to Sierra Leone. Escaped slaves during the Spanish occupation of the island

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(Alphaville song) Forever Young " was recorded and later released to Alphaville fans in a limited, cassette-only album entitled ''History (History (Alphaville album))''. http: www.alphaville.info main.htm He toured the UK in 1992 along with other Penthouse stars Marcia Griffiths, Tony Rebel, and Buju Banton. Larkin, Colin (1998) ''The Virgin Encyclopedia of Reggae'', Virgin Books, ISBN 0

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Green Lantern produced tracks exclusively for the game's hip-hop radio station The Beat 102.7. Record label owner and record producer Bobby Konders, who hosts the in-game radio station Massive B Soundsystem 96.9, went through the extra effort of flying to Jamaica to get dancehall artists to re-record tracks to make references to the boroughs of Liberty City. '''''Return of the Super Ape''''' is a reggae

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''' is a Canadian six-piece ska band that was started in 1992 in Edmonton. After years of playing solely in Edmonton, they began touring Western Canada. Their first studio album (Atomic-A-Go-Go) was released in 2001. Their music is heavily influenced by the Two tone movement, and is also touched by traditional Jamaican ska, 1950s rockabilly, 1960s surf rock, and 1970s punk rock. They " have an insanely wild, dance crazed live show that is shaking the dance floors

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ZZ Top continued the Worldwide Texas Tour in support of ''Tejas'', though they had been touring for seven years. The band went on what was supposed to be a 90-day break from public appearances. Gibbons traveled to Europe, Beard had gone to Jamaica, and Hill went to Mexico.


'''Jamaica''' (

Once a Spanish (Habsburg Spain) possession known as ''

Jamaica is a Commonwealth realm, with Queen Elizabeth II (Elizabeth II) as its monarch (Monarchy of Jamaica) and head of state. Her appointed representative in the country is the Governor-General of Jamaica, currently Patrick Allen (Patrick Allen (Governor-General)). The head of government and Prime Minister of Jamaica is Portia Simpson-Miller. Jamaica is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy with legislative power vested in the bicameral Parliament of Jamaica, consisting of an appointed Senate and a directly elected House of Representatives.

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