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as a cadet in 1771, he was made field marshal in 1816, and served as Viceroy of Norway from 1816 to 1818. He was made count of Tuna (Tuna, Sweden) in 1800. - style "background:#ddd;" Jönköping Wikipedia:Jönköping Dmoz:Regional Europe Sweden Jönköping County Localities Jönköping Commons:Category:Jönköping

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. * '''The beach'''. The beach of lake Vättern is one of Jönköping's prides. During summertime it is an excellent place to go swimming, playing volleyball or even attending a small (free) festival which is held there annually (usually in August) called 'Vätternfesten' largest shopping center in Jönköping is A6 Center In A6 you can find everything from hairdressers to clothing and furniture, like the Swedish company IKEA

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url http: bluejackets.nhl.com team app?articleid 303949&page NewsPage&service page accessdate 2007-08-22 birth_date birth_place Jönköping, SWE (Sweden) draft 163rd overall DATE OF BIRTH 1981-07-04 PLACE OF BIRTH Jönköping, SWE (Sweden) DATE OF DEATH '''Jönköpings Södra IF''' (also known as '''J-Södra''') is a Swedish (Sweden) football club (Football (soccer)) based in Jönköping

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), but connect more large cities to the Stockholm–Gothenburg line (Borås, Jönköping

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, Huskvarna and Gränna, which all three now are part of the Jönköping Municipality. The town of Visby is the seat of the Gotland Municipality, but is no political entity of its own. Some former towns have also grown together, forming one urban area. Future There are plans to build a high-speed line between Stockholm and Gothenburg, south of the lake Vättern. The route would be operational somewhere around 2020, and capable of speeds of more than . However

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) Christian Democrats . see Eva M. Hamberg and Thorleif Pettersson, "The Religious Market: Denominational Competition and Religious Participation in Contemporary Sweden," ''Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion,'' Vol. 33, No. 3 (Sep., 1994), pp. 205+ Sweden DSB and its joint ventures have contracts to operate the Roslagsbanan in Stockholm, local trains around Gothenburg and Krösatågen services around Jönköping.

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lika som uti en spegel det mahometiske vanskelige regementet, fördelter uti fyra qvarter eller böcker'' ("Turkish moon showing as in a mirror the dangerous Mohammedan rule, divided into four quarters or books") which was published in 1694 and was written by the parish priest Erland Dryselius of Jönköping. In sermons the country's clergy preached about the Turks' general cruelty and bloodthirstiness and of how they systematically burned and plundered the areas they conquered. In a Swedish school book published in 1795 Islam was described as ''"the false religion that had been fabricated by the great deceiver Muhammad, to which the Turks to this day universally confess".'' thumb Ella Bohlin. (File:Ella Bohlin.jpg) '''Ella Bohlin''' (born 1979 in Jönköping, Sweden) is a Christian Democratic (Christian Democrats (Sweden)) politician in Sweden and was the leader of the Christian Democratic Youth League (Christian Democratic Youth League (Sweden)) of Sweden between 2005 and 2008. She was the top candidate of her party in the 2009 elections to the European Parliament, Sveriges Radio but wasn't elected. She is an evangelical Christian and has been labeled a creationist (Creationism), Ella Bohlin – ordförande i kristdemokratisk ungdom. Interview with Ella Bohlin by Christer Sturmark (in Swedish), ''Humanisten'' no. 3 2005 even though she claims not to care about the subject. Wikipedia:Jönköping Dmoz:Regional Europe Sweden Jönköping County Localities Jönköping Commons:Category:Jönköping

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and Danish B 03. In 1925 the club won the district championship and came in second place in ''Sydsvenskan''. Halmstads BK was able to win ''Sydsvenskan'' in 1926 and was to play qualifying matches against IF Elfsborg to reached Allsvenskan, however Elfsborg proved to be too strong and won 2–1 after three matches. Halmstad only reached third place in 1927, a large series of injuries made the club use 32 different players in total. In 1928 the club took part in the newly formed ''Division

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in a small apartment, The Cardigans recorded a demo tape with Persson providing lead vocals on only one of the songs towards the end of the tracklist. A&R man Ola Hermanson heard the demo and signed the band to his Trampolene imprint. In 1994, they released their debut album ''Emmerdale (Emmerdale (album))'' in Sweden and Japan; it was re-released internationally in 1997. The album included the Swedish radio hit "Rise & Shine", which was later voted the best of 1994 in a poll in ''Slitz'' magazine. Early life (1950–1966) Agnetha (known as Anna in some countries Wikipedia:Jönköping Dmoz:Regional Europe Sweden Jönköping County Localities Jönköping Commons:Category:Jönköping

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Agency for International Assistance and was in charge of inquiries into assistance to the developing countries and educational aid. In 1963, he became a member of the Cabinet - as Minister without Portfolio in the Cabinet Office, and retained his duties as a close political adviser to Prime Minister Tage Erlander. In 1965, he became Minister of Transport and Communications. One issue of special interest to him was the further development of radio and television, while ensuring their independence from commercial interests. In 1967 he became Minister of Education (Ministry of Education and Research (Sweden)), and the following year, he was the target of strong criticism from left-wing students protesting against the government's plans for university reform. The protests culminated with the occupation of the Student Union Building in Stockholm; Palme came there and tried to confornt the students, urging them to use democratic methods for the pursuit of their cause. Olof Palme - En levande vilja: Tal och intervjuer When party leader Tage Erlander stepped down in 1969, Palme was elected as the new leader by the Social Democratic party congress and succeeded Erlander as Prime Minister. The Swedes long held a virtual worldwide monopoly on safety matches, with the industry mainly situated in Jönköping, in 1903 called ''Jönköpings & Vulcans Tändsticksfabriks AB.'' Threfall (1951), Appendix A to Chapter V: "The Match Industry" In France, they sold the rights to their safety match patent to Coigent Père & Fils of Lyon, but Coigent contested the payment in the French courts, on the basis that the invention was known in Vienna before the Lundström brothers patented it. The British match manufacturer Bryant and May visited Jönköping in 1858 to try to obtain a supply of safety matches, but it was unsuccessful. In 1862 it established its own factory (Bryant and May Factory, Bow) and bought the rights for the British safety match patent from the Lundström brothers. Wikipedia:Jönköping Dmoz:Regional Europe Sweden Jönköping County Localities Jönköping Commons:Category:Jönköping


'''Jönköping''' ( ) ) is a city (Urban areas in Sweden) in southern Sweden with 61,559 inhabitants (2013). Jönköping is situated by the southern end of Sweden's second largest lake, Vättern. The original town Jönköping has grown together with twin city Huskvarna (population 23,033) and suburb Norrahammar-Hovslätt (population 9,070), forming a contiguous urban area, with 93,662 inhabitants in 2013.

The city is the seat of Jönköping Municipality which has a population of 130,798 (2013) and is Sweden's 10th populous municipality. Jönköping is also the seat of Jönköping County which has a population of 341 235 (2013). Jönköping is the seat of a district court and a court of appeal as well as the Swedish National Courts Administration. It is the seat of the Swedish Board of Agriculture.

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