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, as well as Cyprus and other nations in Southeastern Europe (Balkans). New Farm (New Farm, Queensland) was historically home to many of Brisbane's early Italian community. There are also a major number of Indians (Non-resident Indian and Person of Indian Origin), Filipino (Filipino people)s, Dutch (Dutch people), Hispanics, German (Germans)s, Korean (Koreans)s, Papua New Guineans, Fijians (Fijian people) and other Pacific Islander communities in the city. Quite


and 2000–01, and Australia, New Zealand and Fiji in 2002–03. In 2008, he painted in Egypt (including Luxor), Greece (including Paxos), Switzerland and Italy. He has also painted in France, Ireland and Spain as well as around the United Kingdom, including many paintings of the River Thames. In addition to recording (sound recording and reproduction) albums with No-Man (for record labels such as One Little Indian, Sony Epic and Kscope), Bowness has appeared on recordings by Italian (Italy) artist (musician) Alice (Alice (Italian singer)), OSI (OSI (band)) and guitarist David Torn. *late Spring- Summer 1833: concerts in Hungary, Switzerland and France; *end of 1833: concerts with John Field (John Field (composer)) in Switzerland and North Italy (29 November 1833: concert at Teatro alla Scala in Milan); *1834-1835: living in Vienna and Munich. In Munich, Falter Editions published his first composition for harp under the pseudonym Albert Alvars (probably composed when he was still using this first pseudonym);

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http: email address lat long directions phone tollfree fax hours price content In Turin, one of the largest in the world, with a 170 car collection covering the entire history of automobiles. * '''The Vatican (Rome Vatican) Museum'''. Not, strictly speaking, in Italy as the Vatican is a separate territory. Visit the museum to see the Sistine Chapel, the rooms painted by Raphael, some amazing early maps and much, much more

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CONGRESS of the Regional Science Association Young Scientist Session – Submission for EPAINOS Award 27–31 August 2002 – Dortmund, Germany url http: ersaconfs ersa02 cd-rom papers 210.pdf accessdate 27 September 2006 archiveurl http: web 20070929001624 http: ersaconfs ersa02 cd-rom papers 210.pdf archivedate 29 September 2007 Milan is regarded as one of the international capitals of industrial and modern design, and one

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selected by the Italian Ministero delle Politiche Agricole, Alimentari e Forestali (Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies (Italy)) as a "prodotto agroalimentare tradizionale" ("traditional agricultural-alimentary product", one of a list of traditional Italian foods held to have cultural relevance).

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"ODNB" '''Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM)''' (translation: ''Award-winning Marconi Bakery'') is an Italian progressive rock band. They were the first Italian (Italy) group to have success abroad, entering both the British (United Kingdom) and American (United States) charts. Between 1973 and 1977 they released five albums with English lyrics. They also had several successful European and American (Americas) tours, playing at the popular Reading Festival

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of scientific ornithology in Europe, revolutionizing ornithological taxonomy by organizing species according to their physical characteristics. Willughby and Ray were among the first to dismiss the older inaccuracies of Aristotle. Aristotle had claimed that swallows hibernated but Willughby and Ray (1678:212, quoted in Raven 1942:328) wrote: "To us it seems more probable that they fly away into hot countries, viz. Egypt, Ethiopia etc." Egerton, Frank N. (2003) A History of the Ecological Sciences, Part 18: John Ray and His Associates Francis Willughby and William Derham. Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 86(4):301–313 Ray also published Willughby's '' De Historia piscium '' (1686). In 1921 Hanson was the first winner of the Prix de Rome in Music (the American Academy (American Academy in Rome)'s Rome Prize), awarded for both ''The California Forest Play'' and his symphonic poem ''Before the Dawn''. Thanks to the award, Hanson lived in Italy for three years. During his time in Italy, Hanson wrote a ''Quartet in One Movement'', ''Lux Aeterna'', ''The Lament for Beowulf'' (orchestration Bernhard Kaun), and his ''Symphony No. 1, "Nordic"'', the premiere of which he conducted with the Augusteo Orchestra on May 30, 1923. The three years Hanson spent on his Fellowship at the American Academy were, he considered, the formative years of his life, as he was free to compose, conduct without the distraction of teaching - he could devote himself solely to his art. The story connecting Hercules with the constellation is recounted by Dionysius of Halicarnassus: On his way back to Mycenae from Iberia having obtained the Cattle of Geryon as his tenth labour (The Twelve Labours) Heracles came to Liguria in North-Western Italy where he engaged in battle with two giants, Albion (Alebion) and Bergion or Dercynus. The opponents were strong; Hercules was in a difficult position so he prayed to his father Zeus for help. With the aegis of Zeus, Heracles won the battle. It was this kneeling position of Heracles when prayed to his father Zeus that gave the name "the Kneeler". Dionysius of Halicarnassus, i. 41 and Hyginus Hyginus (Gaius Julius Hyginus), Astronomica Part 1, 6. The kneeler: Poet. Astr. ii. 6 Though the story still cannot be published in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, it has been written about extensively in the Republic of Ireland and Italy and on some Internet websites. It was also published in the Scottish (Scotland) ''Glasgow Herald''; Scotland, which operates under a different legal jurisdiction from the rest of the United Kingdom, is exempt from a ruling of the English High Court (High Court of Justice of England and Wales). For centuries, leadership over the Church in Malta was generally provided by the Diocese of Palermo, except under Charles of Anjou who caused Maltese bishops to be appointed, as did – on rare occasions – the Spanish and later, the Knights. This continued Malta's connections with Sicily and Italy, and contributed to, from the 15th century to the early 20th century, the dominance of Italian as Malta's primary language of culture and learning. Since 1808 all bishops of Malta (Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Malta) have been Maltese. Impact of World War II Perhaps as an indirect result of the brutal devastation suffered by the Maltese at the hands of Benito Mussolini's Regia Aeronautica and the Luftwaffe during World War II (History of Malta#World War II), the United Kingdom has replaced neighboring Italy and Sicily as the dominant source of cultural influences on modern Malta. The George Cross was awarded to the people of Malta by King George VI of the United Kingdom in a letter dated 15 April 1942

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; 3 March 2003) was an Italian (Italy) composer of modern classical music, conductor (conducting), and teacher. He is considered one of the most influential Italian composers of the twentieth century. Petrassi, Goffredo. (2008). In Encyclopædia Britannica. Retrieved March 14, 2008, from Encyclopædia Britannica Online: http: eb article-9059491 Music Petrassi's early work was part of an attempt by several Italian (Italy) composers to create a national "Italian" revival in classical music, corresponding to the romantic work of Germans such as Richard Wagner. During this time, his work was characteristically neoclassical (Neoclassicism (music)) in style, influenced by Bartók (Béla Bartók), Hindemith (Paul Hindemith) and Stravinsky (Igor Stravinsky). *A 1980 (1980 in television) BBC serial adaptation starring Kate Nelligan as Thérèse and Alan Rickman. *A 1985 (1985 in television) Italian (Italy) mini-series adaptation. *A 1998 (1998 in radio) BBC Radio 4 radio adaptation starring Anna Massey as Thérèse. Stance on climate change Dimas led the EU in its tough line on climate change during the first weeks of the new Commission. At UN (United Nations) talks on climate change in Buenos Aires in December 2004 he attempted to negotiate a new system of mandatory emissions reductions to follow the expiration of the initial Kyoto targets in 2012. This approach met with fierce opposition from the U.S. (United States), representatives of which refused to even discuss the matter. The Italian (Italy) environment minister Altero Matteoli broke EU ranks on the issue, proposing voluntary targets after 2012, and saying that it was, "unthinkable to go ahead without the US, China and India." Dimas oversaw the introduction of the EU's emissions trading scheme, that took effect on 1 January 2005, despite emissions reduction plans from Poland, Italy, the Czech Republic and Greece not having been approved on time. He also sought to include companies operating aircraft under the emissions trading regime. Building The church building is located at 54–57 Washington Square South. In addition to La Farge's stained-glass windows and Saint-Guadens's marble frieze, it features Italian Renaissance influences wedded to a basic Italianate form, and has notable examples of scagliola, a very convincing handcrafted imitation of marble made of highly polished pigmented plaster. Overall, the exterior and shape of the building is said to resemble the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome, Italy, while the entrance is said to be inspired by the Renaissance church San Alessandro, built in Lucca, Italy, in 1480. The fourteen stained glass windows in the church's main sanctuary are the largest collection of major LaFarge windows in any one place in the U.S. On November 5 1991, Camenisch was stopped by Carabinieri on Cinquale di Montignoso road, along with fellow "anarchist" Giancarlo Sergianpietri. Camenisch produced a handgun and opened fire, wounding one of the soldiers. In the ensuing shootout, he was wounded at one leg and arrested. Two guns and six rudimentary bombs were found at his place. He was taken to Pisa hospital, where he remained for 6 months, and later at San Vittore prison infirmary in Milano. The Italian (Italy) Court of Massa Carrara sentenced him to 12 years for assault and sabotage of electrical pylons. He served 9 of those years while in solitary confinement in a maximum-security prison. Neoclassicism was widespread in Brazil during the mid-18th century, following the Italian (Italy) style. Literature was often produced by members of temporary or semi-permanent academies and most of the content was in the pastoral genre. The most important literary centre in colonial Brazil was the prosperous Minas Gerais region, known for its gold mines, where a thriving proto-nationalist movement had begun. The most important poets were Cláudio Manuel da Costa, Tomás Antônio Gonzaga, Alvarenga Peixoto and Manuel Inácio da Silva Alvarenga, all them involved in an uprising against the colonial power. Gonzaga and Costa were exiled to Africa as a consequence. '''Opopanax chironium''', also known as ''sweet myrrh'' or ''bisabol myrrh'', is a herb that grows one to three feet high and produces a large, yellow inflorescence. The plant thrives in warm climates like Iran, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Somalia, but also grows in cooler climates. Some view opopanax grown in cooler climates as being of inferior quality. '''''Six Memos for the Next Millennium''''' is a book based on a series of lectures written by Italo Calvino for the Charles Eliot Norton Lectures at Harvard, but never delivered as Calvino died before leaving Italy. The lectures were originally written in Italian (Italian language) and translated by Patrick Creagh. The lectures were to be given in the fall of 1985, and ''Memos'' was published in 1988. The memos are lectures on the values of literature which Calvino felt were important for the coming millennium. At the time of his death Calvino had finished all but the last lecture. Taganrog's main trading partners are: CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries, South Korea, Turkey, Italy, Greece and Egypt. * '''PL-9''' - first designed as an air-to-air missile * '''LY-60 FD-60 PL10''' - based on the Italian (Italy) Selenia Aspide air-to-air missile. * '''TY-90''' - first designed as an air-to-air missile - SG-II ADS towed system, LS ADS and YT ADS mobile systems.

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William Jones Cup as a member of USA Basketball, and was named MVP of the tournament after the USA won the gold medal. - align "left" Italy (FIMI (Federation of the Italian Music Industry)) style "text-align:center;" 1 * Total Fertility Rate: 1.97

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and wanting to write for comics, Lazarus after three weeks approached Dave Berg (Dave Berg (cartoonist)), a staff editor, who purchased a teen-humor story from him. Lazarus then became an associate editor under Don Rico, another staff editor, earning $60 a week plus an additional $40 a week for his freelance writing at the company. Among his duties was to oversee the work of the staff letterers, who then included Mario Aquaviva and Art Simek


'''Italy''' ( and has the third largest economy in the Eurozone and the eighth (List of countries by GDP (nominal))-largest in the world. International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Economic Outlook (WEO) Database- GDP Nominal 2010 to 2019,, October 2014 Edition

Since ancient times (classical antiquity), Etruscan (Etruscan civilization), Magna Graecia and other cultures (Prehistoric Italy) have flourished in the territory of present-day Italy, being eventually absorbed by Rome (Ancient Rome), that has for centuries remained the leading political and religious centre of Western civilisation (Western world), capital of the Roman Empire and Christianity. During the Dark Ages (Dark Ages (historiography)), the Italian Peninsula faced calamitous invasions by barbarian tribes (Migration Period), but beginning around the 11th century, numerous Italian city-states rose to great prosperity through shipping, commerce and banking (indeed, modern capitalism has its roots in Medieval Italy). Especially during The Renaissance, Italian culture thrived, producing scholars, artists, and polymaths such as Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo, Michelangelo and Machiavelli. Italian explorers such as Polo (Marco Polo), Columbus (Christopher Columbus), Vespucci (Amerigo Vespucci), and Verrazzano (Giovanni da Verrazzano) discovered new routes to the Far East and the New World, helping to usher in the European Age of Discovery. Nevertheless, Italy would remain fragmented into many warring states for the rest of the Middle Ages, subsequently falling prey to larger European powers (Power (international relations)#Modern Age European powers) such as France (French First Empire), Spain (Spanish Empire), and later Austria (Austrian Empire). Italy would thus enter a long period of decline that lasted until the mid 19th century.

After various unsuccessful attempts, the second (Second War of Italian Independence) and the third (Third War of Italian Independence) wars of Italian Independence resulted in the unification (Italian unification) of most of present-day Italy between 1859-66.

Italy plays a prominent role in global military, cultural and diplomatic affairs "Italy plays a prominent role in European and global military, cultural and diplomatic affairs. The country's European political, social and economic influence make it a major regional power." See ''Italy: Justice System and National Police Handbook'', Vol. 1 (Washington, D.C.: International Business Publications, 2009), p. 9. and thus is considered a major regional power. "Operation Alba may be considered one of the most important instances in which Italy has acted as a regional power, taking the lead in executing a technically and politically coherent and determined strategy." See Federiga Bindi, ''Italy and the European Union'' (Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution Press, 2011), p. 171. Italy is a founding and leading member of the European Union. Italy is a member of numerous international institutions, including the UN, NATO, the OECD, the OSCE, the DAC (Development Assistance Committee), the WTO, the G4 (G4 (EU)), G6 (G6 (EU)), G7, G8, G10 (Group of Ten (economic)), G20, the Union for the Mediterranean, the Latin Union, the Council of Europe, the Central European Initiative, the ASEM and the Uniting for Consensus.

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