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unique hits en&lr &start 160&sa N unique hits , excluding wikipedia & copycats. mikka (user:mikkalai) (t) (user talk:mikkalai) 23:27, 26 October 2005 (UTC) *'''Keep''' Anti-Slavism was very evident during WW2, when the Nazis invaded slavic countries. Our Phellap (User:Our Phellap) 23:54, 26 October 2005 (UTC) While affirming the PLO's commitment to fight Israel, the Fatah-sponsored Ten Point Program authorized the PLO

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Africa . But overstatement hardly adds up to anti-Semitism (w:antisemitism).--Ethan Bronner (w:Ethan Bronner) * A nother subtler issue...has to do with Carter’s religious focus... leading to his tone deafness about Israel (w:Israel) and Jews (w:Jews).... Carter never tells us how he squares his notions of God’s punishment of secular Jews with the policies of such devout politicians.--Ethan Bronner Ethan Bronner (w:Ethan Bronner),

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to the creation of the State of Israel. He was also the long-time editor of the United Nations Correspondents Association's quarterly newsletter and was the author of the 1986 biography "Pastor Charles Taze Russell: An Early American Christian Zionist." The book detailed the pro-Zionism writings and sermons of the founder of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society (Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania), better known as the Jehovah's Witness movement.

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mathematician and writer (w:writer) born in 1958 (w:1958) in Kibbutz Kinneret, Tiberias (w:Tiberias). Currently Shalev is a Professor at Hebrew University of Jerusalem (w:Hebrew University of Jerusalem)'s Einstein Institute of Mathematics. At 70 miles per hour halfway to Kennedy Airport (w:Kennedy Airport) the scent of alcohol filled the back of the cab when the driver turned around and said, “There is no traffic. It is good. Quick.” It was fitting. Up to that point I sat staring out the window thinking about all the warnings my family and friends gave me about taking care of my safety in Israel (w:Israel). Although I have traveled a good deal and never found a place I visited to be as it was depicted in the American media--Cuba is nothing like it is portrayed--the intonations to steer clear of pizza parlors and buses weighed on me. “Whatever you do, David, don’t go to Gaza (w:Gaza Strip) or take a bus (w:Tel Aviv Central Bus Station)! Don't. Go. To. Gaza,” my mother said several times, “Just, you know, there’s a war (w:Israeli-Palestinian conflict) going on over there. If you see anyone praying to Allah (w:Allah) and sweating, run!” This year Israel (w:Israel) turns sixty and it has embarked upon a campaign to celebrate its birthday. Along with technology writers for ''Slate ('', ''PC Magazine (w:PC Magazine)'', ''USA Today (w:USA Today)'', ''BusinessWeek (w:BusinessWeek)'', ''Aviation Weekly (w:Aviation Weekly)'', ''Wikinews'' was invited by the America-Israel Friendship League (w:America-Israel Friendship League) and the Israeli Foreign Ministry to review Israel’s technology sector. It's part of an effort to 're-brand (w:Re-brand) the country' to show America that there is more to Israel than the Palestinian conflict (w:Israeli-Palestinian conflict). On this trip we saw the people who gave us the Pentium processor (w:Pentium processor) and Instant Messaging (w:ICQ). The schedule was hectic: 12-14 hours a day were spent doing everything from trips to the Weizmann Institute (w:Weizmann Institute) to dinner with Yossi Vardi (Israel Journal: The Holy Land has an image problem). Commons:Category:Israel Wikipedia:Israel Dmoz:Regional Middle East Israel

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conflict . '''Noel Felix''' (born October 4, 1981 in Los Angeles, California) is a Belizean Belize 2009 National Team, June 17, 2010 Potential players for the National team hit the court, June 17, 2010 professional basketball player with the Seoul Samsung Thunders in the Korean

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hygiene and lack of control, and - currently - undocumented HD treatment of visiting patients from Belgium and Israel. Threatened into silence by the hospital management, she left her job and wrote a book, ''Chronicle of a Notified Leave: Hemodialysis Novel''. Her book was a passionate account not only of the recent events but also of her long experience as a health worker. Within a year afterwards, the government introduced new standards for good medical practices in the Bulgarian hemodialysis units and elsewhere. *http: library bl s reni_stoianova.htm In 1982, ''Du Pont'' was assigned to assist Israel, after the confrontation (1982 Lebanon War) took place between Israeli forces (Israel Defense Forces) and the Palestine Liberation Organization. The ship remained off the coast of Beirut for nearly 100 days, lending naval gunfire support. The Du Pont was stationed off the coast of Lebanon longer than any other U.S. Navy ship. Special programs Bar-Ilan offers an International B.A. Program taught entirely in English. Currently, the only degree offered is in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, where students can choose between Macro Track in Economics, Political Sciences, and Sociology or the Micro Track in Criminology, Psychology, and Sociology, however plans are to launch a B.A. in Communications as well. The degree is internationally-recognized and is open to students from all over the world. Commons:Category:Israel Wikipedia:Israel Dmoz:Regional Middle East Israel

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. Pastis said that while readers who wrote to him were almost unanimously supportive, letters written to editors were more "50 50", with the other half expressing concern over the topic being addressed in a humorous part of the paper. "Zombie" came 11th in a countdown of "top 100 songs from the 1990's" performed by Israeli (Israel) radio station Galgalatz just prior to New Year's Eve 1999-2000. It was voted into this position by audience-members who phoned in their selections. Commons:Category:Israel Wikipedia:Israel Dmoz:Regional Middle East Israel

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Israel's parliament, The Knesset, re-extends the validity of the state of emergency annually. Assaf Sagiv, "The State of Freedom and the State


it was vandalized (vandalism) on January 16 by Zvi Mazel, the Israeli ambassador to Sweden. Mazel disconnected the electricity powering the installation and tipped one of its lights into the water, causing a short circuit. When Mazel was asked to leave he refused and had to be escorted out by museum security. The entire event was filmed by a television news crew. File:DrorFeiler.jpg thumb Dror Feiler

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. Past Programs," crosscultural past-programs. Retrieved 09 August 2010. But some students opt to satisfy the cross-cultural requirement by studying and interning in Washington D.C., while living in EMU-owned housing supervised by faculty members. "Washington Community Scholars' Center," wcsc. Retrieved 09 August 2010. Others choose individualized alternatives, such as a summer of studying business



On 29 November 1947, the United Nations General Assembly recommended the adoption and implementation of the Partition Plan (United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine) for Mandatory Palestine. Borders for a new Jewish state were specified by the UN (United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine) but ultimately not recognized by either Israel or neighboring countries.

The population of Israel (Demographics of Israel), as defined by the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, was estimated in 2014 to be 8,146,300 people. It is the world's only Jewish-majority state (Jewish population by country); 6,110,600 citizens, or 75.3% of Israelis, are designated as Jewish (Israeli Jews). The country's second largest group of citizens are denoted as Arabs (Arab citizens of Israel), with 1,686,000 people (including the Druze and most East Jerusalem Arabs). Armenians (Armenians in Israel), Circassians (Circassians in Israel), Roma (Romani diaspora#Israel) and others. Israel also hosts a significant population of non-citizen foreign workers and asylum seekers from Africa and Asia.

In its Basic Laws (Basic Laws of Israel), Israel defines itself as a Jewish and Democratic State.

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