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. Islamabad also has various rock climbing spots in the Margalla Hills.

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: default.asp?page 2011\04\13\story_13-4-2011_pg11_7 title Leading News Resource of Pakistan publisher Daily Times date 2011-04-13 accessdate 2011-12-19 Afghanistan began diplomatic ties with Pakistan in 1947, after the Partition of India and when Pakistan was created as a new state. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas) and Balochistan (Balochistan (Pakistan)) have long complicated Afghanistan's relations with Pakistan (Afghanistan–Pakistan relations). Controversies involving these areas date back to the establishment of the Durand Line border in 1893 which divided the Pashtun (Pashtun people) and Baloch (Baloch people) tribes. Although shown on most maps as the western international border of Pakistan, it is unrecognized by Afghanistan. Dawn News, Fazl urges Afghanistan to recognise Durand Line Commons:Category:Islamabad WikiPedia:Islamabad Dmoz:Regional Asia Pakistan Provinces Islamabad Capital Territory

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were first exposed to hip hop as an American export. Overseas Pakistanis (Pakistani diaspora) have aided in the popularity and promotion of hip hop in Pakistan. In recent years, local Pakistani hip hop artists have begun to emerge in underground scenes in large cities such as Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore. The lyrical expression of cultural identity and addressing Pakistan's political and social problems is vital in making hip hop a popular growing genre. It is mainly performed in English (English language), Urdu, and Punjabi (Punjabi language). Al-Zawahiri supplied direction for the Lal Masjid siege, codename Operation Silence, in July 2007. This was the first time to confirmed that that Al-Zawahiri was taking militant steps against the Pakistan Government, and guiding Islamic militants against the State of Pakistan. The Pakistan Army troops and Special Service Group taking control of the Red Mosque in Islamabad found letters from al-Zawahiri directing Islamic militants Abdul Rashid Ghazi and Abdul Aziz Ghazi, who ran the mosque and adjacent madrasah. This conflict resulted in 100 deaths. Bin Laden’s deputy behind the Red Mosque bloodbath, Dean Nelson, Islamabad and Ghulam Hasnain, TIMESONLINE, July 15, 2007 thumb upright left Halite cubes from the Stassfurt Potash deposit, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany (size: 6.7 x 1.9 x 1.7 cm) (File:Halite-249324.jpg) Halite occurs in vast beds of sedimentary evaporite minerals that result from the drying up of enclosed (endorheic) lakes, playa (Dry lake)s, and seas. Salt beds may be hundreds of meters thick and underlie broad areas. In the United States and Canada extensive underground beds extend from the Appalachian (Appalachia) basin of western New York through parts of Ontario and under much of the Michigan Basin. Other deposits are in Ohio, Kansas, New Mexico, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan. The Khewra salt mine (Khewra Salt Mines) is a massive deposit of halite near Islamabad, Pakistan. In the United Kingdom there are three mines, the largest of these is at Winsford in Cheshire producing half a million tonnes on average in six months. Winsford Halite Mine, Random fact appears on each page—this is one example. '''Rawalpindi''' (Urdu: Commons:Category:Islamabad WikiPedia:Islamabad Dmoz:Regional Asia Pakistan Provinces Islamabad Capital Territory

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friendly relationship based on deep religious and great human values commonly shared by both countries.These relations in recent years growing at large extent and thousand of Pakistani visit Morocco every year. Saudi influence thumb upright Funded by King Faisal of Saudi Arabia (File:Faisal mosque2.jpg), the Faisal Mosque in Islamabad is the largest mosque in Pakistan. Although the Saudi involvement in mosques around the world can be traced back to the 1960s, it was not until

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;slug Foreign+Ministers+clear+SAFTA+draft&id 13501&callid 0&category National * It appears that Stardust (Stardust (spacecraft)) has successfully flown past Comet Wild 2 collecting samples that it will return to Earth in two years time. This is the first sample return mission to a comet and the first time that samples have returned to Earth from any celestial body since 1974. The spacecraft also took detailed images of the comet's icy nucleus. ISB OPRN Benazir Bhutto International Airport (Islamabad International) Islamabad Rawalpindi, Pakistan - Classical thumb right A sitar workshop in Islamabad (File:0407 207.jpg), Pakistan. There is a lot of contribution of Muslims in Indian classical music so that the Classical music of Pakistan is based on Hindustani classical music, tracing its roots to India before Partition (Partition of India). It has two main principles, ‘sur’ (musical note) and ‘lai’ (rhythm). The systematic organization of musical notes into a scale is known as a raag (Rāga). The arrangement of rhythm (lai) in a cycle is known as taal (Tala (music)). Improvisation plays a major role during a performance. Commons:Category:Islamabad WikiPedia:Islamabad Dmoz:Regional Asia Pakistan Provinces Islamabad Capital Territory

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The Faisal Mosque in Islamabad, Pakistan in a relatively unusual design fuses contemporary lines with the more traditional look of an Arab Bedouin's tent, with its large triangular prayer hall and four minarets. However, unlike traditional mosque design, it lacks a dome. The mosque's architecture is a departure from the long history of South Asian Islamic architecture. It is one of the most outstanding and modern Islamic architecture examples in the world. Archaeological significance Mehrgarh is now seen as a precursor to the Indus Valley Civilization. "Discoveries at Mehrgarh changed the entire concept of the Indus civilization," according to Ahmad Hasan Dani, professor emeritus of archaeology at Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad, "There we have the whole sequence, right from the beginning of settled village life." According to Catherine Jarrige of the Centre for Archaeological Research Indus Baluchistan at the Musée Guimet in Paris: "…the Kachi plain and in the Bolan basin (are) situated at the Bolan peak pass, one of the main routes connecting southern Afghanistan, eastern Iran, the Balochistan hills and the Indus River valley. This area of rolling hills is thus located on the western edge of the Indus valley, where, around 2500 BCE, a large urban civilization emerged at the same time as those of Mesopotamia and the Ancient Egypt. For the first time in the Indian Subcontinent, a continuous sequence of dwelling-sites has been established from 7000 BCE to 500 BCE, (as a result of the) explorations in Pirak from 1968 to 1974; in Mehrgarh from 1975 to 1985; and of Nausharo from 1985 to 1996." The chalcolithic people of Mehrgarh also had contacts with contemporaneous cultures in northern Afghanistan, northeastern Iran and southern central Asia. Kenoyer, J. Mark, and Kimberly Heuston. 2005. ''The Ancient South Asian World''. Oxford University Press. 176 pages. ISBN 0195174224. Pakistan has a High Commission in Abuja and Nigeria has an embassy in Islamabad, as well as a Consulate-General in Karachi. The two states have maintained a close relationship, a relationship which is described by the Nigerian Defence Minister as "friendly" and like a "family tie" http: stories 200802040989.html

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places. If you are unsure about the hygiene of a particular place, try to avoid ice in all your drinks. There are 3 major hospitals in Islamabad: the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (also known as '''PIMS''') next to G-8 Markaz, '''Shifa International Hospital''' in H-8 1 and the '''Poly Clinic''' in sector G-6. Also, there are various private hospitals in every sector in Islamabad providing extensive health care with different price ranges. Ali Medical Centre in F-8 Markaz is one of them

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: weekly dmag archive 050529 dmag9.htm The Lok Virsa Museum in Islamabad preserves a wide variety of expressions of folk and traditional cultural legacy of Pakistan. It is located near the Shakarparian hills and boasts a large display of embroidered costumes, jewellery, musical instruments, woodwork, utensils and folkloristic objects from the region and other parts of Pakistan. Commons:Category:Islamabad WikiPedia:Islamabad Dmoz:Regional Asia Pakistan Provinces Islamabad Capital Territory

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Pak Tower building stands one of the oldest restaurants in Islamabad. Established in 1991 with buy one, get one free pizza. Wide range of cuisines i.e. Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Pakistani & Continental. Prices are moderate, ambiance is modern & service is friendly *'''Lasania Restaurant''', 66 West Junaid Plaza, Blue Area (Ph: 227-3200, 287-2200). This place is very nicely decorated and is also situated in a very nice location. They have a huge selection of BBQ, Pakistani and Chinese food items on the menu. Their food is not extremely spicy like most other places. *'''Cinnamon''', Beverley Center, Blue Area, 051 2206988. One of Islamabad's best European restaurants, serving a range of continental pastas, salads and meat dishes, as well as a range of refreshing mocktails. The décor is absolutely superb, with black and white motifs and photographs, and the service and quality of food equally good. The perfect place to have a quiet albeit slightly expensive dinner. Commons:Category:Islamabad WikiPedia:Islamabad Dmoz:Regional Asia Pakistan Provinces Islamabad Capital Territory

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a single national program beamed across Pakistan. Islamabad, Peshawar, Lahore, Quetta and Karachi are the main stations generating the national programming. It is a 17 hours programming on major national and international issues, target audience and literary and cultural programs. The Punjab or Panjab province of Pakistan is the country's most populous region and is home to the Punjabis and various other groups. Neighbouring areas are Sindh to the south, Balochistan and Federally


'''Islamabad''' (

Since its foundation, Islamabad has attracted people from all over Pakistan, making it one of the most cosmopolitan and urbanized cities of Pakistan. As the national capital, Islamabad is the seat of the Government of Pakistan; the Presidential Palace (Aiwan-e-Sadr) is located here. Islamabad is also home to the Pakistan Monument, which is one of the two national monuments of Pakistan. Islamabad hosts a large number of foreign diplomats, politicians and government employees. The Capital Development Authority is responsible for managing the public works within the city.

Islamabad is located in the Pothohar Plateau in the northeastern part of the country, within the Islamabad Capital Territory. The region has historically been a part of the crossroads of Punjab (Punjab, Pakistan) and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with the Margalla Pass (Margalla hills) acting as the gateway between the two regions.

The city is home to the Faisal Mosque, the largest mosque (List of mosques in Pakistan) in South Asia Allama Iqbal Open University in Islamabad is one of the world's largest universities by enrollment (World's largest universities). Islamabad has the lowest infant mortality rate in the country at 38 deaths per thousand as compared to the national average of 78 deaths per thousand. The Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences is one of the largest research oriented hospitals in South Asia.

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