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were first exposed to hip hop as an American export. Overseas Pakistanis (Pakistani diaspora) have aided in the popularity and promotion of hip hop in Pakistan. In recent years, local Pakistani hip hop artists have begun to emerge in underground scenes in large cities such as Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore. The lyrical expression of cultural identity and addressing Pakistan's political and social problems is vital in making hip hop a popular growing genre. It is mainly performed

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, Tuapse, Gelendzhik. tradition location Islamabad, Pakistan year 1986 The '''Faisal Mosque''' is the largest mosque in Pakistan located in the national capital city of Islamabad. It is shaped like a desert Bedouin's tent designed by Turkish architect, Vedat Dalokay and completed in 1986. merged headquarters People's Secretariat, Parliament Lodges at Islamabad, Pakistan

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;ref name "map" Zone I consists mainly of all the developed residential sectors while Zone II consists of the under-developed residential sectors. Each residential sector is identified by a letter of the alphabet and a number, and covers an area of approximately 2 km × 2 km (  mi). The sectors are lettered from A to I, and each sector is divided into four numbered sub-sectors. ref name "S

: top-news 108-pakistan-top-news 65751-rs371bn-revenue-target-fbr-hails-ltu-islamabads-performance-.html4 title Rs 371bn revenue target: FBR hails LTU Islamabad's performance work Business Recorder date 5 July 2012 accessdate 9 July 2012 Islamabad has seen an expansion in information and communications technology (Information and communication technologies) with the addition two Software Technology Parks (science park), which house numerous national and foreign

of motorways, which has significantly reduced travelling times between these cities. M-2 Motorway (M2 motorway (Pakistan)) is M-1 Motorway (M1 motorway (Pakistan)) connects Islamabad with Peshawar

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regarded, his most famous work was a biography of Muhammad, written in 1983, which earned him acclaim in the Muslim world and prizes from the governments of Pakistan and Egypt. His work was hailed as the "best biography of the prophet in English" at the National Seerat Conference in Islamabad. Muhammad : His Life Based on the Earliest Sources by Martin Lings He also continued travelling extensively, although he made his home in Kent. He died in 2005. *Raja Bhir's descendants reside primarily in Malot Chakwal and Jhelum holding some sub-branches in Rawalpindi. Commons:Category:Islamabad WikiPedia:Islamabad Dmoz:Regional Asia Pakistan Provinces Islamabad Capital Territory

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; http: read.asp?newsID 183 --valign "top" Pakistan has a High Commission in Abuja and Nigeria has an embassy in Islamabad, as well as a Consulate-General in Karachi. The two states have maintained a close relationship, a relationship which is described by the Nigerian Defence Minister as "friendly" and like a "family tie" http: stories 200802040989.html --valign "top

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positions of power in the city of Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawer and Lahore. In the early morning of 2 May 2011 local time (Pakistan Standard Time), a team of 40 CIA-led Navy SEALs from DEVGRU, with 24 on the ground; successfully completed an operation to kill Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan about Commons:Category:Islamabad WikiPedia:Islamabad Dmoz:Regional Asia Pakistan Provinces Islamabad Capital Territory

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with some nationally famous restaurant names having outlets there. Plenty of BBQ and traditional Pakistani food with a variety of fresh fruit juices to choose from. *'''Rakaposhi''', pastry shop at the Serena, has some of the best coffee and pastries in Pakistan. Worth a visit if you just want to relax or get some work done. The Serena also offers wireless internet, so, it is an ideal place to sit and get some work done if you like. *'''Kamran Restaurant''' In Aabpara, G-6 1 is also a famous place

. *'''Subway''' is a franchise of the international Subway and has two branches, one in Blue Area, and the other one in F11-Markaz. It offers subs and salad. * *'''Usmania Restaurant''' In Blue Area is also a famous place for traditional Pakistani cuisine

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a single national program beamed across Pakistan. Islamabad, Peshawar, Lahore, Quetta and Karachi are the main stations generating the national programming. It is a 17 hours programming on major national and international issues, target audience and literary and cultural programs. The Punjab or Panjab province of Pakistan is the country's most populous region and is home to the Punjabis and various other groups. Neighbouring areas are Sindh to the south, Balochistan and Federally

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Bhittai Road, F7 1 lat long directions Opposite to Telenor Head Office phone tollfree fax hours price content Only for dinner. Set in a pleasant garden behind a large guest house. Pakistani food, traditional music playing, aimed firmly at expats. Service is slow but the food good. Drinks available at a price (Rs2,500 for a bottle of wine). There is a better restaurant with the same name in Rawalpindi *

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Faheem last2 Hussain title 'Mathematical physics' Proceedings of the 12th Regional Conference , Islamabad, Pakistan, 27 March – 1 April 2006 url http: physics 6405.html place Singapore publisher World Scientific year 2007 isbn 978-981-270-591-4 :*

. publisher World Scientific year 1994 isbn 981-02-2034-0 (pbk.) In addition to the range of international services provided by SAS and Norwegian, a span of foreign airlines provide services. Intercontinental flights are offered by United Airlines and SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) to Newark (Newark, New Jersey), by Norwegian (Norwegians) to Dubai, by Thai Airways International to Bangkok, by Pakistan International Airlines to Islamabad and Lahore and by Qatar


'''Islamabad''' (

Since its foundation, Islamabad has attracted people from all over Pakistan, making it one of the most cosmopolitan and urbanized cities of Pakistan. As the national capital, Islamabad is the seat of the Government of Pakistan; the Presidential Palace (Aiwan-e-Sadr) is located here. Islamabad is also home to the Pakistan Monument, which is one of the two national monuments of Pakistan. Islamabad hosts a large number of foreign diplomats, politicians and government employees. The Capital Development Authority is responsible for managing the public works within the city.

Islamabad is located in the Pothohar Plateau in the northeastern part of the country, within the Islamabad Capital Territory. The region has historically been a part of the crossroads of Punjab (Punjab, Pakistan) and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with the Margalla Pass (Margalla hills) acting as the gateway between the two regions.

The city is home to the Faisal Mosque, the largest mosque (List of mosques in Pakistan) in South Asia Allama Iqbal Open University in Islamabad is one of the world's largest universities by enrollment (World's largest universities). Islamabad has the lowest infant mortality rate in the country at 38 deaths per thousand as compared to the national average of 78 deaths per thousand. The Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences is one of the largest research oriented hospitals in South Asia.

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