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writer Valentin Rasputin; many of his novels and stories take place in the Angara (Angara River) Valley. An essay on the cultural history of Irkutsk (and another one about the nearby Lake Baikal) is included in Rasputin's non-fiction collection Siberia, Siberia, which is also available in an English translation. Museums thumb The Church of the Cross (1747-60) is a pinnacle of the Siberian Baroque (File:Exaltation of the Cross Church, Irkutsk, Russia.jpg) architecture

religious version

of Irkutsk. In 1817 he married a local priest's daughter named Catherine, and on May 18, 1817 he was ordained (cheirotonia) a deacon of the Church of the Annunciation in Irkutsk. After he completed his studies in 1818, he was appointed a teacher in a parish school (parochial school); and on May 18, 1821 he was ordained a priest to serve in the Church of the Annunciation. In Russian he was known as Father Ioann, the religious version of Ivan. In 1807 Ivan entered the Irkutsk

he was known as Father Ioann, the religious version of Ivan. Alexander ran away from home at the age of fifteen. He became a successful merchant in Irkutsk, Siberia. He was lured to Russian America, by the growing Maritime Fur Trade there. He became a successful trader there and established and managed trading posts in the Kodiak Island region. Chartered by Tsar Paul I (Paul of Russia) in 1799, it was Russia's first joint stock company

development design

of the Irkut Corporation). Beriev are responsible for development, design and documentation; systems-, static-, flight- and fatigue-testing of prototypes; certification and support of the production models. Irkut's duties comprise production preparation; manufacture of tooling; production of four prototypes and production aircraft; and spare parts manufacture. Jane's Online — Be-200 Both companies now

largest young

new architectural styles began to be introduced. Two of the largest Young Pioneer Palaces were built in the new style: ''Moscow Palace of Young Pioneers'', built in 1959-1963, and ''Kiev Young Pioneer Palace'', built in 1965. One of the most famous Marians in the XIX Century was Fr. Christopher Szwernicki. In 1852, he was exile to Irkutsk, where he build the church and an orphanage for the deportees’ children. In 1888 he was titled "Apostle

extensive activities

and about 400 km east of Krasnoyarsk; the settlement was granted town status in 1938. He again set out in 1822 with the incredible design of making the circuit of the world from west to east, something which at the time was almost unheard of by a lone traveler, blind or not - but he travelled through Russia as far east as the Mongolian frontier of Irkutsk. There he was suspected by the Czar of being a spy who might publicize the extensive activities of the Russian American Company should he travel further east, and was conducted back forcibly to the frontiers of Poland. He returned home by Austria, Saxony, Prussia and Hanover, when he then published ''Travels through Russia, Siberia, etc.'' (London, 1825). birth_date WikiPedia:Irkutsk commons:Category:Irkutsk

art including

Even and Buryats, and a display on Irkutsk in the 20th Century *

centuries, including a few works of Repin, a section of Mongolian and Chinese art, and a section of European art including a collection of lesser-known Dutch masters. *

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an exact modern copy of another tower of the ''ostrog'' and the Southern wall of the fortress were added in the early 2000s.amp;event v1&IDE 3423 В «Тальцах» завершается реконструкция южной стены Илимского острога (Re-creation of the southern wall of the Ilimsk ''ostrog'' in the Taltsy Museum is approaching its completion) The Botanic Garden of the Irkutsk State University known as the "Irkutsk Botanic Garden"

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. Her feat (she voluntarily renounced all wealth and privileges and subjected herself to hard life in katorga) was subject of famous poem by Nekrasov (Nikolai Alekseevich Nekrasov). In 1839 he was allowed to live in exile in Irkutsk guberniya. In 1854 his wife died . In 1856 he along with other survived Decembrists was granted amnesty, given back his title and was able to return to Moscow. He wrote memoires which were published for the first time in 1863 by Alexander Herzen

previous speed

financial support because of doubts many had about his rural background and limited formal education. Motivated by his detractors, Post decided to attempt a solo flight around the world and to break his previous speed record. Over the next year, Post improved his aircraft by installing an autopilot device and a radio direction finder that were in their final stages of development by the Sperry Gyroscope Company (Sperry Corporation) and the United States Army. In 1933, he repeated his


mention: in 1693. Date of foundation: 1718. Construction years: 1718-1746. *

. Date of foundation: 1885. Construction years: 1885-1892. *

center, on a side street in the yard Krasnoflotskoye Trinity Church. - Tram 1 or 2 to 'Улица Чкалова' phone tollfree fax hours price content The architectural style: classicism. Author of the project: Losev A.I. The first mention: in 1802. Construction years: 1802-1805. Condition: Good. *


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