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extreme metal

. *Nik Kershaw '80s pop singer was brought up in Ipswich *Professional darts player Mervyn King (Mervyn King (darts player)) (born 1966) was born in Ipswich, as was the 1983 World Champion Keith Deller (born 1959). *It is also purported that Geoffrey Chaucer, author of The Canterbury Tales was born here. *Vocalist Dani Filth of extreme metal band Cradle of Filth. *Sam Claflin, English actor, was born in Ipswich *Punk rock band the Adicts *Pippa Mann (born 11

Literature first John W. last Cousin publisher Project Gutenberg accessdate 2008-10-30 writer and editor (Literary editor) Ronald Blythe, actors Ralph Fiennes and Bob Hoskins, actress and singer Kerry Ellis, musician and record producer Brian Eno and Dani Filth, singer of the Suffolk-based extreme metal group, Cradle of Filth. Hip-hop DJ Tim Westwood is originally from Suffolk and the influential DJ and radio presenter John

plays bass

Ipswich, Suffolk, England death_date '''Martin Gordon''' (born 1954, Ipswich, Suffolk) is an English (English people) musician, who plays bass guitar and piano. DATE OF BIRTH 1954 PLACE OF BIRTH Ipswich, Suffolk, England DATE OF DEATH The castle and estates supported a luxurious, wealthy lifestyle by their owners - Elizabeth had an income of approximately £3,500 a year, most of which was spent on supporting her household, centred on Clare. Bailey, p.18.

voice vocals

; * Ski in the U.A.E. in Ras al-Khaimah a 2000 m slope is under consideration * Ipswich, Suffolk, UK - SnOasis - 500 m slope with 100 m drop. * Perth (Perth, Western Australia), Western Australia - West Coast Snowpark death_date origin Ipswich, Suffolk, England instrument Vocals (Human voice), keyboards (Keyboard instrument), guitar, bass (Bass guitar), drums 1970s Although born in Bristol, Kershaw grew up

stone serving

out to the outline and inserted in corresponding cavities in the slab, the darker colour of the stone serving as a background. This is not an invariable distinction, however, as figure-brasses of Flemish origin are found both at Bruges and in England. But the character of the engraving is constant, the Flemish work being more florid in design, the lines shallower, and the broad lines cut with a chisel-pointed tool instead of the lozenge-shaped burin. '''Sir William Cubitt''' (1785–1861) was an eminent English civil engineer and millwright. Born in Norfolk, England, he was employed in many of the great engineering undertakings of his time. He invented a type of windmill sail and the prison treadwheel, and was employed as chief engineer, at Ransomes of Ipswich, before moving to London. He worked on canals, docks, and railways, including the South Eastern Railway (South Eastern Railway (UK)) and the Great Northern Railway (Great Northern Railway (Great Britain)). He was the chief engineer of Crystal Palace (The Crystal Palace) erected at Hyde Park (Hyde Park, London) in 1851. * Many windmills in East Anglia and Lincolnshire * Iron bridges: Brent Eleigh and Clare, and the Stoke Bridge at Ipswich (Suffolk); Witham (Essex). * Port Offices, Lowestoft thumb (File:Grandma statue Ipswich UK.jpg) There is a statue of the Giles family in Queen Street in Ipswich, England. Grandma made a cameo appearance in DC Comics' ''Superman: True Brit''. The appearance of Mrs. Henriot-Gulch in the comic ''Cerebus'' is closely based on Grandma. The family appeared in TV cartoon ads for tea, one of which included Grandma racing around on her motorbike. '''RAF Bentwaters''', now known as '''Bentwaters Parks''', is a former Royal Air Force station about

political work

books?id Iwo6FnGALocC ''Journal of John Winthrop: 1630-1649'' , accessed March 15, 2011. Nathaniel Ward, an assistant pastor in town from 1634 to 1636, wrote the first code of laws for Massachusetts and later published the religious political work, ''The Simple Cobbler of Aggawam in America'' Ward, Nathaniel. ''The Simple Cobbler of Aggawam in American'' in England. Rise of King Henry II Five years

strong agricultural

Industry around Ipswich has had a strong agricultural bias with Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies Ltd (Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies), one of the most famous agricultural manufacturers, located in the town. It is notable that the world's first commercial motorised lawnmower (lawnmower) was built by Ransomes in 1902. There was a sugar beet factory at Ipswich for many years; it was closed in 2001 as part of a rationalisation by British Sugar. This agricultural link is preserved in the local football club (Ipswich Town F.C.)'s nickname "The Tractor Boys". The British Telecom Research Laboratories (British Telecom) were located to the east of the town in 1975 at Martlesham Heath. They are now a science park called Adastral Park. The area was originally RAF Martlesham Heath – a WW2 airfield. Part of the old airfield is now the site of Suffolk Constabulary's Headquarters. A key employment sector is Insurance covering both the wholesale and retail sectors, ranging from shipping to motor and household to life. Some of the major players with a key presence in Ipswich include AXA, Churchill, Legal & General, LV and Willis. The presence of the skilled and experienced workforce has also led to the establishment of a large number of ancillary businesses servicing these companies including those offering call centres dealing with sales and claims. Ipswich is one of the Haven ports and is still a working port, handling several million tonnes of cargo each year. Prior to decommissioning, HMS Grafton (HMS Grafton (F80)) was a regular visitor to the port and has special links with the town and the county of Suffolk. HMS Orwell, named after the river, is also closely linked with the town. With the rise in popularity of the town around the Neptune Marina and the Ipswich dock a number of ship and boatbuilders have become established, in particular Fairline Yachts are a significant employer. Transport

people made

. But with a plethora of midfielders at Portman Road, was released by manager Joe Royle

architectural association

Michael Hopkins was educated at Sherborne School Some Fascinating and Famous Alumni... , Sherborne School. Retrieved 2011-02-24. and trained at the Architectural Association (Architectural Association School of Architecture). He worked for Frederick Gibberd before entering into partnership with Norman Foster (Norman Foster, Baron Foster of Thames Bank), where he was the project architect of the Willis Faber headquarters (Willis Building (Ipswich)) in Ipswich. With Norman Foster, Richard Rogers and Nicholas Grimshaw, Hopkins was one of the leading figures in the introduction of 'high tech' Modern architecture into Britain. Michael Hopkins RA, Royal Academy, 15 July 2007. Retrieved 2011-02-24. '''East Suffolk''', along with West Suffolk, was created in 1888 as an administrative county of England. The administrative county was based on the eastern quarter sessions division of Suffolk. East Suffolk County Council's headquarters was in Ipswich, which was a county borough in its own right. East Suffolk was abolished in 1974 when most of the county was merged with West Suffolk and the county borough of Ipswich to form the non-metropolitan county of Suffolk. A small part of East Suffolk was included into Norfolk in 1974. During her service in the Royal Navy, her crew were awarded the freedom of the Borough of Ipswich, due to their frequent visits to the Suffolk Town of Ipswich. thumb left 300px HMS ''Grafton'' after renaming as ''Almirante Lynch'' (FF-07) prior to delivery to the Chilean Navy (Image:Almirante Lynch FF-07 (ex-HMS Grafton F80 BB).jpg) Coprolite mining In 1842 the Rev John Stevens Henslow, a professor of Botany at St John's College, Cambridge discovered coprolites just outside Felixstowe in Suffolk in the villages of Trimley, Trimley St Martin and the Corpolite Mining Rush, Beridge Eve, 2004 Falkenham and Kirton (Corpolites in ) Kirton, Suffolk and investigated their composition. Realising their potential as a source of available phosphate once they had been treated with sulphuric acid, he patented an extraction process and set about finding new sources. The Origins and Development of the British Coprolite Industry, Bernard O O'connor, The Bulletin of the Peak District Mines Historical Society, Vol 14, No. 5, Summer 2001 Very soon, coprolites were being mined on an industrial scale for use as fertiliser due to their high phosphate content. The major area of extraction occurred over the east of England, centred around Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely

portrait work

a sense of community to the workplace. Foster created open-plan office floors long before open-plan became the norm. In a town not over-endowed with public facilities, the roof gardens, 25 metre swimming pool and gymnasium enhanced the quality of life for the company's 1200 employees.

place amp'

;Taken fromPlace&sortDir Asc&DoveID SOUTHWOLD Doves Guide. 27th January 2009. However, a peal rung on 26 July 1858 of Oxford Treble Bob Major, indicates that the tower possessed a ring of eight prior to 1881. Taken from

;Taken fromPlace&sortDir Asc&DoveID SOUTHWOLD Doves Guide. 27th January 2009. align left Parts of England are surprisingly dry, which is contrary to the stereotypical view—London receives just below

by John Stephens. The precise weight of the bells is not known but the tenor is estimated to weigh between 8 and 9 hundredweight. Taken fromPlace&sortDir Asc&DoveID WANGFORD Doves Guide. 27th January 2009. birth_date


url http: web.archive.org web 20050908085245 www.itfc.premiumtv.co.uk page HistoryDetail 0,,10272~347159,00.html title History of the Stadium publisher Ipswich Town F.C. accessdate 16 March 2007 They have a strong rivalry with Norwich City (Norwich City F.C.), and have been the previous clubs of the two most successful England (England national football team) managers, Alf Ramsey (who was buried in the Old Cemetery in the town on his death in 1999) and Bobby Robson. They won the League Championship in 1961–62 (1961–62 Football League) (their first season as a top division club) during Ramsey's reign, as well as the 1978 FA Cup (1977–78 FA Cup) and the 1981 UEFA Cup (1980–81 UEFA Cup) under Robson. The club are also undefeated at home in all European competitions having drawn 6 and won the other 25. The club has also fielded many world famous players over the years. These include Mick Mills, John Wark, Frans Thijssen, Arnold Mühren, Terry Butcher and Marcus Stewart. url http: web.archive.org web 20051213211801 www.itfc.premiumtv.co.uk page HistoryDetail 0,,10272~347323,00.html title Club honours accessdate 25 November 2008 publisher Ipswich Town F.C.

Ipswich is also home to several non-League (Non-League football) clubs, including Ipswich Wanderers (Ipswich Wanderers F.C.) and Whitton United (Whitton United F.C.) in the Eastern Counties League (Eastern Counties Football League), and Achilles (Achilles F.C.), Crane Sports (Crane Sports F.C.), and Ransomes Sports (Ransomes Sports F.C.) amongst several others in the Suffolk & Ipswich League (Suffolk and Ipswich Football League).

The Speedway (Motorcycle speedway) team, the Ipswich Witches, have ridden at Foxhall Stadium on the outskirts of Ipswich since 1951. The stadium is also used regularly for hot rod and stock car racing.

Ipswich Gymnastics Centre is one of only three fully Olympic (London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games) accredited gymnastics facilities in the United Kingdom The resident club has also been home to international gymnasts.

The town has representation in both codes of Rugby. It has two amateur Rugby Union teams, Ipswich RUFC who play in London 3 North East League, and Ipswich YM RUFC (a third side Orwell RUFC, formerly Ransomes RFC having folded some time in the 1980s). The amateur rugby league side, Ipswich Rhinos, plays in the Rugby League Conference.

The Ipswich Cardinals is a successful American Football team, playing in the South-East Conference of BAFACL 1 – the second tier of the BAFA Community Leagues.

Ipswich is home to team Ipswich Swimming. Formed in 1884 as Ipswich Swimming Club, it is based at the town's Crown Pools, and also uses the Fore Street swimming pool. The most successful club member is World Championship (FINA World Aquatics Championships) gold medallist Karen Pickering.

Ipswich had a racecourse (Ipswich Racecourse) which ran a mix of flat and National Hunt races from 1710 to 1911.

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