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Music ForLife Records label. Over the years, Leonard has become the front man for Rockapella; having been in the group for almost 20 years, he has been the high tenor on all but one of the official Rockapella albums recordings and is currently the main songwriter–arranger for Rockapella, and produces their recordings in his home

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. In 2006, the library received a collection of 30,000 mechanical puzzles from Jerry Slocum. The collection will be on permanent display. Special permission is not required to use the collections, and the library has several exhibition galleries which are open to the public. Early life Ginger was born in Memphis (Memphis, Tennessee), Tennessee, the fourth son and next-to-last child of an affluent Southern family that moved to Indiana (Debs' home state) while he was very young

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journal Indy Rock News year 1999 month Feb volume 2 issue 2 location Indianapolis work Rehab quote It's hard to ignore the likeness in timbre, texture, tenor, and name of ''Trans'' album (Trans (album)) and trance ref Other possible antecedents include Klaus Schulze's album ''Trancefer'' (1981), Jean-Michel Jarre's earlier works (Jean_Michel_Jarre_discography) which feature many sounds similar to that commonly used in earlier trance music

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in Indianapolis for 41 years. WTHR - Indianapolis News and Weather - Hoosier makes big splash on opera stage Along with older brother George and younger brother Aaron, Brown was raised in a deeply spiritual Baptist household. Her grandfather was a Baptist minister in the city and Brown started singing at his church when she was 5 years old. Brown credits her musical

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as a focus city for Dallas-based Southwest Airlines As of 2011, Midway is Southwest's largest focus city. Schulte, Sarah. "SWA flights take off at Midway, airline's largest hub." ''WLS-TV''. April 4, 2011

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she was more comfortable in front of the cameras. Later, at the age of fourteen, Voorhies reappeared on an episode of ''Small Wonder (Small Wonder (TV series))'' in 1988. That same year, she landed the recurring role of Lisa Turtle in ''Good Morning, Miss Bliss'' and appeared in thirteen episodes from 1988 to 1989. She remained as the same character, as did Zack (Zack Morris), Screech (Samuel "Screech" Powers), and Mr. Belding (Richard Belding), after Disney dropped the series and it was picked-up and re-tooled by NBC and renamed ''Saved by the Bell''. The characters Miss Bliss, Mylo, Mikey, and Nicky were dropped. During its first season on NBC 1989-1990, the characters Kelly Kapowski, A.C. Slater, and Jessie Spano were added. The setting was also changed from John F. Kennedy Junior High in Indianapolis to Bayside High School in Los Angeles. The use of octaves (playing the same note on two strings one octave apart) for which he is widely known, became known as "the Naptown (Indianapolis) Sound". Montgomery was also an excellent "single-line" or "single-note" player, and was very influential in the use of block chords in his solos. His playing on the jazz standard Lover Man is an example of his single-note, octave- and block-chord soloing. ("Lover Man" appears on the Fantasy album ''The Montgomery Brothers''.) Riverside Park was built in 1914 (1914 in baseball) and served as the Spring Training Home of the Pirates from 1914 until 1917, when moved on to Hot Springs, Arkansas. The entire ballpark was made entirely from wood. From the grandstand to the dugout, everything in the park was wooden. Local citizens then constructed a large indoor pavilion for spring training and exhibition games and an additional wing was built on the New Century Hotel to accommodate the players. Some records from the era show that the Boston Red Sox and Cincinnati Reds also played expedition games there until the early 1920s. Teams came from all around to test the Pirates. They consisted of other major league (Major League Baseball) squads, American Association (American Association (20th century)) teams, colleges, semi-pro teams, and yes, even teams formed by local mining companies and businesses. Some teams all of the way from St. Louis, Chicago, Kansas City (Kansas City, Missouri), Louisville (Louisville, Kentucky), Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Philadelphia, as well as minor league squads from Columbus, Ohio and Toledo, Ohio to play at Riverside Park. However once professional baseball left Dawson Springs; Riverside Park, while still hosting many local teams, among them members of the Kentucky-Illinois-Tennessee League (the Kitty League), continued to provide baseball for western Kentucky. The destruction of Christian monuments was another important consequence. WikiPedia:Indianapolis Dmoz:Regional North America United States Indiana Localities I Indianapolis commons:Indianapolis, Indiana

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Los Angeles Times: "Viacom, Time Warner Cable settle contract dispute", 1 1 2009. death_date IU also has a heated border rivalry with the Kentucky (University of Kentucky) Wildcats (Kentucky Wildcats). The annual basketball game between the two

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, Philippines and the United States. Air Tahoma ceased operations in 2009. He also went to Dick the Bruiser's Indianapolis-based World Wrestling Association in December 1965 and captured its World Heavyweight title, holding it for four months. A few weeks later, Kiniski earned the opportunity to contend for the National Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight title. '''WTIU''' channel 30 (digital 14) is the local Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) member public television

Ministry'' (Lexington, KY: Emeth Press, 2011), ch. 2. Views on vegetarianism and animal rights Wrestling (Professional wrestling) and Promoting (Promoter (entertainment)) Posthumous inductee; won the AWA World Heavyweight Championship (1 time) and AWA World Tag Team Championship (5 times); owned and promoted the World Wrestling Association (World Wrestling Association (Indianapolis)) in Indianapolis, Indiana

Flyers men's basketball Dayton , although Dayton and North Dakota State are geographically closer to Minneapolis than Kansas and West Virginia. Mitchell later wrestled in Indianapolis, where he formed a tag team in the World Wrestling Association (World Wrestling Association (Indianapolis)) (WWA) with Joe Tomasso known as The Assassins. Together, the team won the WWA World Tag Team Championship three times in 1965 and 1966. WikiPedia:Indianapolis Dmoz:Regional North America United States Indiana Localities I Indianapolis commons:Indianapolis, Indiana

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; ref He announced he will stay on the national team, but on an executive position as General Manager he is also the current top assistant with the Vaqueros de Bayamon. After the 2002 world championships of basketball (2002 FIBA World Championship), held at Indianapolis, Ortiz announced his retirement from the national team, to coincide with national teammate Jerome Mincy's retirement from the team. He would reconsider his decision later and rejoin the national team. In 2004, he was part of the team that defeated the United States men's national basketball team at the Summer Olympics (Basketball at the 2004 Summer Olympics). On May 17, 2007, Midwest Airlines signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Northwest Airlines to form a code share agreement with them. The code share agreement added 250 city pairs and 1,000 new flight options for Midwest Airlines customers. Northwest routes that include the Midwest Airlines YX code are destinations beyond Northwest's hubs at Detroit, Minneapolis St. Paul and Memphis (Memphis, Tennessee) throughout the United States and Canada. Midwest placed its code on Northwest flights from Indianapolis, a Northwest focus city. Additionally, Midwest's code appears on a number of Northwest-operated flights to Hawaii and Alaska. Routes operated by Midwest Airlines that carry the NW Northwest (Northwest Airlines) code are flights that connect at Midwest's Milwaukee and Kansas City (Kansas City, Missouri) hubs, as well as Omaha -- a Midwest focus city. OMA is Midwest Focus City Northwest (Northwest Airlines) also code shares on Midwest Airlines-operated flights between Milwaukee and Kansas City (Kansas City, Missouri) to Atlanta, Boston, Hartford, Los Angeles and San Francisco that connect to the Northwest (Northwest Airlines) KLM trans-Atlantic network and trans-Pacific network. Early life McQueen was born '''Terrence Stephen McQueen''' in Beech Grove, Indiana, a suburb of Indianapolis, in Marion County (Marion County, Indiana). His father, Terrence William McQueen, a stunt pilot for a barnstorming flying circus (Barnstorming), abandoned McQueen's mother six months after first meeting her. His mother, Julia Ann (née (married and maiden names) Crawford), was a teenage, rebellious alcoholic (Alcoholism) prostitute. Marc Eliot (Editing Marc Eliot (author)) ''Steve McQueen: A Biography'' Crown Publishing Group 2011 ISBN 9780307453235 Nolan, William F. ''McQueen'', Berkley, 1984. ISBN 0-425-06566-9, pp. 7–8 other sources vary in spelling her name WikiPedia:Indianapolis Dmoz:Regional North America United States Indiana Localities I Indianapolis commons:Indianapolis, Indiana

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'', which quickly went platinum, fueled by the Top 10 single "Jaded (Jaded (Aerosmith song))" and the appearance of the title track (Just Push Play (song)) in Dodge commercials. WikiPedia:Indianapolis Dmoz:Regional North America United States Indiana Localities I Indianapolis commons:Indianapolis, Indiana


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