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and have contributed critically to national development. The town is credited with an intimidating number of professors, top civil servants, professionals and wealthy men and women. Professor Pat Utomi has attributed the reason for the stupendous achievements of Igbuzo's indigenous and successes to the advent of catholic missionaries in the community in 1898, and Ibusa traditional hard work ethic that promotes hard work over indulgence and inculcated in the youths though various

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their living from outside the town. In Ibusa, modern architectural masterpieces stand in sharp contrast with sun-baked mud homes adorned with rusty corrugated zinc roofs of less endowed relatives". "Ibusa: Nigeria's millionaires' paradise". Retrieved on 2008-11-17 The combination of ancient and modern interpiece in the town has also drawn comparison to poignant images in Wole Soyinka's poem "Ibadan

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in southern Nigeria. Many Igbo people eventually took government positions, although many were engaged in private business and constituted and still constitute the bulk of Nigerian informal economy.


resulted in their final settlement in not too distant Onitsha. This new group of settlers in Igbuzo might have become assimilated by the Umejei and Edini groups. Oral history Ibusa is a federation of two units known as “the Umejei and Ogboli settlements. According to the oral history of the town, Umejei Nwa Eze Isu (Prince Umejei of Isu) killed his opponent in a traditional wrestling bout, an act considered “Alu” (Abomination) in the land and punishable by death. However, his

into three categories, thus: *Otu Odogwu-Umueze and Anyallabum *Otu Uwolo-Ogboli, Umuwagwu, Umuidinisagba and Umuodafe *Otu Iyase-Umuehea, Ogbeowele, Umuezeagwu, and Umuekea. The Supreme Court later classified this War Lords as a ruling house for the determination of the Obuzor of the town. The Ibusa traditional life How the community people carried wars into Nnewi in defense of Isu and Nri (Nri-Igbo) people of the town considered their ancestral brothers and sisters until the coming

in Ibusa, the Ibusa practiced Odinani but the people are now largely Christians (Catholics) but adherents of traditional religion still exists. It is therefore not uncommon to find the people placing high priority on observation of traditions during the funerals of their loved ones etc. The Eternal Sacred order of Cherubim and Seraphim,celestial church of christ, Winners Church, The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Christ Embassy, Ngozi Sabbath Mission, Deeper Life Bible Church, Christ Holy

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, the national President of Izu Anioma, had reportedly told a local publication: "We may speak a dialect of Igbo but we are not culturally and socially Igbos by Ohaneze's definition." In reaction Obi Modestus Nwaka, President of Ohaneze Ndigbo, Delta State stated that "Our origin has never been in doubt before and after the civil war" while referring to the appointment of Anioma-born Amb. Ralph Uwechue's leadership of Ohaneze Ndigbo. The Ibusa festivals The people of Ibusa

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was well received across the state. During the 2011 INEC registration exercise, Ibusa was reported as one of the towns with faulty DDC machines at some registration centers that could not be repaired by engineers but a supervisor with the Commission said that all hopes were not lost.

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alongside Late Chief Obi Obanua Nwaukor (The Odoziani 1 of Ibusa) and Late Chief W.U Ikolodo (Uwolo of Ibusa). Nonetheless, the town is beginning to record major successes in this area as Barr. Peter Onyeluka Nwoboshi an indigene of the town is the chairman of People's Democratic Party, Delta State chapter, Prof Patrick Utomi, the presidential flagbearer of African Democratic Congress also hails from I while Minority Leader of Delta State House of Assembly, Pat Ajudua is also a daughter of Igbuzo. Professor Fidelis Oditah, and Mr Peter Okocha also showed interest in the elections held in 2007, presenting their bids under different party platforms for the gubernatorial race of Delta State. Obi (Prof) Chike Onwuachi has also contested for the presidential election of the country.The 2011 gubernatorial elections in Nigeria saw the emergence of Paul Obanua the son of late Chief Obanua Nwaukor contesting under the platform of CDC for the office of the Governor Delta state. His candidacy was well received across the state. During the 2011 INEC registration exercise, Ibusa was reported as one of the towns with faulty DDC machines at some registration centers that could not be repaired by engineers but a supervisor with the Commission said that all hopes were not lost.


researches on the history of wars fought by the Igbuzo people especially in the homes of their Isu kiths and kin in Nnewi, present Anambra State to determine whether any relationship exists between the two communities. Anglicization of name "Ibusa" is an Anglicisation of "Igbuzo" and or '''Ibuzo''' by the early British (United Kingdom) missionaries and visitors to the town as a result of difficulty in pronunciation. The Anglicization of the name of the town may

2013-08-25 Taboos The indigenous people of Igbuzo appear to have unexplainable special closeness, bond and love for themselves, which create a very high level of trust and relationship among them. This is reflected in the policies and ways of life of the natives; for instance, surrounding the house or any structure with fences in the town is forbidden. In the recent past, arresting a fellow Ibusa man or woman with the police was banned and only recently did the town

destined to battle for the competition. This tournament is highly standard with the use of Nigerian Football Federation Graded Referees, Assistant Referees, Linesmen, match Commissioners and a team of three commentators. The tournament produces great talents from the town, and is "organized by the ever indefatigable and very patriotic Emmanuel Kwasa Amatokwu who has a perfect understanding of relationship with the youths" The 2008 edition of "Ibusa 2008" played at the Umejei

important roles

traditional institutions play a vital role in the successes recorded by Igbuzo indigenes. He also believes that education has played important roles in the successes recorded by Igbuzo. (Obi) Prof Onwuachi on the hand believes that "wherever an Igbuzo man finds himself, he moves to be the best. Perhaps it is a spiritual compensation for its geographical deficiency" Traditional ruler HRH Obi Prof. Louis Chelunor Nwaoboshi is the town's monarchical ruler and retired Professor of Forestry, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. The title of "Obuzor" means "the first" or "number one" by the meaning of this title, he may be literally interpreted to be the number one citizen of Ibusa. Kingship is common to Igbo's as at some point in the history of the town, several sons of the town had been known to declare themselves the King of the town, though using elements of force to achieve this feat. The self-declaration of Ezesi as the King of Igbuzo, claiming to derive his authority from the then Oba of Benin is best memorable to history. The Senior Diokpa also exists as the traditional ruler of the town. References


'''Igbuzo''', also known as '''Ibusa''', is a town in Delta State, Nigeria, with an estimated population of 566,310 people in 2009. The people speak the '''Enuani''' dialect of the Igbo language family. The name of the community is more commonly and officially known and written as Ibusa. The community forming the process of Ibusa can be linked to the first wave of the movement of Igbo migrants (Igbo people) into the West Bank of River Niger, this adventure which took place in the 15th century resulted in the settlement of Ibusa people led by Edini from Nshi (Nri). The second of the two waves of the migrations that resulted in the formation of Igbuzo was led by Umejei from Isu. ''The Realities and Values of Anioma Identity'', Dan Olisa Dieyi, Danfeyin International Co., 2001, ISBN 978-32119-1-9

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