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, Deitscherei (:pdc:Deitscherei) fam2 Germanic (Germanic languages) *** Pennsylvania German (Pennsylvania German language) (''Pennsylvaniadeutsch'') in historical communities in North America, especially in Pennsylvania. ** Hessian (Hessian dialects) (''Hessisch'') in Hesse and the Rhenish Hesse region of Rhineland-Palatinate Early history The NPD achieved success in the late 1960s, winning local government seats across West Germany. In 1966 and 1967, it won 15 seats in Bavaria

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became a writer, grew up with the two Groscurth boys and later wrote the book ''Mein Jahr als Mörder'' ("My Year as a Murderer"), a novel with both autobiographical and historical elements, based on the lives of Georg and Anneliese Groscurth. His book played a major role in bringing recognition to the Groscurth's story. Dr. Friedhelm Röder.

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and in the German top 25 charts for a complete year) and it spawned another four singles, only "Geile Zeit", the album's second single, made it into the German Top 20. The song was the winning title of the first Bundesvision Song Contest in which Juli represented their home province of Hesse. In July of the same year, Juli participated in the Berlin Live 8 concert. - 6. Wikipedia:Hesse Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany States Hesse Commons:Hessen

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Marcel Römer. The band was formed with this lineup from the band Sunnyglade in 2001. The band's critically acclaimed debut album ''Es ist Juli'' was released in September 2004 and peaked at #2 in Germany, #4 in Austria and #7 in Switzerland, selling more than 700,000 copies within a few months. By July 2006, it had sold over 1 million copies, and thus reached the status of a quadruple platinum record. Though the album became the fourth most successful album of the year (it stayed

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Wikipedia:Hesse Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany States Hesse Commons:Hessen

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to the altar. Originally entombed in the now destroyed Garrison Church (Garrison Church (Potsdam)) in Potsdam, like his son Frederick the Great (Frederick II of Prussia), the coffin was moved shortly before the end of the war in 1945. Until 1953 it lay in the Elisabeth Church (Elisabeth Church (Marburg)) in Marburg, Hesse, and until 1991 in Burg Hohenzollern at Hechingen, Baden-Württemberg. The original black marble sarcophogus was destroyed in 1945, and the current one

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-Passau) and A5 (Bundesautobahn 5) (Hattenbach-Frankfurt-Karlsruhe-Basel) intersect. The A5 becomes as wide as four lanes in each direction near the city of Frankfurt am Main. During the rush-hour, it is possible to use the emergency lanes on the A3 and A5 motorway in the Rhine-Main Region (Frankfurt Rhine-Main). The effect is that the motorways have four lanes in each direction. Other major leading Hesse highways are the A4 (Bundesautobahn 4), the A44 (Bundesautobahn 44), the Bundesautobahn

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in the German (Germany) state of Hesse). Her father's name was Graumann. In her adolescence her family fortunes failed, so she travelled at the age of 22 to Vienna to study voice. Thereafter she went to Paris and studied with Manuel García II (Manuel Patricio Rodríguez García), who was to have the foremost influence on her. She made her debut as a singer in 1844, and had a short career in opera and recital. Her voice, however, was only adequate, so she moved to teaching in 1849. In 1852


. Bavaria held a referendum in 1998 and successfully removed the law concerning death penalty from its constitution, and the Saarland removed the passage concerning the death penalty upon reunion with Germany in 1956. References External links * Official government portal * Wiki about Hesse in Hessian language *

to Hesse by the occupying forces in 1945. Geography Situated in western Germany, Rhineland-Palatinate borders (from the north and clockwise) North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse, Baden-Württemberg, France, Saarland, Luxembourg and Belgium. According to the ''vitae'', in 723, Boniface felled the Donar Oak, Latinized by Willibald as "Jupiter's oak," near the present-day town of Fritzlar in northern Hesse. Boniface called upon the god to strike

). Wiesbaden, together with the cities of Frankfurt am Main and Mainz, is part of the Frankfurt Rhine Main Region, a metropolitan area with a combined population of about 5.8 million people. In World War II, Wiesbaden was the Headquarters for Germany’s Wehrkreis XII (Military district (Germany)). This military district included the Eifel, part of Hesse, the Palatinate (Palatinate (region)), and the Saarland. After the Battle of France

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track "Wenn Es Nicht Hart Ist." As she had never rapped before, Setlur reportedly hesitated; but soon accepted their invitation into the recording studio. Impressed by her talent, Pelham offered her a record contract with Pelham Power Productions, and as a result Setlur quit studying business administration and instead signed a deal with 3p Records. officetype BPOL-Direktion officename


'''Frankfurt am Main''' ( The city is at the centre of the larger Frankfurt Rhine-Main Metropolitan Region (Frankfurt Rhine-Main) which has a population of 5,600,000 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, ''Competitive Cities in the Global Economy'', OECD Territorial Reviews, (OECD Publishing, 2006), Table 1.1 and is Germany's second-largest metropolitan region (Metropolitan regions in Germany).

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