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gold award

for fourth gold medal in Britain in Bloom publisher BBC date 27 January 2013 accessdate 31 December 2013 in 2002, 2008, and 2012, Herm won the Britain in Bloom Gold Award. Compton Mackenzie, who owned the island, represented it in ''Fairy Gold'', albeit in a fictional representation.<

regular training

search?q cache:RpAC8e3zZF8J:blog.herm.com post Herm-has-more-First-Responders.aspx+&cd 1&hl en&ct clnk&gl uk&client firefox-a title Herm has more First Responders publisher Herm.com date 2 November 2012 accessdate 22 May 2013 and receives regular training from the Guernsey Ambulance and Rescue Service, a private company operating on a charitable basis under the umbrella of the Venerable Order of Saint John.

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Island Life date 2011 accessdate 31 December 2013 An important moment in Herm's political history was in 933, when the Channel Islands were annexed to the Duchy of Normandy,

time series

caption1 The obelisk on The Common on Herm image2 Antony Gormley's "Another Time XI" on Herm - facing right.JPG width2 180 alt2 caption2 A picture of Antony Gormley's statue, XI (11) in his Another Time series Other buildings on the island include the White House hotel (White House (Herm)), "The Mermaid" pub and restaurant, and 20 self-catering cottages. The most notable cottages are Fisherman's Cottage

2013 The statue was number XI (11) of the Another Time series. Education and culture thumb right Travel Trident ferry approaching Herm (File:Ferry approaching the Rosaire Landing, Herm - geograph.org.uk - 87.jpg) A number of French Norman placenames remain

quot independent

idyll that could be enjoyed by locals and tourists alike". One of the island's most influential tenants was Major Peter Wood, who looked after the island from 1949 to 1980 with his wife. The island was run down when he arrived, with the manor hidden in undergrowth, the windows and roofs of the houses having been blown off by a sea mine drifting into the harbour shortly after

navigation government general-election---23-4-2008 archiveurl http: web.archive.org web 20110521190537 http: www.gov.gg ccm navigation government general-election---23-4-2008 archivedate 2011-05-21 title General Election – 23.4.2008 publisher Guernsey Government accessdate 22 May 2013 Cars (Auto-free zone) and bicycles are banned from Herm,

small team

;gl uk&client firefox-a title Policing on Herm date 26 September 2011 accessdate 5 August 2013 Crime rates on the island are low. There are no medical facilities on Herm and no resident doctor. A small team of first aiders and community first responders is maintained amongst the resident population,

quot history

in the north of the island. Standing stones can be seen on the grass, while the island of Sark lies in the background. Ancient history to Middle Ages Herm was first found in the Mesolithic period (between 10,000 and 8,000 B.C), when hunters were in search of food. ref>

; In the Neolithic and Bronze ages, settlers arrived; the remains of chamber tombs have been found on the island, and may be seen today; specifically on the Common, and the Petit and Grand Monceau; it has been suggested that the northern end of the island, i.e. the Common, was set apart for burials. After a three-year project by the University of Durham, supported by specialists from the University of Cambridge

inhabitants in historic times are from the 6th century, when the island became a centre of monastic activity (Monasticism); the followers of Saint Tugual (also called Tudwal) arrived, establishing Saint Tugual's Chapel. In 709, a storm washed away the strip of land which connected the island with Jethou.

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; they remained so until the division of Normandy in 1204, when they became a Crown Dependency.

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; they remained so until the division of Normandy in 1204, when they became a Crown Dependency. After the annexation, Herm gradually lost its monastic inhabitants, and between 1570 and 1737 the governors of Guernsey used it as a hunting ground; visiting to shoot, hunt, and fish

acts legal

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'''Herm''' (Guernésiais: ''Haerme'') is one of the Channel Islands and part of the Bailiwick of Guernsey, located in the English Channel, north-west of France and south of England. It is wide; orientated north-south, with several stretches of sand along its northern coast. Guernsey lies to the west and Jersey to the south-east, and the smaller island of Jethou is just off the south-west coast.

Herm was first discovered in the Mesolithic period, and the first settlers arrived in the Neolithic (Neolithic Age) and Bronze (Bronze Age) Ages. Many tombs from that period remain today, the majority in the north of the island. The island was annexed to the Duchy of Normandy in 933, but returned to the English Crown with the division of Normandy in 1204. It was occupied by Germany in the Second World War and the scene of Operation Huckaback, but was largely bypassed. Herm is currently managed by Herm Island Ltd, formed by Starboard Settlement, who acquired Herm in 2008, following fears during the sale of the island that the 'identity' of the island was at threat.

Herm's harbour is on its west coast. There are several buildings of note in the vicinity including the White House (White House (Herm)), St Tugual's Chapel, Fisherman's Cottage, "The Mermaid" pub and restaurant, and a small primary school with about eight children. During a busy summer season, up to 100,000 tourists visit the island, arriving by one of the catamaran ferries operated by the Trident Charter Company. Cars are banned (Auto-free zone) from the island, as are bicycles; quad bike (All-terrain vehicle)s and tractors used for staff and luggage transport respectively are allowed.

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