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modern news

10-02-04 med.jpg thumb right Microwave trucks seen transmitting. Modern news employs these trucks extensively. url http: sust sust253 sust253_salminen.pdf location Helsinki, Finland publisher Suomalais-Ugrilainen Seura Commons:Category:Helsinki Wikipedia:Helsinki Dmoz:Regional Europe Finland Southern Finland Localities Helsinki

food campaign

of Italy prime minister Silvio Berlusconi claimed that "I've been to Finland and I had to endure the Finnish diet so I am in a position to make a comparison." Berlusconi started his anti-Finnish food campaign in 2001. He went on: ''"The Finns don't even know what Parma ham (prosciutto) is."'' This followed the initial decision by the European Commission to establish the European Food Safety Authority in Helsinki. On July 4, 2005 French (France) President

founder amp

Siilasmaa location Helsinki, Finland key_people Risto Siilasmaa, founder & chairman Christian Fredrikson, CEO (Chief executive officer) Mikko Hyppönen, Chief Research Officer '''F-Secure Corporation''' (formerly '''Data Fellows''') is an anti-virus (anti-virus software) and computer security and computer software company based in Helsinki, Finland. The company has 20 country offices and a presence in more

summer stage

. The band have played New York's Central Park Summer Stage, Denmark's Spot Festival, Stockholm's Kulturhuset as well as Holland's Lowlands and the Belgian Pukkelpop festival. World Championships (1983 World Championships in Athletics) Helsinki, Finland bgcolor "silver" align "center" 2nd death_date birth_place Helsingfors (Helsinki), Russian Empire death_place Urjala, Russian

annual arts

National Theatre.jpg left thumb Finnish National Theatre (1902), Helsinki, designed by architect Onni Tarjanne The Helsinki Festival is an annual arts and culture festival, which takes place every August (including the Night of the Arts (Night of the arts)). Vappu is an annual carnival for students and workers. Helsinki Arena hosted the Eurovision Song Contest 2007, the first Eurovision Song Contest arranged in Finland, following Lordi's win in Eurovision Song

tollfree fax hours price content Multi-week annual arts festival in the latter half of August. The peak of the festival is Taiteiden Yö, "Night of the Arts" called "little ''vappu''" by many as the streets are full of revelers. The official event is marked by performing arts through the night. The Night of the Arts was originally organized by local bookstores in the 1990s. It's now organized by the city. During the last few years, the event has slightly returned to its origin as an arts and culture event. September * Commons:Category:Helsinki Wikipedia:Helsinki Dmoz:Regional Europe Finland Southern Finland Localities Helsinki

art performance

at the Eurovision Song Contest. She competed in the semi-final in Helsinki, Finland on 10 May 2007, performing at number 18. She qualified for the final and performed in the 6th slot on May 12, 2007, where she placed 14th in a field of 24 contestants with a score of 73 points. Performances * In 2009, Portuguese (Portugal) new media artists Video Jack premiered an audiovisual art performance inspired by the novel at Kiasma, Helsinki, as part of the PixelAche Festival. Commons:Category:Helsinki Wikipedia:Helsinki Dmoz:Regional Europe Finland Southern Finland Localities Helsinki

main founder

became a student once again, in St Petersburg (Saint Petersburg), Leipzig (with Adolph Brodsky), Berlin (with Adolf Becker), and Liège (Liège (city)) (with César Thomson). thumb Axel Lille. (File:Tohtori Axel Lillen muotokuva.jpg) '''Axel Johan Lille''' (28 March 1848, Helsinki – 28 June 1921) was a Swedish-speaking (Swedish language) Finnish (Finland) journalist and politician and the main founder of the Swedish People's Party (Swedish People's Party (Finland)) (''Svenska folkpartiet'', SFP) and its leader 1907–1917. Lille was the first who publicly proposed Finnish independence in his speech on April 9, 1902. On the other side of the border, Commons:Category:Helsinki Wikipedia:Helsinki Dmoz:Regional Europe Finland Southern Finland Localities Helsinki

leading sports

would go on to redefine the sports business industry by pioneering the offering to ‘blue chip’ (Blue chip (stock market)) companies of exclusive, off-the-shelf packages of sponsorship rights to the world’s largest sports tournaments on behalf of the world’s leading sports federations. ‘An introduction

a generation of leading sports business executives, the company’s founder Patrick Nally was in 1988 described by ''Marketing'' magazine, along with Adidas owner Horst Dassler and IMG (International Management Group) founder Mark McCormack, as one of the “three godfathers of sport” who at one time, between them, “controlled the commercial destinies of almost every major sports event in the world”. ref name

solo voice

in Rome and Kurt Overhoff in Salzburg. In 1969 he won first prize the Lappeenranta Solo Voice Competition and made his opera debut with the Finnish National Opera as Silvio in Leoncavallo's (Ruggero Leoncavallo) ''Pagliacci''. Born in Jyväskylä, he was the son of the composer Pekka Juhani Hannikainen. The pianist Ilmari Hannikainen and the conductor Väinö Hannikainen were his brothers. He studied first as a cellist in Helsinki and abroad. From 1922 he became the second conductor in the Finnish Opera House in Helsinki. He conducted the music at Sibelius (Jean Sibelius)'s funeral. He went to the USA in 1940, becoming music director of the Duluth Symphony Orchestra (1942-47). He was an assistant conductor (1947-49) and associate conductor (1949-50) with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and was principal conductor of the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra. The '''Päijänne Water Tunnel''' ( Commons:Category:Helsinki Wikipedia:Helsinki Dmoz:Regional Europe Finland Southern Finland Localities Helsinki

quot creating

of 'Embedded Design', which has tied design in the city to innovation, "creating global brands, such as Nokia, Kone and Marimekko, popular events, like the annual Helsinki Design Week, outstanding education and research institutions, such as the University of Art and Design Helsinki, and exemplary architects and designers such as Eliel Saarinen and Alvar Aalto". Helsinki also hosts many film festivals. Most


'''Helsinki''' ( west of Saint Petersburg, Russia. Helsinki has close historical connections (History of Helsinki) with these three cities.

The Helsinki metropolitan area includes urban core (urban area) of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen and surrounding commuter towns (Greater Helsinki#Statistics). It is the world's northernmost metro area (List of northernmost items#Cities and settlements) of over one million people, and the city is the northernmost capital of an EU member state (Member state of the European Union). The Helsinki metropolitan area is the fourth largest Nordic metropolitan area after the metropolitan areas of Copenhagen (Copenhagen metropolitan area), Stockholm (Stockholm metropolitan area) and Oslo (Greater Oslo Region) and Helsinki city is the third biggest Nordic city after Stockholm and Oslo.

Helsinki is Finland's major political, educational, financial, cultural and research centre as well as one of northern Europe's major cities. Approximately 70% of foreign companies operating in Finland have settled in the Helsinki region. The nearby municipality of Vantaa is the location of Helsinki Airport, with frequent service to various destinations in Europe and Asia.

In 2009, Helsinki was chosen to be the World Design Capital for 2012 by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design, narrowly beating Eindhoven for the title.

In the Economist Intelligence Unit's August 2012 Liveability survey, assessing the best and worst cities to live in, Helsinki placed eighth best overall.

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