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design award

;ref 1994 Chrysler Design Award to Lebbeus Woods He has designed buildings in Chengdu, China and Havana, Cuba. ref>

track called

to hip-hop beats, landing on reggae ska, Latin jazz, and points in between, ''Two Shoes'' is clever and brainy, danceable and absorbing". The Australian version contains a hidden track, called "1001", which is coupled with the track, "The Night That Never End". The lead single, "Sly (Sly (single))", was issued ahead of the album on 28 March and reached the top 30

successful supporting

that included a new sonar system. birth_date Born in Havana, Cuba, Mitchell appeared as a bit player in eight films between 1931 and 1936. He returned to film work in 1942 after a six-year absence. Between 1942 and 1953, Mitchell was a successful supporting actor. DATE OF BIRTH August 14, 1903 PLACE OF BIRTH Havana, Cuba DATE

major game

Oxford University Press Fidel Castro's belief in socialism and the benefits of sports (he loves and has played baseball) has resulted in Cuba's relative international success for a population of 11 million in sporting events such as the Olympic Games. Unlike in most of Latin America, but like many nations of the Caribbean and some of Central America, football (Association football) (soccer) is not a major game in Cuba, but is gaining popularity. Baseball

military community

letter 'jota', as written old-style, was mistaken by Americans for the English letter "x"), where they arrived on March 9, 1731. The party had increased by marriages on the way to 15 families, a total of 56 persons. They joined a military community that had been in existence since 1718. The immigrants formed the nucleus of the villa of '''San Fernando de Béjar''', the first regularly organized civil government in Texas. Several of the old families of San Antonio trace their descent from

productions world

del Río Province Pinar del Río He has appeared as guest roles on such TV shows as CBS's ''Cold Case (Cold Case (TV series))'', WB (WB Television Network)'s ''Gilmore Girls'', and ABC (American Broadcasting Company)'s ''LA Dragnet'', as well as numerous commercials, including: Sprint, Domino's, and MTV. Also, he has acted in many theatrical productions world-wide, including the Apollo Theater in New York City, Theatro Nacional in Havana, Cuba, and Campus Jussieu

numerous songs

Cemetery . Arditi's best-known operas are: ''I Briganti'', ''II Corsaro'', and ''La Spia'', ("The Spy"). In addition he wrote numerous songs and vocal waltzes, the most popular of which are "Il Bacio" ("The Kiss", dedicated to Gottardo Aldighieri), "Le TortorelIe", "Se Seran Rose", and the "Parla Waltz". On February 29, 1980, after many years as contemporary music station, competition from FM competitors forced the station


and taken prisoner. He awaited execution in Cojutepeque, but he was miraculously saved. There was an earthquake and the wall from his prison cell fell down. Dalton took advantage of this and escaped. He slipped into a passing religious procession and managed to meet his fellow revolutionaries who helped him escape to Cuba again. He was then sent to Prague as a correspondent for The International Review: Problems for Peace and Socialism. While he was in Prague, he wrote his internationally acclaimed Taberna y Otros Lugares. He also produced a landmark biography of Miguel Mármol, a prominent Salvadoran communist who participated in the 1932 Salvadoran peasant uprising and was living in exile in Prague. '''Felipe Ramón Pérez Roque''' (born 28 March 1965 in Havana) was the Minister of Foreign Affairs (foreign minister) of Cuba from 1999 to 2009. At his appointment, he was not only the youngest member of the Cuban cabinet but also the only one to be born after the Cuban Revolution in 1959. The video for "Tren Al Sur" was nominated for "Best Video Latin" American (United States) chain MTV. On October 1, 1993 was opened for the first time MTV chain and the first video broadcast was ''We are sudamerican rockers''. In the evening attended George González. In 2003, due to celebrate ten years of MTV and his second award, armed the supergroup "Los Black Stripes" with different exponents of Latin rock (rock music), including González for the opening ceremony. He left Alex Lora (El Tri) who then joined them Jonaz and Rosso (Plastilina Mosh members) singing ''We are sudamerican rockers'' followed them, Gonzalez appeared in interpreting false Bolero of Aterciopelados.65 In 1998 music video for 'Sex' was awarded the Coral Black Film Festival in Havana, Cuba. birth_date WikiPedia:Havana Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Cuba Localities Havana commons:La Habana

strong field

player of Kholmov's strength in that period to never hold the title.) At Sochi 1964, Kholmov tied 2nd–3rd places with 10 15, behind winner Nikolai Krogius. Then Kholmov suffered perhaps his greatest career disappointment in the Soviet Zonal tournament, Moscow 1964, where he scored 6 12 for 4th in a super-strong field, but fell one place short of advancing to the Interzonal stage. At Kiev in the URS-ch32 (1964 65), Kholmov tied 5th–6th places with 11.5 19, as Korchnoi won. He made

a notable result at Havana 1965 with 5th place on 14.5 21, as Smyslov won, but Kholmov defeated Bobby Fischer and finished undefeated in the tournament. At Tbilisi 1966 67 for URS-ch34, he scored 10 20 to tie for 10th–12th places, as Stein won again. Kholmov moved to Moscow in 1967 and lived there for the rest of his life. He won at Belgrade 1967 with 6.5 9. One of his best career results was 2nd in a very strong field at Leningrad (Saint Petersburg) 1967 with 12 16, behind

national programs

of financing is seriously hindered by the sanctions, which until recently included all food and medicine, Cuba has received little foreign and humanitarian aid to maintain the vitality of its national programs" • '''The Lancet medical journal'''; Role of USA in shortage of food and medicine. "The resultant lack of food and medicines to Cuba contributed to the worst epidemic


'''Havana''' (

The city of Havana was founded by the Spanish (Spanish Empire) in the 16th century and due to its strategic location it served as a springboard for the Spanish conquest of the continent (Spanish colonization of the Americas) becoming a stopping point for the treasure-laden Spanish galleons on the crossing between the New World and the Old World. King Philip II of Spain granted Havana the title of City in 1592. Spanish-American War, Effects of the Press on Spanish-American Relations in 1898

Contemporary Havana can essentially be described as three cities in one: Old Havana, Vedado and the newer suburban districts. The city is the center of the Cuban government (Government of Cuba), and home to various ministries, headquarters of businesses and over 90 diplomatic offices.

The city attracts over a million tourists annually, The city is also noted for its history (History of Havana), culture, architecture and monuments. Britannica

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