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development site where 'high quality bus' services between Harlow town centre and Harlow Town Railway station are listed as part of the intentions of the development. Healthcare Harlow is served by the NHS Princess Alexandra Hospital (Princess Alexandra Hospital (Harlow)), situated on the edge of The High, which is the main Town Centre area of Harlow. This hospital has a 24 hour Accident & Emergency and Urgent Care Centre. Education Harlow contains six state-funded secondary


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and onwards to Heathrow Airport, calling at the Bus Station at Heathrow Central before terminating at Heathrow Terminal 5 (London Heathrow Terminal 5). The 581 circular bus service provides a link between the various areas of Denham and Uxbridge bus station. The Saturdays-only 582 service links the various Denhams with Iver, Slough and Windsor. The R21 bus service between Uxbridge and Mount Vernon Hospital in Northwood stops twice daily at Denham Station every day except Sunday

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: www.woundmagazine.com Wound Magazine volume 1 issue 2 pages 116–117 location London issn 1755-800X The cover showed him wearing a ski-hat, orange roll-neck sweater and aviator sunglasses (Ray-Ban Aviator). DATE OF BIRTH 15 April 1962 PLACE OF BIRTH Harlow, Essex, England DATE OF DEATH Opening Service began on the 15 September 1840 between Stratford & Broxbourne. Extensions were opened to Harlow (9 August 1841), Spellbrook (22 November 1841) and Bishops Stortford (16 May 1842) '''Matthew John Spring''' (born 17 November 1979, in Harlow, Essex) is an English central midfielder who plays for Leyton Orient (Leyton Orient F.C.). DATE OF BIRTH 17 November 1979 PLACE OF BIRTH Harlow, England DATE OF DEATH


) Ralph Brown . Many of these are owned by the Harlow Art Trust, an organisation set up in 1953 by the lead architect of Harlow Frederick Gibberd. Gibberd had idealist notions of the New Town as a place where people who might not normally have access to art could enjoy great sculptures by great artists on every street corner. Consequently almost all of Harlow's sculpture collection is in the open air, in shopping centres, housing estates and parks around the town. Whiteley, Gillian

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designed several new typefaces. DATE OF BIRTH 1970 PLACE OF BIRTH Harlow, England DATE OF DEATH Ripp with his two sons Adrian and Jason later started up Xtreme Motorsport, based in Harlow, Essex, which in turn was sold off in 2001. The Ripp brothers later founded R-Tec Auto Design, based in St Albans, Hertfordshire. '''The Square''' is a 250 capacity live music venue in Harlow, Essex. It is managed by SquareOne Entertainment LLP who

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demolished, as has the original town hall. The Water Gardens, although listed by English Heritage, have been spoilt by the abutment of a car park and shopping centre. The garden of his personal home at Marsh Lane, on the outskirts of Harlow, a mixture of formal and informal design, contains architectural elements salvaged from his reconstruction of Coutt's Bank in London. '''Matthew John Spring''' (born 17 November 1979, in Harlow, Essex) is an English central midfielder who plays for Leyton Orient (Leyton Orient F.C.). DATE OF BIRTH 17 November 1979 PLACE OF BIRTH Harlow, England DATE OF DEATH

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; During the 2007 World Championship (2007 World Snooker Championship), it was reported that he had developed a rift with his father, who was a member of the World Snooker (World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association) board. '''Matthew John Spring''' (born 17 November 1979, in Harlow, Essex) is an English central midfielder who plays for Leyton Orient (Leyton Orient F.C.). DATE OF BIRTH 17 November 1979 PLACE OF BIRTH Harlow, England DATE OF DEATH

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, with the second stage underway in 2013. The Harlow Gateway Scheme is currently underway, with the relocation of the Harlow Football Stadium to Barrow's Farm in early 2006, and the building of a new hotel, apartments, and a restaurant adjacent to the railway station being complete. The next stage of this scheme involves the completion of the 530 eco-homes being built on the former sports centre site, and the centre's relocation to the nearby former college playing field site. Other major

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. He lived with his father Tony, a former professional golfer, and did not see his mother again until he was 19. For his father being a former professional golfer, see ref>


'''Harlow''' is a predominantly new town (Planned community) and local government district in Essex, England in the west of the county on the border with Hertfordshire. It occupies a large area of land on the left bank of the upper Stort Valley (River Stort), which has been made navigable through other towns and features a canal section near to its watermill next to a railway station named after this late 17th century feature (Harlow Mill railway station), one of two serving the town. Old Harlow is a village-sized suburb founded by the early medieval age and most of its high street buildings are early Victorian and residential. In Old Harlow is a field named '''Harlowbury''', a de-settled monastic area which has the remains of a chapel, a scheduled ancient monument.

The M11 motorway passes through the east of the Borough, entirely to the east of the town. Harlow has its own commercial and leisure economy. It is also an outer part of the London commuter belt and employment centre of the M11 corridor which includes Cambridge and London Stansted to the north. At the time of the 2011 Census, Harlow's population was recorded at 81,944 and its borough had the third-highest proportion of social housing in England, 26.9%, a legacy of the 1947 commitment to to re-house blitzed (The Blitz) London families after World War II and provide a percentage of homes for other needy families who cannot afford market rent (renting)s.

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