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long 31.063976 directions phone tollfree fax hours price content Houses a priceless collection of Rhodesiana and Africana in the form of diaries, notebooks and reports of various origins. Some of the original works of some of the greatest names in African exploration and missionary can be viewed. *


into suburbs including Mucheke, Rujeko, Rhodene, Target Kopje and Eastvale (Eastvale, Zimbabwe). The suburbs are divided into high-density, middle-density and low-density suburbs. Mucheke, the oldest township and Rujeko are the most populous high-density suburbs. The middle-density suburbs are Eastvale located close to Zimuto Police Camp and Target Kopje located on the southern part of town on a small hill close to Flamboyant Hotel. Rhodene is a low density

suburb on the northern part of the city centre, Rhodene is the most affluent suburb in Masvingo. He was Chairman-in-Office of the OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) in 1999. Vollebæk's diplomatic career also includes assignments to New Delhi, Madrid, and Harare. He was also Norwegian ambassador to Costa Rica in 1991-1993, and special envoy for development issues from 1994 until he became Foreign Minister in 1997. He served as a peace negotiator

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batsman with a solid technique and a good range of judiciously applied attacking shots. He also bowls occasional offspin. '''Waddington Mwayenga''' (born June 20, 1984 in Harare) is a Zimbabwean cricketer. He is primarily a medium pace bowler and plays his county cricket for Worcestershire (Worcestershire County Cricket Club) 2nd XI. Waddington spent last summer playing at Nottinghamshire club, Radcliffe-On-Trent, and has moved on to Australia for the winter before being

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to monitor a ceasefire that begins December 28. * December 27 – The Soviet Union invades Afghanistan (Soviet war in Afghanistan), and Babrak Karmal replaces overthrown and executed President Hafizullah Amin. In 1961, as recognition for his work as a poet, Tzara was awarded the prestigious Taormina Prize. One of his final public activities took place in 1962, when he attended the International Congress on African Culture

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at the Libertie Cinema Complex in Harare. It was also screened at both the Sundance Film Festival and the Palm Springs International Film Festival. WikiPedia:Harare Commons:Category:Harare

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out of school at the age of 14. Over the next decade she pursued various careers, including journalism, and published several short stories (short story). In the early 1940s Lessing was attracted to a group of "quasi-Communist s " and joined their Left Book Club in Salisbury (now Harare). Her interest in "the race issue", prominent in Rhodesia at the time, prompted her to join the Rhodesia Labour


are being upgraded to make the university an International Academic Brand. 200px thumb left Social gathering on the edge of the College Green, University of Zimbabwe (File:Uzgreen.jpg) The main campus of the University of Zimbabwe is located in Mount Pleasant (Mount Pleasant, Harare) suburb in northern Harare. It forms the main portion of the block of land reserved for educational purposes between Mount Pleasant Drive, Upper East Road, Churchill Avenue and Teviotdale Road. Other facilities


, the country's oldest university (founded in 1952), is situated in Mount Pleasant, about Colonial period (1890–1979)

airport of the country Harare International Airport serves Harare. Sports Soccer is most popular among the people of Harare. Harare is home to Harare Sports Club ground. It has hosted many Test (Test cricket), One Day Internationals and T20 Cricket matches. Harare is also home to the Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League clubs Dynamos F.C., Harare City, Black Rhinos F.C. and CAPS United F.C.. News and information Residents are exposed to a variety

* National Sports Stadium (National Sports Stadium (Zimbabwe)) * Heroes Acre (National Heroes Acre (Zimbabwe)) * Borrowdale Race Course * Sam Levy Village * Eastgate Centre (Eastgate Centre, Harare) * Westgate * ZANU-PF Headquarters * KG6 * Munhumatapa Hotel * Livingstone House * Karigamombe Centre * ICL Building * NSSA House * Rainbow Towers - formerly Sheraton Hotel * Harare Sports Club * Avonlea Primary School Twin towns – Sister cities


; or, The Definitive Buddy '' (1984) was written the year after his return home and comprises three plays, a prose narrative, a collection of poems, and a park-bench diary. The book criticizes the materialism, intolerance, opportunism, and corruption of post-independence Zimbabwe, extending the political debate beyond the question of nationalism to embrace genuine social regeneration. The combination of intense self-scrutiny, cogent social criticism, and open, experimental form appealed to a young generation


(Cameroon) : 8–10 June 1996. *Harare (Zimbabwe) : 2–4 June 1997. *Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) : 8–10 June 1998. Transportation The railway that served the founding purpose of the city remains important, bisecting the city in a north-south direction. Botswana Railways runs a line that goes from Cape Town to Harare via Bulawayo. The railway station in Gaborone is located south of the Parliament House

in the city's center. The line stops at the following cities in and near Botswana: Ramatlabama on the South African border, Lobatse, Gaborone, Palapye, Serule, Francistown, Ramokgwebana, and Plumtree, Zimbabwe.

airline routes map url http: www.botswanatourism.co.bw maps img airline_big.gif series Botswana Maps accessdate 2009-08-04 It is the headquarters of Air Botswana, the national airline of Botswana. Starting August 2010, Air Botswana has direct flights to Lusaka International Airport in Lusaka, Zambia and flights to Lusaka via Kasane. The airline plans to create a route from Gaborone to Luanda, Angola in the future.


'''Harare''' ( It is situated at an elevation of 1,483 metres (4,865 feet) and its climate falls into the subtropical highland category.

The city was founded in 1890 by the Pioneer Column, a small military force in the service of the British South Africa Company, and named Fort Salisbury after the British Prime Minister Lord Salisbury (Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury). Company administrators (Company rule in Rhodesia) demarcated the city and ran it until Southern Rhodesia achieved responsible government in 1923. Salisbury was thereafter the seat of the Southern Rhodesian (later Rhodesian) government and, between 1953 and 1963, the capital of the Central African Federation (Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland). It retained the name Salisbury until 1982, when it was renamed Harare on the second anniversary of Zimbabwean independence.

Harare is Zimbabwe's leading financial, commercial, and communications centre, and a trade centre for tobacco, maize, cotton, and citrus fruits. Manufactured goods include textiles, steel and chemicals, and gold is mined in the area. The city's suburbs include Borrowdale (Borrowdale, Harare), Mount Pleasant (Mount Pleasant, Harare) and Avondale (Avondale, Harare); the most affluent neighbourhoods are to the north. The University of Zimbabwe, the country's oldest university (founded in 1952), is situated in Mount Pleasant, about north of the city centre. University of Zimbabwe Website Harare is home to the country's main Test cricket ground, Harare Sports Club, and to Dynamos F.C., Zimbabwe's most successful association football team.

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