What is Hangzhou known for?

written commentary

of Cheju (Jeju-do), shipwrecks on the southeast coast of China in Taizhou, Zhejiang, during the Ming Dynasty. From then until July 12 he and his crew are hosted by Chinese military courier officers to travel along the Grand Canal of China, all the way to Beijing, and then finally back across the Yalu River into Korea. His written commentary on Chinese customs, foreign and domestic trade, and transport in places such as Hangzhou and Suzhou are valuable records

literary interest

hometown to pursue his literary interest. In Asia, many major Chinese cities had fleets of articulated buses prior to the late 1990s. Some of these fleets have since been replaced by single-section units except in a few cities, namely Beijing, Shanghai

scale high

, such as the east of the Qian Tang River, South by the Renaissance, Qiutao Road West, north to Shanxi Road and Gen Qian Tang River bridge. There are two periods covering range from west to East on the Hangzhou-Ningbo high-speed, harmonious Hong Kong, north to Gen Shandong Road, south of Qian Tang river.Qianjiang new city is twice the width of the Huangpu River and Qian Tang river. Therefore, spatial planning layout of the New District, from the large range, large scale, high point, shows the modern city

landscape paintings

. * '''Landscape paintings''' - There are several places to buy Chinese landscape paintings in the city, especially near Wushan Square and around the south east side of the lake. * '''Carrefour''' has a supermarket in the downtown area east of West Lake (on South Yan'an Lu). In addition its large selection of groceries, it carries a wider variety of Western foods such as cheeses and breads than most other grocery stores in the city. What this really means is a single aisle of Western brands and foods. Do not expect a large selection. This is also a good place to purchase western liquor. French Gin is as ltttle as ¥55 per litre, Captain Morgan rum about ¥75 and Cointreau ¥135. How these prices are about half of duty free escapes this contributor. * '''Trust-Mart''' (好又多) is a superstore chain Westerners may recognize as being similar to Wal-Mart. Located in the shopping center near the Yellow Dragon Sports Stadium north of West Lake and the Baochu Pagoda area, the store has a large grocery section that boasts fresh meats, seafood, and produce as well as the normal selection of packaged food. * '''Bicycles''' of all prices and qualities are available from bike shops scattered across Hangzhou. Bargaining is necessary at all but large chain stores, and generally one gets what he or she pays for (the cheapest bikes will begin to rust and break quickly). The indoor '''Electric Bike Market''' near the corner of Wener and Xueyuan Lu offers a huge assortment of electric bikes scooters and batteries, and Trust-Mart (see above) also has a reasonable selection of bicycles and a small selection of electric bikes scooters. Any bike, regardless of the value, will be stolen if left unattended and unsecured. Be sure to buy at least one lock (two for expensive scooters and bikes) to protect your purchase. Scooters may also require a locking frame to guard the battery from theft. A cycling club based in Hangzhou.'''Mall''' the new MIXC mall located next to the Qintang River in the new Central Business District has an enormous collection of high-end luxury brands including LV, Armani, Ferragamo and the like, but also has Hangzhou's best market for imported foods. "Ole" is located in the B2 level of the mall and be prepared to spend big. The cinema complex on the 3rd, 4th and 5th levels has 12 screens including the largest of the two IMAX theatre's in the city. Also on the 4th floor is a full Olympic size ice skating arena open daily from 10:30-22:00. Ticket prices range from ¥50 for unlimited skating time on regular weekdays (¥60 after 17:30) and ¥70 for 2 hour sessions on weekends and holiday. Price includes new Canadian rental skates, use of free locker and all safety gear (elbows, wrist and knee protectors and use of helmets). The rink is modern, clean and well trained and friendly professional staff. The skating school is reasonably priced and geared entirely for beginners. The 30m x 60m ice is resurfaced every 2 hours by a Zamboni machine. "IN TIME shopping mall" : The intime shopping mall locates at the center of Hangzhou, the Yanan road, the intime mall gained the public praise as its prices and services. The first floor is the cosmetics selling floor. From floor two to floor six are all clothes selling stores. Floor two sells fashionable brands. Eat File:Liuhe Pagoda 2.jpg thumb The Song Dynasty Liuhe Pagoda, built in 1165 Hangzhou is one of the premier places to eat in China, and its local cuisine features dishes that consist more of pork and seafood rather than the beef and lamb, as those typically found in the north and west regions of China. Typical Hangzhou specialties include ''dongpo rou'', an extremely fatty chunk of pork in a syrupy sauce, and ''cuyu'', which is fish with a vinegar sauce. If you do not like Hangzhou's cuisine, you can find plenty of excellent Sichuan, Shanxi, and Xinjiang restaurants throughout the city. Hangzhou:There are some characteristics snacks, for example,small steamer bun,Xiaoshan dried turnip,Orecchiette,Noodles with Preserved Vegetable.In the wushan square,you can see a lot of foods that l listed,and its price is cheaper and fine, The most important thing is that taste delicious.One of the greatest happiness of life is to eat.so everybody can travel hangzhou and pay more attention to Appreciate the scenery and eat snacks.It will make you linger!!! Budget For budget restaurants, even near the lake, just head into an alley and get some food from a small restaurant or street-side stand. You should judge for yourself how sanitary the food is, but Hangzhou is generally fairly civilized in this respect relative to other Chinese cities. These restaurants are all quite similar. If you like dumplings and have just come down the north side of Baochu hill (past the cave and in view of the soccer stadium), one option is to continue across Shuguang Road and up Hangda Road (0.5 blocks east and 1 block north) to Tianmushan Road. At the corner of Tianmushan and Hangda Roads are 2 decent dumpling restaurants with English menus available (one is upstairs from the other). They have many of varieties of dumplings, including all-vegetable. From ¥6-18 for a plateful. * '''Zhōngshān nánlù''' (中山南路) This is one of the great street food strips in China. It is a definite must-see taste at nighttime. It begins at the Drum Tower, only a short walk from the end of Gaoyin ancient street. * '''Zhīwèiguān restaurant''' on Rénhé lù (仁和路) is well-known among Chinese in Hangzhou. It has a variety of cheap and traditional dishes. There's no English, it uses floor-ticket ordering, and the atmosphere is bustling and noisy. Mid-range For American junk food, Hangzhou has many KFCs, several McDonalds, and an increasing number of Pizza Huts throughout town, especially near the lake. If you like Pizza Hut style pizza, but don't want to pay Pizza Hut prices, there's a much cheaper Pizza Hut 'clone' on You Dian Road, corner of Hubin Road, right near the lake. Other restaurants that are good and aren't as tourist-trappy can as Lou Wai Lou are located near the West Lake, usually to the East past Hubin Road in the Yan'an Road area. For Xinjiang, try '''Jade Dragon Xinjiang Special Restaurant''' (龙翠阁新疆特色餐厅) inside the Handnice Hotel (Originally of Tiandu Hotel on Zhongshan Bei Road) at the east side of Hangzhou Yellow Dragon Sports Stadium. Some say the Xinjiang restaurant on the 5th floor of Sanrui Tower (三瑞大厦) on Qingchun Road is better and more authentic, and on the east side of town, '''Xinjiang Pamir Muslim Restaurant''' (新疆帕米尔餐厅) has many Xinjiang people dining there. * '''Chuan Wei Guan''' - For Hot Pot, this city-wide chain (5 restaurants throughout town) is best, and this hotpot place also has several good Sichuan dishes. * '''Grandma's Kitchen''' (外婆家) has expanded to almost 20 locations in Hangzhou, each packed to the brim with customers. It has a comprehensive picture menu and reasonable prices. Not all locations offer the same selection or the same prices. One of the best is on Ma Cheng Road, between Tian Mu Shan and Wen San Roads, near to the Boku bookstore. Another one is close to the lake. Unfortunately, Grandma's Kitchen suffers a bit from its own popularity, making a long wait inevitable and service haphazard (forgotten dishes and the like). It's best to call ahead and try to make reservations to avoid the long wait. *'''Tianlutang''' (天祿堂) teahouse is located in Xixi Wetlands Park. Offers a variety of local dishes. Advance bookings required. * '''Zhang Sheng Ji''' (张生记), 33 East Qingchun Road. Out of the way but is also huge and now has branches all over China. * '''Green Tea''' (绿茶), 83 Longjing Lu, across from the back gate of the Zhejiang Bingguan. 0571-8788 8022. Just around the corner from the Tea Museum, this is one of Hangzhou's most popular Chinese restaurants. A hit with the younger crowd, expect big lines, but the food is well worth it. And there's something inexplicably charming about sitting above lily pads on wooden platforms while digging into the delicious iced desserts on a hot summer day. * '''Kuiyuan Museum''' (奎元馆), Kuiyuan museum is one of the best local noodle-making restaurants in hangzhou. Famous for its long history, kuiyuan restaurant has become a local brand and the icon of hangzhou. For over 100 years, kuiyuan restaurant has been providing guests with a great diversity of noodles. Yangchun noodle, despite its simplicity in the selection of the selection of the ingredients, it has long been considered as the most good-tasting delicacy for both indigenous hangzhou people and tourists, As well as the noodle with shrimps and eel, a well-known kind of noodle. Once traveling to hangzhou, for those tourists who want to try the local food, going to this restaurant is a great choice to consider about. Location: 1. ShangCheng Area, JieFang Street, No.154. 2. The WenHui Street, No.346. TEL: 0571-87029012 Splurge Chinese *"Mingjia seafood workshops(名家海鲜工坊)" is a famous seafood restaurant in Hangzhou which is built in 2008. It is located in the criss crossing of the Tianmushan Road and Huanghushan Road, near the Huanglong stadium. To be a modern restaurant, the decoration is comfortable. It includes 20 boxes, and each of them is suitable to invited the family or boss to take a meal. The seafood is its characteristic, as a restaurant which own the biggest seafood inputs, the quantity of the food it provide is be granted. The various seafood make this restaurant can have a strong advantage to compete with each restaurant. This restaurant belongs to the MIngren Mingjia food limited company, which is one of the biggest restaurants in Hangzhou. So the degree of famous is be protected by such big company. * WikiPedia:Hangzhou Dmoz:Regional Asia China Zhejiang Hangzhou Commons:Hangzhou

playing songs

, now known as the Southern Song, at Lin'an (Hangzhou), which was to become their capital. This incident is so named because this was the major incident during the short reign of Emperor Qinzong, whose era name (Chinese era name) was "Jingkang" (靖康). Django moved north to study literature at Yale before relocating to Hangzhou, China, where he taught English and continued his musical adventure, playing songs he had written to audiences at the local pub who often

impressive special

Maitreya and disciples carving in Feilai Feng Caves * WikiPedia:Hangzhou Dmoz:Regional Asia China Zhejiang Hangzhou Commons:Hangzhou

quot covering

based in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, in the People's Republic of China, filed a Chinese trademark application for a hand-written logo of "2000" covering products including garment accessories such as gloves, scarves, and socks. In the spring of 1552 raiding parties of several hundred people attacked all along the coast of Zhejiang. In the summer of 1553 Wang Zhi assembled a large fleet of hundreds of ships to raid the coast of Zhejiang from Taizhou north. Several

painting style

and is noted for his freehand landscapes. His painting style showed the influence of the earlier painters Li Liufang (李流芳), Cheng Sui (程邃), Cheng Zhengkui, and Kun Can. Born in 1687 in Hangzhou, '''Jin Nong''' (金農) became popular as a painter and calligrapher while living as a childless widower in Yangzhou in his sixties. His paintings of ''mei (ume)'' blossoms were in particular demand there. Heralded as one of The Eight Eccentrics of Yangzhou, Jin prescribed to the amateur scholar style. A nonconformist, he generally painted more traditional images laden with symbolism (such as orchids, bamboo, chrysanthemums, and mei blossoms) and preserved his independence by selling works in an open market, rather than adopting an individual patron. Later styles included Buddhist (Buddhism) imagery. However, Jin was the first artist in the Chinese tradition to paint a large number of self-portraits and did earn money through the patronage of wealthy individuals in Yangzhou who, in addition to buying works, were possible publishers for his numerous writings. Jin probably understood these contradictions as he argued that living off of painting should not be considered dishonorable. WikiPedia:Hangzhou Dmoz:Regional Asia China Zhejiang Hangzhou Commons:Hangzhou

local drinking

with a local drinking crowd. Loud live music, busy atmosphere, and cheerful, friendly staff. * *

amp music

. Play centers Play centers are located across the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Canada. It has expanded its franchises in 30 countries including Bogota, Colombia; San Paulo, Brazil; Hangzhou, China; Hyderabad (Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh), India, Saudi Arabia. In addition, Gymboree franchises nearly 300 Gymboree Play & Music centers around the globe. In recent years, Gymboree has experienced competition from The Little


pic Hangzhou name.svg piccap "Hangzhou", as written in Chinese picsize 117px c p Hángzhōu l ipa xɑ̌ŋtʂóʊ w Hang-chou psp Hangchow wuu j Hong 4 zau 1 poj Hâng-chiu mi showflag wuu altname Qiantang t2 s2 l2 p2 Qiántáng w2 Ch‘ien-t‘ang mi2 psp2 j2 wuu2 poj2 altname3 Xifu c3 l3 p3 Xīfǔ w3 Hsi-fu mi3 psp3 j3 wuu3 poj3 altname4 Linan t4 s4 l4 p4 Lín'ān w4 Lin-an mi4 psp4 j4 wuu4 poj4 order st '''Hangzhou''' ( It sits at the head of Hangzhou Bay on China's coast between Shanghai and Ningbo. Hangzhou grew to prominence as the southern terminus of the Grand Canal (Grand Canal (China)) and has been one of the most renowned and prosperous cities in China for much of the last millennium, due in part to its beautiful natural scenery. The city's West Lake is its best-known attraction.

Hangzhou is classified as a sub-provincial city . Zjnews.zjol.com.cn. Retrieved on 2011-08-28. and the built-up area (including the 9 urban districts and the Keqiao (Keqiao District) and Yuecheng districts of Shaoxing) held 8,874,348.

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