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historic record

of the Hamburg Church'' by Adam von Bremen. ''Chronica'' describes events related to North-West Slavic tribes known as the Wends up to 1171. ''Chronica'' is a very significant historic record of pre-Christian culture and religion of Polabian Slavs. It was continued by Arnold von Lübeck. Gradually, from dealing in coal, he became himself the owner of several mines and extended his business to the manufacture of different kinds of fuel such as briquettes. He also began

tradition created

Det Norske Teatret 1999 New York International Fringe Festival 2008 November Theatre '''''The Black Rider: The Casting of the Magic Bullets''''' is a self-billed "musical fable" in the avant-garde tradition created through the collaboration of theatre director Robert Wilson (Robert Wilson (director)), musician Tom Waits, and writer William S. Burroughs. Wilson was largely responsible for the design and direction. Burroughs wrote the book, while Waits wrote the music and most of the lyrics. The project began in about 1988 when Wilson approached Waits. The story is based on a German folktale called ''Der Freischütz'', which had previously been made into an opera by Carl Maria von Weber. It premiered at Hamburg's Thalia Theatre on 31 March 1990. November Theatre produced its world English-language premiere in 1998 at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival in Canada, and the American English-language premiere at the New York International Fringe Festival in 1999. Det Norske Teatret in Oslo staged a Norwegian (Nynorsk) version in 1998, with Lasse Kolsrud as Pegleg. Commons:Category:Hamburg Wikipedia:Hamburg Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany States Hamburg

characteristic feature

towns of Stade, Buxtehude, and Jork. A characteristic feature is the richly-decorated farmhouses with their elaborate gateways. *'''Ahrensburg''' — Northeastern suburb of Hamburg, situated in Stormarn district. Its outstanding sight is the Renaissance castle dating from 1595. Ahrensburg is easily accessible by car and train (Hamburg public transport). * '''Sankt Peter-Ording''' — Germany's most popular tourist target by the sea. Features a broad surfer's beach and stilt houses. Easily accessible by car (Autobahn 23, about 120 km) and train Commons:Category:Hamburg Wikipedia:Hamburg Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany States Hamburg

stage roles

, including her brother Gerd, born in 1910, lived in the city until 1913, when they moved to Cologne. There Keun attended a Lutheran girls' school, from which she graduated in 1921. She worked as a stenotypist, but also attended acting school in Cologne from 1925-1927. Although she then landed stage roles in Greifswald and Hamburg, these were only somewhat successful, and she decided to abandon her acting career in 1929. Encouraged by German writer Alfred Döblin, she turned her hand

time free

in their own right, or local associations of a special kind (''Kommunalverbände besonderer Art''), see below. The state of Bremen (Bremen (state)) consists of two urban districts, while Berlin and Hamburg are states and urban districts at the same time. Free and Imperial cities were not officially admitted as a ''Reichsstand'' to the ''Reichstag (Reichstag (Holy Roman Empire))'' until 1489, and even then their votes were usually considered only advisory compared to the Benches of the '' prince

big stage

of the local football team Hamburger SV, but in the last years, it was held on the street next to the station, with a big stage. s built for the German Kriegsmarine during World War II. Named after Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, the primary force behind the German unification in 1871 (Unification of Germany), the ship was laid down at the Blohm & Voss shipyard in Hamburg

family created

, founded the investment bank S. G. Warburg & Co in London in 1946. Siegmund's second cousin, Eric Warburg, founded Warburg Pincus in New York in 1938. Eric Warburg's son Max Warburg (not to be confused with Eric's father Max Warburg) is currently one of the three partners of M.M.Warburg & Co., Warburg. The Warburg family created the following investment banks: M.M.Warburg & Co., Warburg Pincus, S. G. Warburg & Co.. Max Warburg's elder brother Aby Warburg

work biography

and screenwriter of short films. He has received prizes for several of his books and films, as well as for his entire work. Biography ''Peter Pohl'' was born on 5 December 1940 in Hamburg, Germany. He lost his father during World War II and moved to Sweden with his mother in 1945, where he started school in 1947. DATE OF BIRTH 1940-12-05 PLACE OF BIRTH Hamburg, Germany DATE OF DEATH birth_date birth_place

lyrics featuring

(but the first version released) was released in 1964 during the wave of Beatlemania, with Sheridan having re-recorded the vocals with notably more tame lyrics featuring the added verse "in Liverpool she even dares to criticise the Beatles' hair with their whole fan-club standing there oh Sweet Georgia Brown." Recently, bootleggers have utilized the two recordings to produce an instrumental featuring only the Beatles' instruments and backup vocals, entirely eliminating

line track

was also known by the names, ''Paulo de Milao,'' ''Milan'', and ''Poul Didricksen''. Terslin, Milan, 13 Moseh's oldest son, Josua Abenzur, was the brother-in-law of Milan and in his early dealings, Milan often borrowed money from Josua. * Track 7 - Osnabrück (Intercity (Intercity (Deutsche Bahn))), Diepholz (Wanne-Eickel–Hamburg line (Wanne-Eickel–Hamburg railway)) * Track 8 - Hamburg ( Wanne-Eickel–Hamburg railway Wanne

-Eickel–Hamburg line ), Uelzen (Uelzen–Langwedel line (Uelzen–Langwedel railway)) * Track 9 - Hamburg (Metronom, Wanne-Eickel–Hamburg line (Wanne-Eickel–Hamburg railway)) * Track 8 - Hamburg (Wanne-Eickel–Hamburg line (Wanne-Eickel–Hamburg railway)), Uelzen (Uelzen–Langwedel line (Uelzen–Langwedel railway)) * Track 9 - Hamburg (Metronom, Wanne-Eickel–Hamburg line (Wanne-Eickel–Hamburg railway)) * Track 10 - Rotenburg ( Wanne-Eickel–Hamburg railway Wanne


thumb Official logo of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (File:Hamburg-logo.svg) thumb Hamburg, seen from the International Space Station (File:HamburgFromTheISS.jpg) '''Hamburg''' ( It is also the thirteenth largest German state (States of Germany). Its population is over 1.8 million people, and the Hamburg Metropolitan Region (including parts of the neighbouring Federal States (States of Germany) of Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein) has more than 5 million inhabitants. The port of Hamburg, on the river Elbe, is the second largest port in Europe (after the Port of Rotterdam) and tenth largest worldwide.

The official name reflects its history (History of Hamburg) as a member of the medieval Hanseatic League, as a free imperial city of the Holy Roman Empire, a city-state, and one of the 16 states of Germany. Before the 1871 Unification of Germany, it was a fully sovereign state. Prior to the constitutional changes in 1919, the stringent civic republic was ruled by a class of hereditary grand burghers or Hanseaten (Hanseaten (class)).

Hamburg is a major transport hub and is one of the most affluent (Affluency) cities in Europe. It has become a media and industrial centre, with plants and facilities belonging to ''Airbus'', ''Blohm + Voss'' and ''Aurubis''. The radio and television broadcaster ''Norddeutscher Rundfunk'' and publishers such as ''Gruner + Jahr'' and ''Spiegel (Der Spiegel)-Verlag'' are pillars of the important media industry in Hamburg. Hamburg has been an important financial centre for centuries, and is the seat of the world's second oldest bank (List of oldest banks in continuous operation), Berenberg Bank. There are more than 120,000 enterprises.

The city is a notable tourist destination for both domestic and overseas visitors; it ranked 17th (Mercer Quality of Living Survey) in the world for livability in 2012.

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