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brilliant victory

-Totchan''; Zichron Yaakov), Israel. Service under Empress Elizabeth When the Russo-Swedish War (Russo-Swedish War, 1741-1743) broke out in 1741, the government of Anna Leopoldovna appointed him Commander-in-Chief as the most experienced among Russian generals. Lacy quickly struck against Finland and won his last brilliant victory at Lappeenranta (August 1741). The following year he rallied his forces and proceeded to capture Hamina, Porvoo and Hämeenlinna

major public

station. The contest received 21 entries, and was won by Eliel Saarinen, with a pure national romanticist design, which sparked off a vigorous debate about the architecture of major public buildings, with demands for a modern, rational style. Saarinen himself abandoned romanticism altogether and re-designed the station completely. The new design was finished in 1909 and the station was opened in 1919. - Wikipedia:Hämeenlinna Commons:Category:Hämeenlinna


introducing the use of crafts (''veisto'' in Finnish, sloyd sløyd in Norwegian, slöjd in Swedish, and ''sløjd'' in Danish), as a mandatory subject in the school curriculum. He was born in Hämeenlinna, October 12, 1810. His father died early in his childhood when he was 8 years old. Uno studied natural sciences and theology at the University of Turku and continued in Helsinki when the university moved over to Helsinki. In 1837 he was ordained as a priest and started serving

, and chief inspector of the country's school system. He is considered the father of the Finnish public school system. His accomplishments also include the initiation of high class teacher training, emphasizing the importance of women's education and most importantly introducing the use of crafts (''veisto'' in Finnish, sloyd sløyd in Norwegian, slöjd in Swedish, and ''sløjd'' in Danish), as a mandatory subject in the school curriculum. He was born in Hämeenlinna, October 12

influence serving

fax hours price content A restaurant of a Finnish chain, with some Italian influence, serving slightly upscale pizzas and other Italian dishes. * *


phone +358 3 656040 tollfree fax hours price content If you'd fancy a steak in Finland's oldest pub (or so it claims), check '''William's pub'''. The salad bar, included in the price of a steak dish, is quite good. The basic portions with a steak, potatoes and sauce aren't among the biggest or finest available. *

hameenlinna email hameenlinna.cumulus@restel.fi address Raatihuoneenkatu 16-18 lat 60.99545 long 24.46140 directions phone +358 3 64 881 tollfree fax +358 3 648 8299 price checkin checkout content *

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; - 1952

lyrics written

songs, most of which were his own compositions, with lyrics written by Vexi Salmi. Irwin Goodman started as a protest song singer in the folk boom of the mid-1960s, his humorous songs, often mocking the authorities, became favorites of the Finnish people; to such extent that small "Irwin singalike" contests are continuously arranged by some pubs for entertainment. Goodman had continuing troubles with Finnish tax authorities and had ever-worsening problems with alcohol. His


Hämeenlinnan lyseon lukio (Hämeenlinnan lyseon lukio is Hämeenlinna Lyseo Upper secondary school, roughly the equivalent of a US highschool). The folk Viking metal band Turisas is from Hämeenlinna. Antony Hämäläinen (former vocalist for the Greek Swedish Melodic Death Metal band Nightrage and current Meridian Dawn singer) was born in Hämeenlinna. Strongman and actor Jouko Ahola was born in Hämeenlinna. He won the 1997 and 1999 World's Strongest Man, and now serves

(Helsinki, Finland; 29 January 1928) Largest win (Oslo, Norway; 3 March 1958) background group_or_band origin Hämeenlinna, Finland genre Folk metal, Viking metal, symphonic power metal '''Turisas''' is a Finnish (Finland) folk

metal band from Hämeenlinna. It was founded in 1997 by Mathias Nygård and Jussi Wickström and named after an ancient Finnish God of war (Iku-Turso). * The '''2004 World Junior (Under 20) Ice Hockey Championships (IIHF World U20 Championship)''' (''2004 WJHC'') was held between December 26, 2003 and January 5, 2004

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; - 1952

set free

80,000 Red prisoners by the end of the war on 5 May 1918. Once the White terror subsided, a few thousand including mainly small children and women, were set free, leaving 74,000–76,000 prisoners. The largest prison camps (List of concentration and internment camps#Finland) were Suomenlinna, an island facing Helsinki, Hämeenlinna, Lahti, Viipuri (Vyborg), Ekenäs (Ekenäs (Finland)), Riihimäki and Tampere. The Senate made the decision to keep these prisoners detained until


'''Hämeenlinna''' ( ).

The medieval Häme Castle ('' '') is located in the city. thumb Hämeenlinna: Sibelius House (File:Hameenlinna Sibelius House 1.jpg)

The municipalities of Hauho, Kalvola, Lammi, Renko and Tuulos were consolidated with Hämeenlinna on 1 January 2009.

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