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of exercise they're there nonetheless. Ask to see a couple of rooms on different floors and expect at least one or two things in the rooms to not work (think tv, drain or aircon). Still, an okay mid-range place for Uganda and the friendly staff leave most travellers with a fairly nice experience in the end. There's also good and free wifi in the lobby. *

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.open&of ENG-UGA Uganda:Breaking the Circle", ''Amnesty International'', 17 March 1999 However, there were few reports of the systematic torture, equivalent to those committed during Amin and Obote's regimes. In its conclusion, the report offered some hope: The insurgency was historically confined to the region known as Acholiland, consisting of the districts of Kitgum, Gulu, and Pader

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in 1961 in Odek, a village east of Gulu in northern Uganda, to father Luizi Obol and mother Nora, both farmers.

last Green first Matthew authorlink Matthew Green (journalist) title The Wizard of the Nile: The Hunt for Africa's Most Wanted publisher Portobello Books year 2008 isbn 9781846270314 pages 215 He is a member of the Acholi people.

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is not in use. '''Gulu''' is an important city of Northern Uganda. It's the economic centre of the region, has some useful facilities for travellers and a handful of historic attractions. As violence related to the LRA rebel groups diminished, more NGO workers and travellers settled in and generally friendly local business owners are finding ways to cater to the increasing demand for hotels and restaurants. All in all, this may not yet be a vibrant city nor


population_total 96,000 population_metro population_density_km2 timezone utc_offset timezone_DST utc_offset_DST latd 02 latm 46 lats 48 latNS N longd 32 longm 18 longs 00 longEW E elevation_m 1100 postal_code area_code blank_name blank_info website footnotes '''Gulu''' is a city in Northern Uganda (Northern Region, Uganda). It is the commercial

and administrative centre of Gulu District. The city is located at 2˚46'48N 32˚18'00E. The distance from Gulu to Kampala, Uganda's capital and largest city, is approximately by road. Distance between Kampala and Gulu with Map The town is served

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whoarewe history.php title Who are we publisher Fondation Teasdale-Corti pour l'hôpital Lacor accessdate 2011-02-17 She agreed to go with Corti, initially for a period of two months, and arrived in May 1961. On 10 June 1961 she performed her first operation, Arseneault (#Arseneault) p. 72 on a makeshift table, and thereafter spent mornings treating outpatients and afternoons in theater. thumb A train travelling towards Wau (File:Train Sudan towards Wau.jpg) * Wau is the terminus of a narrow gauge branch line of the Sudan Railways. A plan exists, as of 2008, to open a standard gauge line north from Gulu in Uganda to Wau. Through trains from Khartoum to Mombasa would be possible only if one of the lines was regauged. * Wau Airport - The airport, Wikipedia:Gulu

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by Gulu Airport and a railway line. History During British colonial rule in the 18th and 19th centuries, northern Uganda was less developed than the rest of the country. The people were conscripted into the army and policing as a source for the security. Dolan, Chris. "Social Torture: The Case of Northern Uganda 1986-2006", 2009, p.42. Many were sent to fight in World War I and World War II. Uganda gained independence in 1962, but this did

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Demographics The Acholi people are the main inhabitants of the city of Gulu (80%). The majority are Christians. There are a range of spoken languages including Luo (Luo languages) (sometimes spelled Lwo), Swahili (Swahili language), English (English language) and Luganda. During the hostilities between the Uganda People's Defense Force and the Lord's Resistance Army there were many IDP camps throughout the area, where at one time, an estimated two million people lived. Effective April 2009, all IDP camps were closed and the people were allowed to return to their villages. All IDP Camps have been closed In July 2009, an estimated 1,452,000 (80.7%) IDPs out of a total of 1,840,000 had voluntarily left the camps to return home, leaving only 388,000, who are in the process of vacating or permanently settling where they are. 80% of the IDPs have vacated


not improve the situation for the people in the north. The local people have always been targeted, from the rule of Idi Amin to that of Yoweri Museveni. In 1986 attacks against civilians were initiated by the Museveni government force called the National Resistance Army, now known as Uganda People's Defence Force. As Museveni's force continued to commit atrocities against civilians, several rebel groups were formed by the end of 1986. However, these rebel groups were ex soldiers

, i.e., the UNLA from the government prior to Museveni. By 1987 most of these rebels had joined Museveni's force. Then came another rebel group led by Alice Lakwena from 1988 to 1989. The Lord's Resistance Army sprang up in the 1990s after Alice Lakwena left Uganda and went to Kenya. The LRA became increasing violent in Gulu and the surrounding communities. Doom, Ruddy and Koen Vlassenroot. "Kony's Message: A New Koine? The Lord's Resistance Army in Northern Uganda"

to international pressure calling for the Ugandan government to stop the war and to reach a peace agreement with the LRA leader Joseph Kony. Furthermore, the power of the Lord's Resistance Army to terrorize and intimidate has dramatically been reduced due to a gradual whittling away of their power. The LRA became a much less significant threat, killing 39 in 2012, and being hunted by a 2500 strong force. http: news chief+Lords+Resistance+Army+killed+2012+Congo


publisher Portobello Books year 2008 isbn 9781846270314 page 121 Kony enjoyed a good relationship with his siblings, but was quick to retaliate in a dispute and when confronted he would often resort to physical violence. His father was a lay catechist (Catechism) of the Catholic Church and his mother


'''Gulu''' is a city in Northern Uganda (Northern Region, Uganda). It is the commercial and administrative centre of Gulu District. The city is located at 2˚46'48N 32˚18'00E. The distance from Gulu to Kampala, Uganda's capital and largest city, is approximately by road. Distance between Kampala and Gulu with Map The town is served by Gulu Airport and a railway line.

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