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; source 2 DMI Danish Meteorology Institute Gallery File: Grytviken Harbour, Island

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in command of the ship ''Antarctic'' of the Swedish Antarctic Expedition (1901–03) led by Otto Nordenskjöld. On that occasion, the name Grytviken ("The Pot Cove") was given by the Swedish archaeologist and geologist Johan Gunnar Andersson who surveyed part of Thatcher Peninsula and found numerous artifacts and features from sealers’ habitation and industry, including a shallop (a type of small boat) and several try-pots used to boil seal oil. One of those try-pots, having

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. Buy There is a small gift shop in the museum that sells books of local interest, posters, and sundry other souvenirs. British pounds, Falklands pounds, Euros, and American dollars will all be accepted, as will Visa and Mastercard (but not AMEX). The Post Office is open upon request 1km away at King Edward Point and may be brought on board larger ships. The Post Office has a range of postcards, stamps, first day covers, South Georgia coins and a few South Georgia Government publications for sale. Eat You will need to bring your own food. Drink Sleep Stay safe Go next * '''King Edward Point'''. Located a short walk along the harbour from the whaling station. WikiPedia:Grytviken Commons:Category:Grytviken

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, 1924) WikiPedia:Grytviken Commons:Category:Grytviken


was named after him. Larsen is also considered the founder of the Antarctic whaling industry and the settlement at Grytviken, South Georgia. File:Shackleton Grave SouthGeorgia.jpg thumb upright

;Mills" In 1910, after some years' residence on South Georgia, he took British citizenship. ''The Island of South Georgia'', p. 238, Robert Headland, 1992

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(ship) St. Roch ''. South Georgia (South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands) * Grytviken, a Norwegian (Norway) whaling settlement on the United Kingdom territory of South Georgia * Husvik ***Barrow (Barrow, Alaska), Alaska ***Grytviken, South Georgia ***''ET'' is also found at high elevations outside the polar regions, above the tree line — as at Mount Washington (Mount Washington (New Hampshire)), New Hampshire and Jotunheimen (Jotunheimen National Park), Norway. She spent the winter of 1990-91 as the Royal Navy surface vessel patrolling the Falkland Islands. She sailed to South Georgia just before Christmas arriving at Grytviken on 22 December. She sailed along the coast of South Georgia and returned to Grytviken on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day she hosted the soldiers of the South Georgia garrison aboard for Christmas Day lunch of venison. The stag had been shot the day before by a sniper from the garrison; part of the garrison's duties being to control the deer population on the Island. While in South Georgia the ship manoeuvred into Cumberland Bay where a glacier sweeps into the sea. A photograph of the ship with the glacier as a back-drop was taken from the ship's Lynx helicopter. Ice was collected from the glacier and kept in the ship's freezers for use at cocktail parties during the return leg of her patrol. RFA ''Regent'' was sent to Grytviken in South Georgia for the last week of the Conflict, to 'top up' with more essential supplies from WikiPedia:Grytviken Commons:Category:Grytviken

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in tours of historical or cultural interest aimed at the upper end of the cruise market. WikiPedia:Grytviken Commons:Category:Grytviken

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; in the vicinity of one of his greatest exploits." thumb 150px right A little church in Grytviken (File:Grytviken church.jpg) in the Antarctic Region (Religion in Antarctica) border "1" cellpadding "4" cellspacing "0" style "margin: 1em 1em 1em 0; background: #efefff; border: 1px #bbb solid; border-collapse: collapse;" * Erling Kagge, polar solo

Buenos Aires Argentina

WikiPedia:Grytviken Commons:Category:Grytviken

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, 1924) WikiPedia:Grytviken Commons:Category:Grytviken


'''Grytviken''' (Swedish (Swedish language) for "the Pot Bay") J.G.Andersson. ''Antarctic''. Stockholm: Saxon & Lindström, 1944. pp. 192. is a settlement (Hamlet (place)) in the British (United Kingdom) territory of South Georgia (South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands) in the South Atlantic. It was so named in 1902 by the Swedish surveyor Johan Gunnar Andersson who found old English try pots used to render seal (Pinniped) oil at the site. It is the best harbour on the island, consisting of a bay (King Edward Cove) within a bay (Cumberland East Bay). The site is quite sheltered, provides a substantial area of flat land suitable for building, and has a good supply of fresh water.

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