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spelling is play on words in Greek (Greek Language); ''ena'' (ένα) is the Greek number ''1'', thus ''ANT1'' is pronounced the same as ''Antenna'' (Αντέννα). It launched on 31 December 1989, the same year as rival Mega Channel, and is owned by ANT1 Group. ANT1 had been the most-popular network in Greece for years with its line up of hit series including popular dramas ''Lampsi'' and ''Kalimera Zoi''. Recently however, MEGA has overtaken ANT1 as the most-popular network

it modal (Musical mode), for the Arabic system is more complex than that of the Greek (Greece) modes. The basis of the Arabic music is the maqam (Arabic maqam) (pl. maqamat), which looks like the mode, but is not quite the same. The maqam has a "tonal (tonality)" note on which the piece must end (unless modulation occurs). '''Nova Cinema''' is a premium television service available in Greece that broadcasts blockbuster movies and hit series. It is the only 24 7 Movie service in Greece and it launched in 1994. It is owned by Forthnet, who own and operate Nova (NOVA Greece) a DTH satellite service and Nova Sports—a sports channel. '''Nova Sports''' is a premium (Pay television) Sports service in Greece and is owned by Forthnet Group (Forthnet), a subsidiary of Greek Telecommunications company Forthnet. It launched in 1994 as ''Supersport'' and at the time was the first ever premium sports service in Greece. It is available exclusively on Nova (NOVA Greece), a DTH satellite service. * Commons:Category:Greece Wikipedia:Greece Dmoz:Regional Europe Greece

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, Harmon purchased the licensing rights to the Bozo character from Capitol Records. Harmon marketed the Bozo property aggressively. By the late 1960s, Harmon had licensed local Bozo TV shows in nearly every major U.S. market, and across the world in places as far away as Thailand, Greece and Brazil. Clown Ministry: The Unusual History

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''', is a Greek (Greece) actress. She took part in many Greek films, television series, and various theatre performances in Greece and abroad, including the Canadian film ''Sex and the Single Sailor''. Commons:Category:Greece Wikipedia:Greece Dmoz:Regional Europe Greece

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and Macedonia all strived for unity. The first attempt was made in 1880. The new British prime minister, William Ewart Gladstone (who had strongly supported the Bulgarian cause in the past) made Bulgarian politicians hope that the British policy on the Eastern Question was about to change, and that it will support and look favourably upon an eventual Union. Unfortunately, the change of government did not bring a change in Great Britain's interests. Secondly, there was a possible conflict

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by boiling the grounds and water on a stove in a special small pot called a "briki." More and more now days it's made by simply shooting steam from an espresso machine into the water coffee mixture in the briki, resulting in an inferior drink. If you find a place that still actually uses a stove burner to make their coffee, you can be sure it's a traditional cafe. During the hot summer months, the most popular coffee at the ''kafetéries'' is ''frappé'' (φραπέ): shaken iced instant

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documents. Family name is also written Acciaioli, Acciainoli, or Accioly and Accioli in Portugal and Brazil, where there are branches of it. Descent can be traced in an unbroken line from one Gugliarello Acciaioli in the 12th century; family legend says that Gugliarello (a name possibly derived from It. ''guglia'', needle) migrated from Brescia to Florence in 1160 because they were Guelphs (House of Welf) and fled Barbarossa's invasion of Northern Italy. The Acciaioli founded

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mi abbr on mark, holding a lead of approximately 25–30 seconds, de Lima was halted and grappled by a spectator named Cornelius Horan, a defrocked (defrocking) Irish priest. Horan had previously disrupted the 2003 Formula One British Grand Prix (2003 British Grand Prix) by running onto the Silverstone (Silverstone Circuit) track. Greek spectator Polyvios Kossivas helped free de Lima from Horan's grasp and back into his running. Reuters. http

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, Greece, and the Middle East to study the masters of classical art, architecture, and literature. At the start of the 20th century, the first monarchs of several newly independent nations were elected by parliaments: Norway is the prime example. Previously, following precedent set in newly independent Greece, new nations without a well-established hereditary royal family, often chose their own monarchs from among the established royal families of Europe (:Category:European royal families) rather than elevate a member of the local power establishment, in the hope that a stable hereditary monarchy would eventually emerge from the process. The now-deposed royal families of Greece, Bulgaria, Albania (unsuccessfully) and Romania were originally appointed in this manner. History The Town of Greece was established in 1822 from part of the Town of Gates (Gates, New York) and was previously called Northampton. The name "Greece" was selected because of the contemporary struggle of Greece for independence from the Ottoman Empire. thumb left Sample of the Barre Granite (Image:BarreGranite.jpg) from the E. L. Smith Quarry of the Rock of Ages Stone Company, Graniteville, Vermont Barre is the self-proclaimed "Granite Center of the World." Initially established with the discovery of vast granite deposits at Millstone Hill soon after the War of 1812, the granite industry and the city itself saw a boom with the arrival of the railroad. The fame of this vast deposit of granite, which some geologists say is Commons:Category:Greece Wikipedia:Greece Dmoz:Regional Europe Greece

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in getting a report filed and seeking justice to those responsible. (''Updated Jan 2013'') Greece is generally a safe destination for the traveler: the vast majority of people you interact with will be honest and helpful. The detailed information above is intended to forewarn travelers of risks which they have a small, though not zero, chance of encountering. There is also a serious social problem with young extreme right wingers who are racists and attack people that look like illegal

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.), schools and other elegant buildings of charitable establishments. The first bank of the Ottoman Empire, the Ottoman Bank, opened its first branch in Greece in Ioannina which shows the power of the city in world trade in the 19th century. During the spring of 1877 the Albanian leaders organized a congress in the city regarding the decisions of the Constantinople Conference and sent a memorandum to the Ottoman government demanding among others the establishment of Albanian language


Judaism has existed (History of the Jews in Greece) in Greece for more than 2,000 years. Sephardi Jews used to have a large presence in the city of Thessaloniki (by 1900, some 80,000, or more than half of the population, were Jews), but nowadays the Greek-Jewish community who survived German occupation and the Holocaust, during World War II, is estimated to number around 5,500 people.

Greek citizens who are Roman Catholic are estimated to be at around 50,000 with the Roman Catholic immigrant community in the country approximately 200,000. Old Calendarists (Greek Old Calendarists) account for 500,000 followers.

Hellenic Polytheistic Reconstructionism has also been reportedly practiced by thousands of Greeks.

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