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as ''Belarusian Institute of Technology''. Upgraded to university level in 1993. Currently has 9 departments. *Minsk State Linguistic University. Specialised in foreign languages. Founded in 1948 as ''Minsk Institute for Foreign Languages''. In 2006 had 8 departments. Major focus on English, French, German and Spanish. The trolleybus system in Minsk (since 1952) is the second-largest in the world. Trolleybuses also work in Brest (Brest (Belarus)), Vitebsk

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Institute in Gomel (Belarus), is a scientist working on sanitary consequences of the Chernobyl disaster. He was the first to create an institute in Belarus, in 1989, specially dedicated to scientific work on the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. In 1978, he married Galina Bandazhevskaja, a medical doctor specialized in pediatrics. Geography and environment Bryansk Oblast lies in western Russia in the western part of the East European Plain, occupying the middle part of the Desna River basin. The area, covering 34,900 km² is bounded to the north with Kursk Oblast, Smolensk Oblast, with Kaluga Oblast and Orel Oblast in the south and southeast and borders, Chernihiv and Sumy with the Ukraine to the southwest and Gomel and Mogilev in Belarus to the northwest. thumb left Bryansk (File:Bryansk Prospekt Lenina.JPG) city * Wikipedia:Gomel Dmoz:Regional Europe Belarus Localities Gomel Commons:Category:Homel

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Győr, Hungary This decision caused a severe

school played

into poverty after the October revolution of 1917. founded 1959 ground Central Stadion, Gomel, Belarus capacity 14,000 '''FC Gomel''' ( Wikipedia:Gomel Dmoz:Regional Europe Belarus Localities Gomel Commons:Category:Homel

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October Socialist Revolution ", (p. 35) and publish "copies of great literary works". ref name "Wertsch 1985c"


a “Jewish Lottery”, whereby a three per cent Jewish student quota for entry in Moscow and Saint Petersberg universities was made. (p. 5) There he studied law, but his thirst for knowledge pushed him to enrol in the “unofficial” " :ru:Московский городской народный

университет имени А. Л. Шанявского Shanyavskii People’s University ". (p. 6) Upon graduation in 1917, Vygotsky returned to Gomel to teach, "a profession he was now able to practice due to the abolition of the anti-Semitic legislation after the October Revolution

; (p. 7) Encouraged by their success, back in Smolensk on 30 31 December 1918, the Sixth Western Oblast Party conference met and announced its split from the RSDRP(b), proclaiming itself as the first congress of the Communist Party of Byelorussia (CPB(b)). The next day, the Soviet Socialist Republic

works quot/

October Socialist Revolution ", (p. 35) and publish "copies of great literary works". ref name "Wertsch 1985c"

record setting

She took her first tennis lessons with veteran Russian coach Yuri Yutkin, who was instantly


date and age 1938 09 24 1905 01 02 '''Lev Genrikhovich Schnirelmann''' ( ), also '''Shnirelman''', '''Shnirel'man''' (January 2, 1905 in Gomel – September 24, 1938 in Moscow) was a Soviet (Soviet Union) mathematician who sought to prove Goldbach's conjecture. In 1931, using the Brun sieve, he proved that any natural number greater than 1 can be written as the sum of not more than 20 prime numbers. DATE OF BIRTH


coordinates_display inline,title coordinates_region BY subdivision_type Country subdivision_type1 Subdivision (Subdivisions of Belarus) subdivision_name subdivision_name1 Homiel leader_title Mayor leader_name Kirichenko Peter established_title Founded established_date 1142 area_magnitude area_total_km2 135.34 area_land_km2 area_water_km2 population_as_of 2014, 2012

population_note population_metro 527886 population_density_km2 4258.4 timezone FET (Further-eastern European Time) utc_offset +3 timezone_DST


'''Gomel''' (Belarusian (Belarusian language): and its area is 121 km 2 .

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