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It is now spanned north-south by a trans-Saharan motor route, from Béchar in Algeria to Gao in Mali. Poste Maurice Cortier is a fueling station along the route. Tanezrouft is nearly uninhabited; its few nomadic dwellers are of the Tuareg people. There is a vast water-bearing stratum a few thousand feet below the dry lifeless desert surface. Encyclopædia Britannica - Ghadames (as ''Cydamus'') Libya 19 BC Roman

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(v) align "center" - Trip to Timbuktu Laing believed he had have found the source of the Niger and proposed to travel

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in the series Architectural transformations in the Islamic world, held in Amman, Jordan, May 4–7'' Aga Khan Award for Architecture, Philadelphia, OCLC 7208199; photographs of Ghadames. (Category:Ghadames) Category:Populated places in Nalut District Category:Oases of Libya Category:World Heritage Sites in Libya Category:Tuareg Category:Tourism in Libya Category:Algeria–Libya border crossings Category:Libya–Tunisia border


the capital of the empire, Timbuktu enjoyed a relatively autonomous position. Merchants from Ghadames, Awjilah (Awjilah, Libya), and numerous other cities of North Africa gathered there to buy gold and slaves in exchange for the Saharan salt of Taghaza (History_of_salt#The_socio-political_history_of_salt) and for North African cloth and horses.

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--3-children-cross-into-Algeria Article1-739486.aspx title Gaddafi's wife, 3 children cross into Algeria work Hindustan Times agency Indo-Asian News Service date 30 August 2011 accessdate 15 October 2011 location Algiers The Algerian government had since informed the head of the National Transitional Council. Libya's rebels said sheltering Gaddafi family members was an act of aggression, and called for their extradition. The westernmost of the three

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:''This article is about the town; for the former Libyan district see Ghadames District''. align center LTD align center HLTD Ghadames Airport -

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a population of around 10,000, mainly Berbers (Berber people). The old part of the town, which is surrounded by a city wall, has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. Each of the seven clans that used to live in this part of the town had its own district, of which each had a public place where festivals could be held. Ghadames has a hot desert climate (Köppen climate classification ''BWh'') with long, extremely hot summers as average high temperature is around 43&

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town founded in 19 BC but "archaeological evidence shows occupation of the area in the Paleolithic and Neolithic eras" http: library places one-place.jsp?place_id 1694&order_by title&showdescription 1 - Nalut lies approximately half way between Tripoli and Ghadames, at the western end of the Nafusa Mountains coastal range, in the Tripolitania region. - Ghadames align center LTD align center HLTD Ghadames Airport -


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(Berber (Berber language): '''Ɣdames''' or '''Ɛdimes'''; to the southwest of Tripoli, near the borders with Algeria and Tunisia. Ghadames borders Illizi Province, Algeria and Tataouine Governorate, Tunisia. The oasis has


(Berber (Berber language): '''Ɣdames''' or '''Ɛdimes'''; to the southwest of Tripoli, near the borders with Algeria and Tunisia. Ghadames borders Illizi Province, Algeria and Tataouine Governorate, Tunisia. The oasis has

the troops to Italy, the proclamation of the Holy War (Jihad) by the Ottomans, the uprising of the Libyans in Tripolitania and Fezzan and the partisan war led by the Senussi in Cyrenaica Bertarelli (1929), p. 419. forced the Italians to abandon all the occupied territory and to entrench themselves in Tripoli, Derna and the coast of Cyrenaica. Only in the late 1920s were the Italians able to take control of all Libya. Meanwhile 150,000

dramatically expanded and re-fortified. Desert nomads could no longer safely raid the region's interior and escape back into the Sahara. The Ottoman province (''vilayet'') of Tripoli (including the dependent ''sanjak'' of Cyrenaica) lay along the southern shore of the Mediterranean between Tunisia in the west and Egypt in the east. Besides the city itself, the area included Cyrenaica (the Barca plateau), the chain of oases in the Aujila depression, Fezzan and the oases


'''Ghadames''' or '''Ghadamis''' , Libyan vernacular: ġdāməs, Latin (Latin language): Cidamus Cydamus) is an oasis town in the Nalut District of the Tripolitania region in northwestern Libya.

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