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conventional oil and natural gas assets, significant heavy oil production and a range of midstream and downstream operations, including refineries, upgrading facilities, and pipelines. Husky also has a portfolio of oil sands leases, encompassing some 2,500 square kilometres in the Fort McMurray region of northern Alberta. In the Atlantic Region, off Canada's East Coast, the company holds interests in 20 exploration licenses and producing properties at Terra Nova and White Rose

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*Front Range (Front Range Urban Corridor), Colorado Wyoming — north to south: In 2005 additional renovations were completed to the check-in area and baggage screening as well as the addition of a fifth bridge. Between October, 2005 and May 2008 Air Canada ended "mainline" service into Saskatoon, turning over routes to Air Canada Jazz. In 2006 the airport also expanded public parking to 500 stalls, Pronto Airways started operating at the airport. In 2006 Transwest Air

business energy

;refbusiness energy-environment 22road.html "Oil Sands Effort Turns on a Fight Over a Road" article by Tom Zeller, Jr. in ''The New York Times'' October 21, 2010, accessed October 22, 2010 On January 19, 2011 it was announced that the Idaho government would issue permits for four loads of refinery equipment to be transported from Lewiston to Billings.

people originating

of Canada and the world. Albertans make up almost half the number of migrants to Fort McMurray, followed by 17% of people originating from the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

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''' offers fine seafood. '''Hearthstone''' located in the Sawridge Inn and Conference Centre, the Hearthstone restaurant and lounge feature incredible breakfast and lunch buffets, as well as exclusive dishes highlighted by local specialties. Jiggs Dinner featured every Sunday. Drink The legal drinking age in Alberta is 18. '''The Whiskey Ultra Lounge ''' - Popular nightclub for the younger croud. Located in Thickwood- 380 Silin Forest Rd. Previously named Diesel Lounge. '''Black Horse Pub ''' - located in Thickwood. '''Club NV''' - Steps away from the Peter Pond Shopping Center, Club NV opened up in September of 2009 at the former site of the Cowboys Country Saloon. Like it's predecessor, it is more popular with the 18 to 25 crowd. *

diverse programs

McMurray publisher CBC accessdate January 16, 2014 Education 200px thumb Timberlea Public School (elementary) (Image:Fort mcmurray timberlea public school.jpg) The Fort McMurray Public (Fort McMurray Public School District) and Catholic (Fort McMurray Catholic School District) School Districts both serve the Primary, Elementary, and Secondary Education needs of students in Fort McMurray. Each school district offers diverse programs like French immersion, performing arts


introduced service to Fort McMurray, Alberta. For a short period of time between 2006 and April 2007 Northwestern Air also operated flights to Fort McMurray. thumb Syncrude's Mildred Lake mine site and plant near Fort McMurray (File:Syncrude mildred lake plant.jpg), Alberta Unconventional sources, such as heavy crude oil, oil sands, and oil shale are not counted as part of oil

extraction . These unconventional sources are more labor and resource intensive to produce, however, requiring extra energy to refine, resulting in higher production costs and up to three times more greenhouse gas emissions per barrel (or barrel equivalent) on a "well to tank" basis or 10 to 45% more on a "well to wheels" basis, which includes the carbon emitted from combustion of the final product.

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Bourque was born December 10, 1981 and spent his early childhood in Edmonton. His father, Wayne, works in the Canadian oil patch (Petroleum production in Canada) near Fort McMurray, while his mother, Barbara, is a social worker in Lac La Biche. ref name "HeraldBottom

world business

: Canada---World Business 2009-12-10 article-243834 Albertas-oilsands:-well-managed-necessity-or-ecological-disaster%3F 1 title Alberta's oilsands: well-managed necessity or ecological disaster? author Bob Weber date work publisher Moose Jaw Herald, The Canadian Press accessdate 29 March 2010

great music

tavern located next to Club NV and Smitty's Family Restaurant in the Peter Pond Shopping Center. '''Showgirls Adult Night Club''' - located at 8124 Franklin Avenue with an $6.00 Entertainment Fee $10 Special Events, Showgirls prides itself on being the ultimate in adult entertainment in Fort McMurray for over 10 years. Bringing you the most beautiful women in the adult industry every week for your viewing pleasure. New Management, new renovations for your comfort, great music and open 7 days

Fort McMurray

'''Fort McMurray''', once named '''McMurray''', is an urban service area (List of communities in Alberta#Urban service areas) in the Regional Municipality (R.M.) of Wood Buffalo (Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo) in Alberta, Canada. Despite its current official designation of urban service area, many locals, politicians and the media still refer to Fort McMurray as a city. Fort McMurray was known as McMurray between 1947 and 1962.

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