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stage production

Lokomotivet; Eskilstuna, Sweden, September 12, 2003 Genre Progressive metal '''''"BE" (Original Stage Production)''''' is Swedish progressive metal band Pain of Salvation's first live DVD (and second live CD), documenting one of the performances of their 2004 album ''BE (BE (Pain of Salvation album))'' in its entirety in Eskilstuna, Sweden on September 12, 2003. In contrast to the studio album, ''The Orchestra of Eternity'' (a nine-piece

world title

, although Mark Loram won the 2000 World Championship (2000 Speedway Grand Prix) despite not winning a single event. Rickardsson won one - at Wrocław, but was too inconsistent to win the overall title. However, he again won the Elitserien, this time with his local team Masarna from Avesta, as he and team-mate Leigh Adams were the two highest averaging riders in the entire league. In 2001 (2001 Speedway Grand Prix) he was back on the World stage, winning the World title with a record 121 points from six Grand Prix events, only missing one final - the last, at home on Stockholms Stadion (Stockholms Olympiastadion), which was really academic as only a thirteenth place could possibly have robbed him of the title. He managed to win at home in the next Grand Prix series in 2002 (2002 Speedway Grand Prix),which gave him three individual wins as he won his fifth World Championship. In 2003 (2003 Speedway Grand Prix), he finished third overall. Thirteenth place finishes in Gothenburg, Bydgoszcz and Vikingskipet at Hamar ruining his bid for the title, and a concussion kept him out of the Swedish team (Sweden national speedway team) that won the World Cup (Speedway World Cup) at Vojens (though he was part of a qualifier race and hence stands with a World Cup medal - his only title that year). The following year he managed to win the Swedish Championship at Målilla, but consistency eluded him as Jason Crump pipped him to the World title by three points (although the lead was 17 points before the final race). He followed this up with another extremely strong season in 2005. With 6 First positions at Wrocław (1st Event), Krško (3rd), Millennium Stadium (4th), Idrætsparken (5th) in København, Praha (6th) and Lonigo (9th); a second in the Swedish event at Eskilstuna (2nd); third in the Scandinavian held in Målilla (7th) and a lowly 9th in the Polish Grand Prix held at Bydgoszcz (8th Event). Even with such a poor finish in Poland, however, he had already virtually sown up the Championship in the 7th Grand Prix in Målilla, ahead of Jason Crump. After the sixth event held in the Czech Republic, he was first in the points per event table of the Elitserien (the Swedish Domestic Elite League). Though Tony stated that he would give up racing after the 2006 season, he sadly announced his early retirement from both World Championship and Domestic Speedway on 1 August 2006 at a press conference in Stockholm, in order to pursue his interest in racing cars instead.

band quot/

Early days (1984-1996) In 1984, Daniel Gildenlöw (at the age of eleven) founded the band "Reality" in Eskilstuna, Sweden. One of the early members was Daniel Magdic, who would remain with the band until after the first album was eventually recorded in 1997. In 1987, Reality qualified to participate in the Swedish Annual Music Contest "Rock-SM" (this is the same contest that fellow Swedes (Sweden) Europe (Europe (band)) won in 1982, earning them


Other Notable natives * http

band (Musical ensemble) founded in Eskilstuna in 1990, with the name ''Coca-Cola Kids'', later ''Jones & Giftet'' (Jones & the Poison), and ''Havsänglar'' (Angel sharks, literally Sea angels). The band's logo is distinctive, using a lowercase "k" and the ITC Avant Garde Gothic Book typeface. ''Jones & Giftet'' and ''Havsänglar'' (1990–1994) The band ''Jones & Giftet'' (Jones & the Poison) is formed. The members are Joakim Berg, Martin

Sköld, Markus Mustonen, Sami Sirviö and Thomas Bergqvist (synthesizers). It all started with Jocke going to London and buying two guitars, one for Sami and one for himself. Sami and Jocke had a band that rehearsed at Balsta Musikslott which consisted of three people. To the tones of My Bloody Valentine (My Bloody Valentine (band)), Martin and Jocke decided they were going to start a new band. This happened at the school S:t Eskils cafeteria ''Grönan''. Jocke and Martin meet up with a very drunk

football world

; DATE OF BIRTH 1985-06-06 PLACE OF BIRTH Eskilstuna, Sweden DATE OF DEATH '''Bernt Kennet Andersson''' (born October 6, 1967 in Eskilstuna) is a Swedish (Sweden) former football (Association football) player and a key member of the Swedish national team (Sweden national football team) that finished third in the 1994 World Cup (Football World Cup 1994). DATE OF BIRTH October 6, 1967 PLACE OF BIRTH Eskilstuna, Sweden DATE OF DEATH

successful long

cities * Espoo, Finland Rhoden, who lived in San Francisco (San Francisco, California), was one of the successful long sprinters from Jamaica in the late 1940s and early 1950s, along with Arthur Wint and Herb McKenley. He competed in the 1948 Summer Olympics, but did not win a medal, being eliminated in the heats of the 100 m and the semi-final of the 400 m. He was also a member of the heavily favoured

written songs

and musician, best known as the lead singer of Swedish alternative rock band Kent (Kent (band)), which was founded in 1990. Biography Berg was born and grew up in Eskilstuna. He moved to Stockholm in 1993 after the founding of Kent, and has lived there since. Berg is the main songwriter, lead singer (lead vocalist) and rhythm guitarist in the band. He has also written songs for Titiyo (most notably "Come Along", the third most played song

news images

orchestra accompanying the band) are given credit on the front cover of the album (though they weren't shown on the initialnews images bedvdpromo.jpg promo release). '''''Vapen & ammunition''''' (Swedish (Swedish language) for "Weapons & Ammunition") is a 2002 album by the Swedish (Sweden) band Kent (Kent (band)). Absent from this record is a long, mostly-instrumental song, rounding the album off, as had been a characteristic of the band

quot music

-release single, "Musik non stop" (Music Non Stop), a disco-rock song, became a huge radio hit and helped bring recognition for this album. The album was, for the most part, faster and less ballad-focused than Isola, and also mildly experimental with drum-machines and electronics. The singer and songwriter of Kent, Jocke Berg, later complained that he thought the album was too long (thirteen songs spread over one hour). Two more singles were released

made design

. Traffic will commence in this new guise in the Summer of 2011. The initial work on a new helmet was directed by the IBMU institute in Warsaw, with the chief engineer being Leonard Krauze. The design team created an outer shell, but the design process came to a halt in mid-1920s due to problems with the inner lining and production process preparation. It was decided to purchase a ready-made design or use a technological process developed in another country. Swedish (Sweden) '' Eskilstuna


'''Eskilstuna''' ( ) is a city (Urban areas in Sweden) and the seat of Eskilstuna Municipality, Södermanland County, Sweden. The city of Eskilstuna had 64,679 inhabitants in 2010, with a total municipal population of 100,092 inhabitants in Eskilstuna municipality (2014). Eskilstuna has a large Sweden Finn (Sweden Finns) population. http: Ruotsinsuomalaiset.html The town is located on the River Eskilstunaån, which connects Lake Hjälmaren and Lake Mälaren.

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