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, Quebec Pontiac , Stanstead (Stanstead, Quebec (city)), and most First Nations in Quebec are not. French Canadian communities in the United States were called "Little Canadas". *Drummondville, Quebec – Gordon Drummond *Edmundston, New Brunswick – Edmund Walker Head *Fredericton, New Brunswick – Prince Frederick, Duke of York IGA (IGA (supermarkets)) and IGA Extra are the main brands in the province of Quebec. There are also 88 IGA stores

connecting Fredericton and Edmundston, crossing the river from the east bank at Perth to the west bank at Andover. In 1890 the NBR was leased by the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR). In 1894 the Tobique Valley Railway constructed a line from a junction with the CPR at Perth to Plaster Rock (Plaster Rock, New Brunswick); it was leased by CPR in 1897. Continuing its northeasterly course, the river passes Fort Kent, Maine, and then flows between Edmundston, New Brunswick

region, travelling southwards along traditional portage routes from the Saint Lawrence River valley. They joined the Acadians who were already settled in the area. The Madawaska section of the river valley remains heavily francophone to this day. WSC also maintains its own gauges on the river in New Brunswick at Edmundston, Grand Falls (Grand Falls, New Brunswick), Fredericton, Maugerville (Maugerville, New Brunswick), Upper Gagetown, New Brunswick Upper Gagetown

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to the '''Festival Jazz et Blues d'Edmundston''' (the Edmundston Jazz and Blues Festival). Every year in August, there is a large cultural festival in Edmundston called the '''Foire Brayonne'''. The festival is one of the biggest French themed festivals held in Canada east of the province of Quebec. Attractions thumb left The Cathedral of Immaculate Conception, in downtown Edmundston. (File:CathédraleEdmundston.jpg) thumb right A specimen of Nymphaeaceae (File:NenupharJBNB.JPG) in the New Brunswick Botanical Garden. Edmundston hosts two provincial historial sites (Geography of New Brunswick#Heritage and historical sites): * '''Cathedral of Immaculate Conception''': Built in 1924, the cathedral's architecture is said to be a synthesis of Roman and Gothic styles. Its granite facade has been recently restored (Building restoration), and can accommodate more than 1,200 people. * '''Fortin du Petit-Sault''': Erected at the culmination of the boundary disputes between the United States of America and British North America (an international conflict known as Aroostook War) in 1841 prior to the signing of the Webster-Ashburton Treaty. This small fort was rebuilt in 2000. Other tourist attractions include de la République Provincial Park, an 18-hole golf course, a pedestrian downtown with a number of retail stores, restaurants, a hotel and a convention centre. You can also visit the '''Antique Automobile Museum''', the '''Madawaska Historic Museum''', and many other museums. The '''New Brunswick Botanical Garden''' is in suburban Saint-Jacques, on seven hectares with more than 80,000 plants, making it the largest arboretum east of Montreal.

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the government said it would set aside the possibility of UNB Saint John losing its status as a 'university' and would refer the report to a working group for further study. The government would go on to announce in January that UNBSJ would retain its liberal arts program and its


on the New Brunswick (Canada) side of the bridge to Route 120 (New Brunswick Route 120), a secondary east–west route from Edmundston, New Brunswick west to Saint-Alexandre, Quebec. * plaise: plaice (American plaice) (FR: plie) * ploye: buckwheat pancake, a tradition of Edmundston, New Brunswick (Fr: ) * pomme de pré: (lit. meadow apple) American cranberry (''Vaccinium macrocarpon'') (Fr:

legal association

Automobile Legal Association, Automobile Green Book, New Brunswick, 1929-30 The original path of Route 2 between Quebec and Sussex is now approximately the River Valley Scenic Drive. New Brunswick Department of Tourism and Parks, map of the River Valley Scenic Drive, accessed August 2007 Fraser's 3,700 employees

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it shadows from Longueuil to Luceville (Luceville, Quebec), Route 132 takes a more scenic route which goes through many historic small towns. Until the connection between Rivière-du-Loup and Le Bic (Le Bic, Quebec) is completed, this highway provides a link between the two sections of Autoroute 20. At Rivière-du-Loup, the Trans-Canada Highway continues south on Route 185 (Quebec Route 185) to Edmundston, New Brunswick. This eastern section of the highway from

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; The Edmundston pulp mill is paired with a Twin Rivers Fraser Papers Progress Report 1980-Fraser's New off machine Blade coater Program paper mill directly across the Saint John River in Madawaska, Maine, one of only two such installation anywhere along the Canada–United States border through which liquified pulp slurry is piped. The pulp is shipped across the border through a mile-long high pressure pipeline (Pipeline transport) running

personality radio

Voisine''', (born 26 March 1963 in Edmundston, New Brunswick) is a Canadian (Canada) Acadian singer-songwriter, actor, and radio (Radio personality) and television host who lives in Montreal, Quebec and Paris, France. He writes and performs material in both English (English language) and French (French language). He won the Juno Award for Male Vocalist of the Year in 1994. In 1997 he was made an Officer of the Order of Canada. Childhood


*22px (Image:NB 121.png) Route 121 (New Brunswick Route 121) -- Hampton (Hampton, New Brunswick) - Norton (Norton, New Brunswick) - Sussex (Sussex, New Brunswick) - Sussex Corner (Sussex Corner, New Brunswick) *22px (Image:NB 140.png) Route 140 (New Brunswick Route 140) -- Shediac (Shediac, New Brunswick) (Ohio Road) *22px (Image:NB 144.png) Route 144 (New Brunswick Route 144) -- Edmundston - Saint-Léonard (Saint-Léonard, New Brunswick) - Grand Falls, New Brunswick Grand

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River (Saint John) Madawaska River which flows into the Saint John River (Saint John River (New Brunswick)) at Edmundston, New Brunswick and Madawaska, Maine flows through the region. The Republic of Madawaska now exists only in the hearts of the inhabitants of this legendary republic, who proudly refer to themselves as ''brayons''. A flag of the republic was created in 1938, bearing a bald eagle and an arc of six red stars on a white field. This flag flies at the city hall


'''Edmundston''' is a Canadian (Canada) city in Madawaska County (Madawaska County, New Brunswick), New Brunswick. New Brunswick Provincial Archives - Edmundston

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