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men after war. They used a small drum and sometimes carried enemy heads in processions through villages; a modern version of the dance is used by women in courtship. ''Labuan'' was deployed to East Timor as part of the Australian-led INTERFET peacekeeping during 1999 and 2000. Commons:Category:East Timor WikiPedia:East Timor Dmoz:Regional Asia East Timor

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and spectacular deep dive) the gravel pit and Devil ray point. '''East of Dili''' divers can experience shore diving at its best. Easy access along the coast allows divers safe entry to great wall dives. Secret garden, K41, Bob's Rock and Lone Tree are some of the amazing dives that can be done within an hour of Dili. Approximately 40 min East of Dili the diving starts and continues as far as Com some 200km away. The variety of dives along this stretch of road is endless yet K41 and shark point are among the favourites of the local divers. Without a doubt, '''Atauro Island''' is East Timor's most pristine diving area. Around the island is a large variety of dives suitable for every level. Visibility is always excellent, and the abundancy of fish life and coral is simply overwhelming. There are two major diving companies in Dili Freeflow Diving and Dive Timor-Lorosae site information Dive Sites of Timor-Leste contains detailed descriptions of all popular dive sites, with links to maps and scuba resources. Marine life of East Timor Wikimedia Commons has pictures of some of the stunning marine life at marine animals of East Timor (:commons:Category:Marine_animals_of_East_Timor) Buy The US Dollar is the legal tender currency in East Timor and all transactions are in dollars. Three banks and a number of ATMs can be found in Dili. Since East Timor issued its own centavos denominated coins, U.S. coins are now rarely accepted. As in many parts of Indonesia, US bank notes issued before 2006 are not accepted. What to buy thumb 200px right Traditional East Timorese silver jewellery (Image:TimoreseJewelry.jpeg) Aromatic coffee beans and colourful hand-woven cloth called Tais are the two items that should be on your must-buy list when shopping in East Timor. All convenience stores and even some roadside stalls sell excellent coffee. Just as Scottish clans have specific patterns for their tartans, families in East Timor have Tais in specific patterns and colours. Roasted coffee beans will be a great gift item. Note, some countries have strict rules about importing any food item. '''Coffee''' East Timorese coffee is grown organically and tastes fabulous. Coffee was introduced in East Timor by the Portuguese. The local way of making coffee is to roast the coffee beans till they turn black and let out a great aroma. Low acidity levels ensure the excellent taste of East Timorese coffee. A few of the coffee varieties like robusta have very high levels of caffeine. A late night cuppa might keep you up for hours, which might put you in a fix, as East Timor doesn't have nightlife options outside of Dili. Be sure to buy your coffee in a traditional market rather than Dili's grocery stores, where the product will often be pre-ground and very stale. '''Tais''' Tais come in different designs and colours, depending on the region they are from, and they represent a distinct family. In Dili you should visit the Tais market to buy Tais and local silver jewellery. Tais can also be bought from street vendors. Local Handicrafts The other items that will interest you are ethnic woodcarvings, batik cloth and embroidered fabrics sporting regional patterns. The ethnic woodcarvings available here are somewhat like the ones you might get in Africa. '''Markets''' A market can be found in every main town on the island. You may not find the huge array of shops in East Timor that you are accustomed to. These markets, however, cater amply to local needs. The marketplaces give the locals a chance to meet and interact with others on a daily basis. A walk through an East Timorese market will help you learn about the local produce of the region. Tourists attract a lot of attention so be prepared to be stared at. Also expect to be overcharged as many tourists before you have paid exorbitant prices willingly. '''Dili Waterfront''' Along the waterfront, you will find many fruit stalls. These stalls are mostly run by women and are stocked with delicious local fruits. The papayas, mangoes and bananas are really tempting; make it a point to try out any unfamiliar local variety. Eat The East Timorese, like the Indonesians, have a staple diet of rice and spices. Even though there is trouble in obtaining supplies from outside due to political unrest, many restaurants in Dili serve Western cuisine. Significant numbers of foreigners living and working in East Timor ensure a loyal clientele for these restaurants. The East Timorese palate includes a taste for several international cuisines in addition to the traditional East Timorese cuisine. Portuguese, Indonesian, Chinese, Italian, Western, Japanese and Thai cuisine have made their presence felt in East Timor. The staple food in East Timor is rice. Commonly grown food crops include taro, cassava, sweet potatoes and maize. Beans, cabbage, cowpeas, onions and spinach are well-liked vegetables. People also rear poultry, goats and pigs. Fish forms an important part of the diet and acts as a supplement to any meal. Most traditional East Timorese recipes use a generous dose of spices. Mangoes, watermelons, papayas, bananas and coconuts are the most commonly cultivated fruits here. Carbohydrates like sago or other grains form the main dish for many an East Timorese meal. '''National specialties''' Fried fish is a very popular dish, with prawns being considered a delicacy. Curries are a standard dish, with chicken curry topping the list as a favourite. Several authentic Indonesian, Japanese, Portuguese and Chinese dishes find favour with many East Timorese. '''National drinks''' Coffee is grown organically in East Timor and the level of caffeine in this variety is very high. Those looking for something other than coffee can have beer, which is widely available in both pubs and restaurants in East Timor. '''Tipping ''' Bills presented in East Timorese restaurants do not have a service charge added to them. If you feel like tipping, a 10% tip is the norm. '''Explore the flavours of East Timorese cuisine''' Restaurants in East Timor and local food joints around this new nation offer the traditional Asian curries with their fragrant spice pastes and fried accompaniments. The East Timorese local restaurants specialise in fresh grilled fish and excellent curries, and also provide a chance to fully experience local cuisine and hospitality. Local food also lends itself to Papuan influences, so you will find yam and sweet potato on the menu when you stop at rural food stalls. Drink Numerous beachfront bars and nightclubs provide the nightlife in Dili. Both food and drinks are served and the bars nightclubs are kept open till late. Some very nice inner city restaurants include Nautilaus, Diya, Ocean View Hotel and Gion Japanese Restaurant. In the Meti Aut area is the newly renovated Atlantic Bar and Grill which is arguably amongst the best service and quality in Timor. Another is the Caz Bar where kayaks can be hired late in the night and a barbeque serves fried fish and all the beach side meals such as sizzling garlic prawns, hamburgers and a large range of cold beer. Sleep Dili has a wide range of hotels at every price level. Outside of Dili, there are really only two other bona fide hotels in the country, at Baucau and at Com. However, there are plenty of creative options if you don't insist on luxury, and these range from guesthouses to convents to camping. Stay safe East Timor continues to face sporadic internal ethnic & political tension and related violence may occur. This may not be targeted at foreigners or tourists, but follow the guidelines below. During periods where this is not an issue, remember you are travelling in a very poor country, and crimes such as assault and theft do occur: There is still a considerable international presence in East Timor, including a United Nations mission and international police and military (mostly conducting capacity building and training for national security forces). The Canadian Foreign Affairs department warned on 22 June 2010: "Violence or demonstrations may affect transportation routes and land border crossings as well as flights in and out of Dili’s airport. Disturbances have occurred in the vicinity of Dili’s Comoro airport, areas surrounding internally displaced persons camps, and at food storage warehouses. There has been continuing gang-related violence, arson, robbery, and vandalism. Gangs in Dili have attacked cars with stones and darts fired from slingshots, particularly during the early evening and at night. Local taxis should not be used. Travellers should avoid armed irregular groups, including martial arts groups that may be resident throughout the country. Travellers are advised to avoid unnecessary local travel and exercise extreme caution." Foreigners or tourists have been the target for violence in East Timor, visitors should be responsible and adhere to standard precautions as in any developing country. Remember you are traveling in a poor country, and crimes such as assault and theft do occur. The key to avoid such crime is to apply common sense and reduce your exposure to possible opportunity crime such as: * Avoid large gatherings (demonstrations have had the potential to escalate with little or no warning in the past). * Remove any visible valuables from your car if leaving it unattended. * Women should avoid travelling alone in taxis at night. * Women should avoid walking alone at night in quiet streets. East Timor Travel advisories * Australian Government Travel Advisory * Canadian Government Travel Advice * US Consular Information on Timor Leste * UK Government Travel Advice Stay healthy '''Hospitals and Doctors''' There are hospitals in main centres, and clinics in many sub-districts elsewhere but medical care is not up to dealing with sustained or complex medical emergencies. Medical evacuation is often the only option in the case of complex surgery, trauma, or major illness. Travellers are strongly advised not to enter East Timor without some form of medical insurance which will cover medivac by air ambulance, be this travellers insurance from your travel agent or an employer if you are entering for professional reasons. '''Dili''' - Dili National Hospital, located in Bidau Santana. '''Pante Makassar, Oecussi''' - located in town near the port Respect East Timor was devastated by the Indonesian occupation that may have killed up to 200,000 (or 1 in 5 of all people in East Timor) East Timorese. Many East Timorese were forced to abandon their traditional animist beliefs for Roman Catholicism during the Portuguese colonial period. Speaking well of Suharto's Orde Baru or of the idea of East Timor becoming part of Indonesia may not be well received by the East Timorese people. Many East Timorese are sympathetic or even outright nostalgic about the period of Portuguese rule over East Timor, where they were generally left to their own devices by the Portuguese colonial government. As with discussing politics abroad in all places, if you aren't sure a discussion about sensitive topics will go over well, don't bring it up. Learn Work Official working hours are generally 08:30-17:30, with a break for lunch from 12:00-13:30. Because most people go home for lunch, the actual lunch break is often 12:00-14:00. Some organisations work on Saturday mornings, but generally the weekends are free. '''Public Holidays''' ''East Timor National holidays''—Law signed 19 07 05 New Year’s Day—1 Jan International Labour Day—1 May Restoration of Independence—20 May Popular Consultation Day—30 August All Saints Day—1 November All Souls day—2 November National Day of Youth Santa Cruz Massacre—12 November Independence Proclamation Day—28 November National Heroes day—7 December Day of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception—8 December Christmas Day—25 December ''Tolerance Days'' ( national commemorative days ) International Children's Day—1 June Falintil day—20 August Mothers day—3 November International Human Rights day—10 November ''Moveable Days'' Ash Wednesday – (46 days before Easter) Holy Thursday – (Thursday before Easter) Ascension Day – (40 days after Easter) Connect By phone Timor Telecom has a monopoly on landline and mobile phone services in East Timor, and charges accordingly; expect to pay up to US$3 minute for international calls into East Timor. Calls out of the country are far cheaper with on average 40cents minute to Australia, Indonesia, Portugal and USA. It is recommended that you buy a local pre-paid phone for US$10 (which includes phone, charger, sim card and US$3 credit) on arrival from any Timor-Telecom store (there is one in Landmark Plaza on way into town from the airport). Local prepaid SIM cards can be picked up for around US$3. Please remember that whilst international phones work in East Timor, the global roaming fees are very hefty, hence the recommendation to purchase a cheap phone package, even for a short visit. On 31st July 2012 the National Numbering Plan (NNP) was changed and all mobile phone numbers now require an additional '7' be added to the front of the number making a total of eight digits. Land lines remain unchanged. Emergency Contact Numbers UNPOL Emergency (Police Emergency): ☎ 112 or 7723 0635 SOS Emergency Medivac: ☎ +61 2 93722468 Dili National Hospital: ☎ 3311008 Bombeiros Fire Rescue: ☎ 3312210 ext 203 3324019 Timor Ambulance:☎ 7723 6662, 3311044 Dili National Ambulance, Emergency: ☎ 3310541 UNMIT Telephone Switchboard Nos: From East Timor: ☎ +670 330 4100 From New York: ☎ +1 212 963 0099 By internet Internet in East Timor is slow and limited. Timor Telecom holds the monopoly for this as well, and tries to block voice-over-IP services like Skype. Internet cafes are available throughout Dili, Baucau, and some other smaller cities: look for Timor Telecom outlets. Go next * Flores (Indonesia) Flores * West Timor * Denpasar (Bali) (Denpasar ) * Darwin Commons:Category:East Timor WikiPedia:East Timor Dmoz:Regional Asia East Timor

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for. In addition the peacekeeping operations in East Timor, the wars in Iraq (Iraq War) and Afghanistan (War in Afghanistan (2001–present)) have provided ongoing work for Legacy. Finally, any death which is deemed service-related is attended to by Legacy. * Neutrality in question (updated by bot) ** 14 - Communications in Cambodia, Demographics of Cambodia, Dhammakaya, East Timor, Economy of Cambodia, Foreign relations of Cambodia, History of Cambodia (1979-present

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Overseas Aid Fund has been established to enhance the college's work with aid projects (Aid) in developing countries (Developing country), and is an important part of the school's Round Square membership.

aid.asp archivedate 2006-11-28 Current projects undertaken by the school include the establishment and on-going management of two Kindergartens in East Timor,

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equipment and personnel to assist in the humanitarian rescue and relief efforts in the United States after Hurricane Katrina (Singaporean response to Hurricane Katrina), and establishing medical and dental assets for use by the Afghan (Afghanistan) people.

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ABC . He continued these roles until he left for a role on 2GB Radio in 1976, followed by what began as a lifelong love of travelling and researching overseas, producing films in Indonesia (including being the only journalist to be allowed to visit the newly "integrated" East Timor) and the Middle East. A '''''pastel de nata''''' ( ; plural: '''''pastéis de nata'''''), or '''''pastel de Belém (Santa Maria de Belém)''''' (

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Advisers continues to provide the country’s police, Policia Nacional de Timor-Leste (PNTL), with specialized training for rapid response and intervention units. The Technical Advisers are also responsible for providing training in specialized areas such as counter- terrorism, forensics and transferring management skills to the national police in all districts of Timor-Leste. *2000 — CGD acquired Banco Comercial do Atlântico, making the CGD Group

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in the newly independent country of East Timor to train that country's military forces in their fight against anti-separatist Indonesian guerrilla militias. Foremost among these Indonesian militias is the Darah Dan Doa (Blood and Prayer), led by Suhadi Sadono. In addition, Library has released a number of compilations, including ''Indie Aid Abroad'', to raise funds for reconstruction in East Timor, and ''Pacific Highway'', a compilation of live recordings from the eponymous show on 3RRR. The Republic of Indonesia is a country which comprises 13,466 islands (List of islands of Indonesia) in Southeast Asia and Oceania. Indonesia shares land borders with Papua New Guinea, East Timor, and Malaysia. Other neighboring countries include Singapore, Philippines, Australia (Australia-Indonesia border), and the Indian territory of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Indonesia's capital city is Jakarta. * Additional recent operations include a tour in Albania, following the near-collapse of the Albanian government in 1997, and an operation in East Timor, following that country's referendum for independence from Indonesia. equipment_label battles New Zealand Wars Boer War World War I World War II Malayan Emergency Korean War Indonesia-Malaysia confrontation Vietnam War Gulf War Yugoslav Wars East Timor Solomon Islands (History of the Solomon Islands#Civil war) Operation Enduring Freedom Iraq War anniversaries New Zealand soldiers served with distinction in the major conflicts in the 20th Century, including South Africa 1899–1902, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Malayan Emergency, Borneo Confrontation (Indonesia–Malaysia confrontation) and the Vietnam War. Since the 1970s, deployments have tended to be assistance to multilateral peacekeeping efforts. Considering the small size of the force, operational commitments have remained high since the start of the East Timor deployment in 1999. New Zealand personnel served in the First Gulf War, Iraq (Iraq War) and are currently serving in East Timor, Afghanistan and several UN and other peacekeeping missions. Since World War II the New Zealand army has fought in the Korean War, the Malayan Emergency, the Indonesian confrontation (Indonesia-Malaysia confrontation), the Vietnam War, East Timor, and Afghanistan (War in Afghanistan (2001–present)). New Zealand personnel have served in a large number of UN and other peacekeeping deployments, including UNTSO in the Middle East, Operation Agila (Operation Midford) in Rhodesia, the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) in the Sinai, Cambodia, Bosnia, Sierra Leone, Mozambique, Angola (United Nations Angola Verification Mission II), Bosnia (United Nations Protection Force), Bougainville (Bougainville Island), the Solomon Islands (Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands), and the Sudan (War in Darfur). * Afghanistan - 225 personnel are attached to the New Zealand Provincial Reconstruction Team in Bamyan Province. Commons:Category:East Timor WikiPedia:East Timor Dmoz:Regional Asia East Timor

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. , Ellsworth Federal Penitentiary (United States Penitentiary, Leavenworth) in Kansas and the CIA headquarters (Central Intelligence Agency) in Langley, Virginia. Lady Rothermere has been a patron of the Philharmonia Orchestra since 2001, is a trustee, and has also served as chairman of the endowment fund since 2005. She is a trustee and chairman of The Prince's Drawing School's Scholarship Endowment Appeal, and patron of a project commissioned by Charles, Prince of Wales HRH

East Timor

'''East Timor''' ( (5,400 sq mi). mne.gov.tl

East Timor was colonised by Portugal in the 16th century, and was known as Portuguese Timor until Portugal's decolonisation of the country. In late 1975, East Timor declared its independence but later that year was invaded (Indonesian invasion of East Timor) and occupied (Indonesian occupation of East Timor) by Indonesia and was declared Indonesia's 27th province the following year. In 1999, following the United Nations-sponsored act of self-determination, Indonesia relinquished control of the territory, and East Timor became the first new sovereign state (List of sovereign states) of the 21st century on May 20, 2002. After independence, East Timor became a member of the United Nations and the Community of Portuguese Language Countries. In 2011, East Timor announced its intention to gain membership status in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations by submitting a letter of application to become its eleventh member. East Timor Bid to Join ASEAN Wins 'Strong Support', Bangkok Post, date: 31 January 2011. It is one of only two predominantly Christian (Christianity in Asia) nations in Southeast Asia, the other being the Philippines.

East Timor has a lower-middle-income economy. It continues to suffer the after-effects of a decades-long struggle for independence (Indonesian occupation of East Timor) against Indonesian occupation, which severely damaged the country's infrastructure and killed at least a hundred thousand people. The country is placed 128th (List of countries by Human Development Index) on the Human Development Index (HDI).

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