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-Dominican parents, Narciso Sánchez and Olaya Del Rosario, who were not married at the time of his birth. After a brief period of turmoil and quick political succession, Pedro Santana exiled the main architects of the Independence. Sánchez spent four years in exile and was eventually pardoned. He returned to the Dominican Republic in time to see Santana invite Spain to re-occupy the country as colony. Sánchez defied this betrayal of the republican cause. He was captured by Santana's

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12 5 113159 369 hotels Movie_Set_Hotel_The_Godfather_II Movie Set Hotel: The Godfather II ", HotelChatter, 12-05-2006. Charles Bluhdorn, whose Gulf+Western conglomerate (Conglomerate (company)) owned Paramount, felt strongly about developing the Dominican Republic as a movie-making site. Over 22% of the city's residential population was born outside of Spain, (mainly in Ecuador, the Dominican Republic and Morocco). However the city has a large number

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police cannot vote *Egypt – Members of the military (Military of Egypt) and national police cannot vote '''Juan Luis Guerra''' (born June 7, 1957) is a singer, songwriter and producer (record producer) from the Dominican Republic who has sold over 30 million records, and won numerous awards including 12 Latin Grammy Awards, two Grammy Awards, and two Latin Billboard Music Awards. He recently won 3 Latin Grammy Awards in 2010 (Latin Grammy Awards of 2010), including

Album of the Year. She also participated at the 2003 (2003 Pan American Games) Dominican Republic Pan American Games, the 2003 (2003 Sudamericano Femenino) and the 2006 (2006 Sudamericano Femenino) Sudamericano Femenino. She won the 2006 title with the Argentine team, defeating continental rivals Brazil (Brazil women's national football team) for the first time ever. thumb right Alexei Kosygin (File:Glassboro-meeting1967.jpg) (left) next to U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson (right) during the Glassboro Summit Conference In late April 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson landed some 22,000 troops in the Dominican Republic for a one-year occupation of the republic in an invasion codenamed Operation Power Pack (United States occupation of the Dominican Republic (1965–1966)), citing the threat of the emergence of a Cuban-style revolution in Latin America. Presidential elections held in 1966, during the occupation, handed victory to the conservative Joaquín Balaguer. Although Balaguer enjoyed a real base of support from sectors of the elites as well as peasants, his formally running Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) opponent, former President Juan Bosch, did not actively campaign. WikiPedia:Dominican Republic Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Dominican Republic commons:República Dominicana

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as a 115 mph (185 km h) Category 3 hurricane. The hurricane continued to strengthen as it moved through the Caribbean Sea and reached its peak intensity of 155 mph (250 km h) on the August 23 while south of the Dominican Republic. It maintained that intensity for a day, bringing heavy rain and winds to Hispaniola. As Cleo passed south of Haiti on August 24, it veered northward momentarily, enough to move on to the Southwest Peninsula of Haiti. The circulation of the hurricane was greatly disrupted by the mountainous terrain of the island, quickly weakening the hurricane. United States Department of Commerce. HURRICANE CLEO: August 20-September 4, 1964. Page 3. Retrieved on 2007-12-24. Greater Antilles Moderate to heavy rains fell across Puerto Rico, peaking at 4.95 inches (125.7 mm) at Matrullas Dam. David M. Roth. Hurricane Cleo Rainfall Page. Retrieved on 2007-12-24. The outer bands (tropical cyclone#Physical structure) of Cleo produced peak sustained winds of 52 mph (85 km h) at Point Tuna, Puerto Rico. Offshore Puerto Rico on its initial penetration of Cleo on August 23, a Lockheed WC-121N Super Constellation used as a reconnaissance aircraft experienced its port wing tip fuel tank and portion of wing torn away by extreme updraft turbulence, which injured six of its crew. While trying to exit the storm, the starboard tip tank and larger portion of wing were torn away by extreme down draft turbulence. The aircraft was damaged beyond repair. AviationSafety Network. Accident description. Retrieved on 2007-12-24. Cleo led to the wettest known 24 hour period recorded for any site within the Dominican Republic for any month, with 19.99 inches (507.8 mm) falling at Polo. ONAMET. Boletin Climatologico Mensual: Agosto. Retrieved on 2007-03-09. Les Cayes, Haiti was leveled as the storm struck the town. The aircraft carrier U.S.S. Boxer arrived off the coast of Hispaniola on August 29 to provide medical aid and evacuation services to those in the worst impacted areas of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Damage in Cuba was minimal because the hurricane had weakened and moved through quickly. The depression continued moving towards the west as it gradually strengthened. On September 16, the system attained tropical storm status and was designated Eloise; accordingly, the first advisory on the system was issued by the San Juan Weather Bureau office. While in the vicinity of a strengthening anticyclone aloft, Eloise became better organized, and the storm rapidly intensified and reached Category 1 hurricane status 18 hours after being named. The cyclone soon made landfall on the Dominican Republic, inhibiting further development. Although initially predicted to remain north of land, the storm moved across northern Hispaniola and then tracked across southeastern Cuba. After 36 hours with much of its circulation over mountainous terrain, Eloise deteriorated to a tropical storm on September 17. 2004 Olympic Games On August 16, 2003 Watring represented the United States in the Pan American Games celebrated in the Dominican Republic. The United States won the Gold Medal with a final total of 13.66 penalties compared to the 21.87 posted by Mexico. When presented the Gold Medal, Watring unfurled and waved the Puerto Rican Flag. This win secured a berth in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. Olympic Sports Throughout the night, several watches and warnings were discontinued. At 1500 UTC September 15, Dominican Republic from Cabrera (Cabrera, María Trinidad Sánchez) to Cabo Engano were put under a hurricane watch as Marilyn approached. During the night of September 16, all currently active watches and warnings were discontinued. At around the same time, a new Hurricane watch was released for Turks and Caicos and Mayaguana, Acklins, and the Crooked Islands (Crooked Island, Bahamas) of the southeastern Bahamas. WikiPedia:Dominican Republic Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Dominican Republic commons:República Dominicana

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. Preparation In 2004, Valcarcel was accused by a young Dominican Republic girl of committing statutory rape with her. Nevertheless, Valcarcel was declared innocent by the Dominican courts, who suspected the girl had been coherced by a top World Boxing Organization representant who wanted to take Valcarcel's place as the Organization's president. '''Saona Island''' (in Spanish (Spanish language) '''Isla Saona''') is a tropical island located a short distance from

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in the entire Latin American fashion world. The country boasts one of the ten most important design schools in the region, La Escuela de Diseño de Altos de Chavón, which is making the country a key player in the world of fashion and design. World famous fashion designer Oscar de la Renta was born in the Dominican Republic in 1932, and became a US citizen in 1971. He studied under the leading Spaniard designer Cristóbal Balenciaga and then worked with the house of Lanvin (clothing) Lanvin

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-guerrilla and counter-insurgency methods, as for example in the Operation Condor, a procedural coordination to find, capture and eliminate political dissidents in mainland. Young Life Camp Young Life maintains camps in 14 American states as well as three camps in British Columbia, Canada and camps in the Dominican Republic and South America.

from around the world, and are staffed by a mix of full-time Young Life employees and student, young adult and adult volunteer, with the average camper to staff ratio being about 5:1. Young Life camps introduce and reinforce the essential beliefs of Christianity to Christians and non-Christians alike with the aid of comedy and pop culture. The '''Mita Congregation''' is a Christian (Christianity) congregation (Wiktionary:congregation) based in Puerto Rico. The congregation has chapters in the United States, Canada, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico El Salvador, Spain, and in the Dominican Republic. The Congregation is headquartered at its Temple at 203 Duarte Street, Hato Rey, Puerto Rico. Academic cooperation agreements have been signed with the governments of the following countries (in alphabetical order): Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Denmark, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Finland, France, Germany, Honduras, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jamaica, Mexico, the Netherlands, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan (R.O.C.), Uruguay, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Venezuela. thumb right Entrance at Provo MTC (Image:MTC entrance.JPG) At the beginning of their service, LDS missionaries usually spend 3–12 weeks at an MTC where they receive training in doctrine, conduct, proselyting methods, and, when required, a foreign language. There are a total of 17 MTCs located in nations throughout the world in locations in addition to Provo, including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Ghana, Guatemala, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Peru, the Philippines, and the United Kingdom. The Americas have long been a destination for Arab migration, with Arabs arriving in some countries at least as early as the nineteenth century, but even as early as 1492 with several Moors among Christopher Columbus' crew. WikiPedia:Dominican Republic Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Dominican Republic commons:República Dominicana


may soon become a primary method of spreading the virus. Early life and career Morillo was raised in Dominican Republic and Union City, New Jersey, where he attended grammar school at Saint Joseph and Michael (St. Michael)’s School, a private Catholic school, graduating in 1985. He graduated from Emerson High School (Emerson High School (Union City, New Jersey)) in Union City in 1989. ''1989 Altruist: A Classic Year'' The Emerson High School (Union City, New

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string). Madonna's video for "Erotica (Erotica (song))" was aired only three times (each time after midnight) due to its sexual depictions of sadomasochism. More recently, Madonna's "What It Feels Like for a Girl" was banned in 2001 due to its graphic depiction of violence. She also pulled her "American Life (American Life (song))" video because of its controversial military imagery that seemed inappropriate once the 2003 invasion of Iraq War in Iraq

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The '''Dominican Republic''' (

Christopher Columbus landed on the island in 1492, where the Taíno people inhabited since the 7th century. It became the site of the first permanent European settlement (European colonization of the Americas) in the Americas; namely Santo Domingo (Captaincy General of Santo Domingo), the oldest continuously inhabited city and the first seat of the Spanish colonial rule in the New World. After three centuries of Spanish rule, with French and Haitian interludes, the country became independent in 1821. The ruler, José Núñez de Cáceres, intended that the Dominican Republic be part of the nation of Gran Colombia, but he was quickly removed by the Haitian government and ''Dominican'' slave revolts. Victorious in the Dominican War of Independence against Haitian rule in 1844, the Dominican Republic over the next 72 years, experienced mostly internal strife (civil war) and encountered a brief return to colonial status under Spanish rule proposed by general Pedro Santana, becoming the only nation in the hemisphere to do so after gaining its independence.

The Dominican Republic has the ninth largest economy in Latin America (List of Latin American and Caribbean countries by GDP (PPP)) and the second largest economy in the Caribbean and Central American region.

The Dominican Republic is the most visited destination (World Tourism rankings) in the Caribbean. The year-round golf courses are among the top attractions on the island. As the Caribbean's most geographically diverse nation, the Dominican Republic is home to the region's tallest mountain peak, Pico Duarte, as well as the Caribbean's largest lake and lowest elevation, Lake Enriquillo. The country is also the site of the first cathedral, castle, monastery, and fortress built in all of the Americas, located in Santo Domingo's Colonial Zone (Ciudad Colonial (Santo Domingo)), an area declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Colonial City of Santo Domingo – UNESCO World Heritage Centre. Retrieved on April 2, 2014. UNESCO around the World República Dominicana. (November 14, 1957). Retrieved on 2014-04-02. Music and sport are of great importance in the Dominican culture, with Merengue (Merengue music) and Bachata (Bachata (music)) as the national dance and music, and baseball as the favorite sport.

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