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url email address lat long directions phone tollfree fax hours price content There are a number of well-maintained private beaches in Doha owned by hotels, which permit public access for a fee. Hotels with beaches include the Grand Hyatt, Diplomatic Club, InterContinental, Sheraton, Sharq Village, and the Four Seasons, with fees ranging from QR 180 for weekday passes to annual family memberships. Additionally, the Katara Cultural Village operates Doha's only

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The stadium is estimated to cost 20

of America , which supports units around the world, as well as Girl Scouts of the USA). British Scouts are represented in Doha by the 1st Doha Scout Group. There is a Beaver Colony at Sherborne School and a Cub Pack at Doha English Speaking School (DESS). The Olympic

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1994 FIFA World Cup Qualification (1994_FIFA_World_Cup_qualification_%28AFC%29#Final round) 1 - - 1993-10-22 Doha, Qatar 2–1 Exhibition game

#Association football International Match 2 - *'''1994''' **Most Valuable Player and top scorer of the Asian qualifications for 1994 FIFA World Cup, final round (4 goals, Doha, Qatar) *'''1996''' thumb Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport (File:AMD2.jpg) The Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport is located 15 km from the city centre and 8 km from Ahmedabad Railway station and Bus stand. It serves both domestic and international flights

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unexpectedly capturing a team bronze medal at the Asian Games (Chess at the Asian Games) in Doha, Qatar, in 2006. In the nine chess events at the Asian Indoor Games in Macau 2007, Iran took a silver and two bronze medals. The region is also an emerging hotspot for events, including the 2006 Asian Games in Doha, Qatar. Doha also submitted an unsuccessful application for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games (Doha 2016 Olympic bid). Qatar was later chosen to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. He is married to Amina Abbas and they have had three sons. The eldest, Mazen Abbas, ran a building company in Doha and died in Qatar of a heart attack in 2002 at the age of 42. WikiPedia:Doha Commons:Doha

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- Transportation Chabahar is connected to multimodal transportation through air, sea and roads. Its Konarak Airport has twice daily flights to the capital Tehran, thrice weekly flights to Zahedan and twice weekly flights to Mashhad, Shiraz and Bandar Abbas. It has also a weekly international flight to Doha and Dubai and a biweekly flight to Mascat. Chabahar has two jetties that connect it to international waterways. Iranian contractors are developing both jetties to provide port facilities for handling of 6 million tons of goods a year; this is expected to be completed by 2011. Chabahar is connected to national road networks. Chabahar-Bandar Abbas, Chabahar-Iranshahr-Kerman, Chabahar-Iranshahr-Zahedan-Mashahd and Chabahar-Iranshahr-Zahedan-Milak (Milak, Iran) (on the Afghanistan border) are four main routes connecting Chabahar to national and international roads. *4th ACD Ministerial Meeting: April 4–6, 2005 in Islamabad, Pakistan *5th ACD Ministerial Meeting: May 23–24, 2006 in Doha, Qatar *6th ACD Ministerial Meeting: June 5–6, 2007 in Seoul, South Korea January 10, 2005 Doha, Qatar Hard Domestic carrier Jet Airways has being granted permission to operate some international routes, Doha and Muscat (Muscat, Oman). The airline has started its operation from Calicut International Airport from 23 January 2008. It is expected that Deccan (Deccan (airline)) will soon follow the path of Jet Airways in August 2008 when it will have completed five years of flying experience to be eligible for international routes. 2010 Srebotnik teamed up with Květa Peschke in 2010 and won the WTA tournaments of Indian Wells (2010 BNP Paribas Open) (defeating Nadia Petrova and Samantha Stosur in the finals) and New Haven (defeating Bethanie Mattek-Sands and Meghann Shaughnessy), and reached the final of the WTA Championships in Doha, where they lost to Gisela Dulko and Flavia Pennetta 7–5, 6–4. thumb right Grand Mosque (Kuwait) Grand Mosque (File:Iphone 3250.jpg) in Kuwait City is one of the biggest mosques in the region West Asia largely corresponds with the term the Middle East. However, the usage of the term Middle East is slowly fading out due to its obvious Eurocentrism as the region is east of Europe ''but'' it is south of Russia and west of India. West Asia consists of Turkey, Syria, Armenia, Georgia (Georgia (country)), Azerbaijan, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Palestinian territories, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Yemen. The region is the historical birthplace of Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Today, the region is almost 93% Muslim and is dominated by Islamic politics. Culturally, the region is Turkish (Turkish people), Arab and Persian (Persian people). Iraq is a unique example of Persian (Persian people), Turkish (Turkish people) and Arab culture. Many of the Arab countries are desert and thus many nomadic groups exist today. On the other hand, modern metropolises also exist on the shifting sands: Abu Dhabi, Amman, Riyadh, Doha and Muscat (Muscat, Oman). The climate is mostly of a desert climate however some of the coastal regions have a more temperate climate. On the other hand, the Anatolian plateau (Anatolia) (Turkey, Georgia (Georgia (country)), Armenia) is very mountainous and thus has a more temperate climate while the coasts have a distinct mediterranean climate. The Persian Plateau (Iran, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Turkmenistan) has a diverse terrain, it is mainly mountainous with portions of desert, steppe and tropical forest on the coast of the Caspian Sea. West Asian cuisine (Middle Eastern cuisine) is a fusion of Turkish (Turkish cuisine), Arabian (Arabian cuisine), North African (North African cuisine) and Persian cuisine. It is immensely rich and diverse. The literature is also immensely rich with Arabic (Arabic literature), Turkish (Turkish literature) and Persian literature dominating. One of the most famous literary works of West Asia is 1001 Arabian Nights. - Doha WikiPedia:Doha Commons:Doha

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). Doha 2010 – Murer upgrades to gold in women's Pole Vault. IAAF. Retrieved on 7 February 2011. Following another disappointment at a major championships, she decided to take time out from the sport to recuperate, saying: "A break from competing is absolutely necessary for me. After more than eight years of very hard training and competing at the highest levels both indoors and outdoors each year I need to step back

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Hotel and the Pearl-Qatar. Buses arrive at each stop every 20 minutes. Tickets are QR 180 (adult), QR 90 (children) and valid for 24 hours; bookings can be made on-line at http:, also via telephone (+974 4442 2444) and email ( Alternatively, the manager dispatcher is happy to take your call on her mobile (+974 5534 2964) and this will prevent you waiting on hold or even getting a busy signal. The energetic young crew of Pinoy, Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan expats might not seem like the most organized bunch, but they try really hard to make things right, and they never stop smiling. There is shuttle service available from the airport to the first stop of the tour, which requires 30 minutes advance notice to arrange. If you're doing this on your last day in Doha, they will even arrange to pick you up at one of the main stops along the route and transfer you back to the airport for a not-unreasonable QAR 50 (US$14). By taxi Other than buses, the only alternative to not renting a vehicle is taxis. There are two taxi services, also operated by ''Mowasalat'': '''Karwa''' and '''Al Million'''. Alternatively, "limousine" taxis are available, which are unmarked, much more expensive (often two to four times the cost of Karwas) and may not carry a meter. If you feel sure about the fare, you can negotiate it up front, but it is advisable to insist on a meter. Because of increasing complaints regarding taxis, some precautions should be noted. For nearly all journeys within Doha the tariff should be set to '1', and for journeys at night or outside of Doha it should be set to '0'. Airport taxis have a single tariff, which begins at QR 25. Reports of tampered meters are on the rise (look for black tape or paper), as well as reports of drivers locking the doors or refusing to open the trunk without extra payment. Technically if the driver refuses to use the meter, the ride should be free. If you have problems, you can call the police at 999, at which point the driver will suddenly be very cooperative. The demand for taxis far exceeds the supply and waiting times may vary greatly. During morning business hours, companies usually require 24 hours notice if you need a taxi; however in practice, even this is unreliable as the scheduled taxi often doesn't show up. At other times, it may take upwards of 90 minutes for an on-call taxi to arrive, and hailing one may be impossible in many places. The only places where you are guaranteed to find a taxi (normal or limousine) are at major malls, the airport and international hotels. The acute shortage has led to a thriving market for unlicensed, or unofficial, taxi services, most with a steady clientele. For visitors, the best way to find a reliable driver is to ask around – many residents, particularly expats, hire such drivers regularly and will happily share contact information. Occasionally, you may find a local driver will stop and offer to give you a ride if he or she sees you looking lost on the side of the road. It is customary to offer some money at the end, though sometimes they will refuse to take it. If a driver slows down and flashes their headlights, they are usually signalling they're willing to give you a lift; beckon them over with a wave in response. However, hitchhiking always has its risks, and it is not an advisable practice for solo women. By car Several car rental agencies are located in and around Doha International Airport. The rental desks are not that easy to find and the signs to them are poor. They are located on the lower floor in the car park area. The popular agencies include ''Hertz'', ''Avis'' and ''Budget''. These rental agencies offer seasonal discounts and it is advisable to check their websites before booking. If you're looking to rent a car, it is best to reserve in advance, to ensure a good price and minimise wait times. As of late 2013, visitors can drive a rental car for six months with an international driving licence. However, do note, the laws regarding driving licences change almost yearly; visitors are advised to verify this information before arrival. Driving in Qatar is on the right hand side of the road, with similar traffic rules to elsewhere in the world. However, because Doha residents come from all corners of the globe, driving styles vary wildly. Also, road rage is becoming more of a problem. Expansion of the road network has not kept up with the explosive population growth of recent years, so drivers will encounter frequent traffic jams as well as numerous diversions due to road construction. With the addition of new roads, as well as renaming of old roads, even the latest available road maps may be out-of-date. This also applies to satellite imagery, which can be outdated, even when it is only a few months old. So do not rely on Google Earth, Openstreetmap or your TomTom. See thumb 250px Museum of Islamic Arts (File:MIA Doha Qatar2.jpg) thumb 250px Fanar Qatar Islamic Cultural Center (File:Fanar Doha Qatar2.jpg) Museums Considering Doha is attempting to become something of a regional cultural hub, the current state of its museums is somewhat shambolic. Many museums are under seemingly never-ending refurbishment, the opening hours are not particularly tourist friendly, websites lack practical information such as opening times and location, and many museums require you to phone in advance for a special appointment (which can make the solo visitor feel somewhat uncomfortable as the curator opens up just for one person). * WikiPedia:Doha Commons:Doha

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to resemble a traditional Qatari village, and includes a large open-air amphitheater, opera house, drama theater, galleries, as well as a number of (expensive) restaurants featuring international cuisine. The galleries host changing art and photography exhibits, and various festivals are held here throughout the year. :There is also a public beach here (entry fee QR 100) which offers watersport activities. Modest beach attire is required, i.e. for women a one-piece suit. * WikiPedia:Doha Commons:Doha

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of the main draw, defeating Li Ting in straight sets. Her ranking had slipped to 209 by the end of the month; but she has proven that she is capable of competing with players of Top 100 calibre, and provided that she herself has the will to persist, tennis supporters can confidently expect to see plenty more fireworks from this talented 26-year-old doubles specialist in singles events before she calls time on her career. File:Andreas Thorkildsen Pékin 2008.jpg thumb Thorkildsen celebrating his

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Final Doha, UAE bgcolor "silver" align "center" 2nd For the '''2001 ISSF World Cup''' in the seventeen Olympic shooting events (ISSF shooting events), the World Cup Final was held in August 2001 in Munich, Germany for the rifle, pistol and running target events, and in January 2002 in Doha, Qatar for the shotgun events. The shotgun final was originally planned for November 2001 but was rescheduled after


thumb Satellite view of Doha (File:Doha, Qatar Astronaut Imagery.JPG) '''Doha''' ( '', literally: "the big tree") is the capital city of Qatar and is located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, it had a population of 1,312,947 in 2013. Doha is Qatar's largest city, with over 60% of the nation's population residing in Doha or its surrounding suburbs, and is also the economic centre of the country. It is also one of the municipalities of Qatar.

Doha also serves as the seat of government of Qatar. Doha is home to the Education City, an area devoted to research and education. Doha was the site of the first ministerial-level meeting of the Doha Development Round of World Trade Organization negotiations. The city of Doha held the 2006 Asian Games, the largest of the series (Asian Games) held to that time.

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