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cities in 6 countries: Vienna and Innsbruck, Austria (Championship (2005 IIHF World Championship)); Debrecen, Hungary (Division I - Group A); Eindhoven, the Netherlands (Division I - Group B); Zagreb, Croatia (Division II - Group A); Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro (Division II - Group B); Mexico City, Mexico (Division III). It was a major professional tournament, because of the 2004 NHL labor dispute (2004–05 NHL lockout). This international

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by Alexander Somogyi. The Market Street facade shared with fourteen axles. The ground floor facade is covered with window. There are a small sweet shop and a large clothing store. Betwewn axis 2 and 14 up to the second floor divided by six-six slender pilasters. . * WikiPedia:Debrecen Commons:Category:Debrecen

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in 1910 in eclectic style. This is a Byzantine structure of modernized Moor form, emphasized also by the large dome emerging from its wider environment. * WikiPedia:Debrecen Commons:Category:Debrecen


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author url http: touristguide BudapestSpring.asp title Budapest Spring Festival, programs, events publisher date accessdate 2008-11-21 * Safi (Safi, Morocco), Morocco, since April 2001 In her first year as a senior competitor, 2002, Kupets placed

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, a sponsor of the 1931 ocean flight, and then flew to Debrecen non-stop. In 1937 Antal Bánhidi was invited for a two-month South American expedition, where he flew 15.000 kilometers over uncharted Amazonas (Amazon Basin) territory, documented in another book. Part 1 (2009) * May 4: Debrecen, Hungary, Főnix Hall * May 5: Ostrava, Czech Republic, CEZ Arena Career At the 2001 World Youth Championships in Athletics


2006. The 2007 European SC Swimming Championships (European Short Course Swimming Championships 2007) and World Artistic Gymnastics Championships of 2002 also took place in Debrecen. Most recently, the city hosted the 19th FAI World Hot Air Balloon Championship in October 2010. In 2012, Debrecen hosted the 31st LEN European Swimming Championships (2012 European Aquatics Championships). Main sights

a close second in the American Cup competition, behind Olympian Tasha Schwikert, and placed eighth at Nationals. Nonetheless, her selection to the US team for the 2002 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Debrecen, Hungary was seen as a surprise by many. At Worlds, Kupets passed all other competitors, including five-time defending champion Svetlana Khorkina, to win the uneven bars event, making her only the second American woman ever to achieve the feat

World Artistic Gymnastics Championships 2001 World Championships by a mere eleven days. She was forced to wait until 2002 to make her international senior debut. At the 2002 World Championships (2002 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships) in Debrecen, Ban won a silver medal on the balance beam, one of Romania's only victories of the competition and placed fourth on the floor finals.

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WikiPedia:Debrecen Commons:Category:Debrecen

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had refused Kossuth's offer of the field-marshal's baton, and was not in sympathy with the new regime. However, he accepted the portfolio of minister of war, while retaining the command of the troops in the field. The Russians had now intervened in the struggle and made common cause with the Austrians; the allies were advancing into Hungary on all sides. Kossuth saw the impossibility of continuing the struggle and resigned his position as regent-president. Görgey, who had been fighting hard against the enemy, succeeded him as military dictator with emergency powers. Convinced that he could not break through the enemy's lines, Görgey surrendered his army of 20,000 infantry and 2,000 cavalry to the Russian general Rüdiger in the Surrender at Világos. Early years Gajdusek's father, Karol Gajdusek, was from Büdöskö, Kingdom of Hungary, now Smrdáky, Slovakia and was an ethnic Slovak who was a butcher. His maternal grandparents, ethnic Hungarians of the Calvinist faith (Calvinism), emigrated from Debrecen, Hungary. Gajdusek was born in Yonkers, New York, and graduated in 1943 from the University of Rochester, where he studied physics, biology, chemistry and mathematics. He obtained an M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) from Harvard University in 1946 and performed postdoctoral research at Columbia University, the California Institute of Technology, and Harvard. In the early 1950s, Gajdusek was drafted into the military as a research virologist (Virology) at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. WikiPedia:Debrecen Commons:Category:Debrecen

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; ref (during the Hungarian revolution of 1848, end of the World War II) * Budapest (including Buda) 1873 Budapestinfo –''present'' These huge paintings were taken on a tour and exhibited in many European cities and also in the US by the art dealer Charles Sedelmeyer. All three were bought by American millionaire John Wanamaker who exhibited them in his department store in Philadelphia


'''Debrecen''' ( , known by alternative names (Names of European cities in different languages)) is the second largest city (Cities of Hungary) in Hungary after Budapest. Debrecen is the regional centre of the Northern Great Plain region (Regions of Hungary) and the seat of Hajdú-Bihar county. It was the largest Hungarian city in the 18th century Dezső Danyi-Zoltán Dávid: Az első magyarországi népszámlálás (1784-1787) The first census in Hungary (1784-1787), Hungarian Central Statistical Office, Budapest, 1960 and it is one of the most important cultural centres of the Hungarians. Antal Papp: Magyarország (Hungary), Panoráma, Budapest, 1982, ISBN 963 243 241 X, p. 860, pp. 463-477 Debrecen was also the capital city of Hungary (List of historical capitals of Hungary) during the revolution in 1848-1849 (Hungarian Revolution of 1848) and by the end of the World War II in 1944-1945.

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