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822 90 00 tollfree fax hours price content Open-air sports bar. Wood-fired barbecue food. Packed during popular international games (football!) and relatively relaxed in the inner city madness *

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url http: ukinsenegal.fco.gov.uk en email britembe@orange.sn address 20 Rue du Dr Guillet, BP 6025, Dakar lat long directions phone (221) 33 823 7392 823 9971 tollfree fax hours price content * Commons:Category:Dakar Wikipedia:Dakar

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tollfree fax checkin checkout price €120 content Best Accor hotel in town. Offers good views over the Atlantic from the rooftop. Island in the madness. Popular with business travellers * Commons:Category:Dakar Wikipedia:Dakar

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football team . The stadium holds 60,000. It was built in 1985. Biography Born in Dakar, Senegal, in 1949. For fifteen years prior to joining Amnesty International, he worked in the field of international development, serving successively as Regional Controller, International Director of Policy and Budget, and Regional Director (West and Central Africa) of the International Development Research Centre in Canada. He studied for a doctorate in Political Science at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, and holds an M.Sc. in Public Administration and Public Policy from the London School of Economics, as well as being a qualified chartered accountant with an MBA from the École Supérieure de Commerce et d'Administration des Entreprises of Bordeaux, France. He has published extensively on development and human rights issues. He was a founding member of the Pan-African Foundation PANAF, a non-governmental organization spanning worldwide to promote African unification; a trustee and founding member of Frontline (Front Line (NGO)) (Dublin); and a Board Member of the Henry Dunant Institute (Geneva). '''Georgian Cargo Airlines Africa''' was a cargo airline based in Dakar, Senegal. It operated cargo services in West Africa using wet-leased aircraft as required. The '''Africa Scout Region''' is the divisional office of the World Scout Bureau of the World Organization of the Scout Movement, headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, with satellite offices in Cape Town, South Africa, and Dakar, Senegal. The Africa Region services Scouting in Sub-Saharan Africa and neighboring islands that are recognized members of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM). Currently, the region has 35 member National Scout Associations Organizations and 11 potential members. There are about one million registered Scouts in Africa, though it is suspected that there are about twice that number in the region. The large nations of Mali, Guinea-Bissau and the Central African Republic, and several smaller nations, are not yet WOSM members, for various reasons. ''Primauguet'' remained with the Vichy French Navy after the French surrender (Battle of France#Aftermath) in 1940. She brought a part of the French Gold Reserve of Banque de France in Africa. ''Primauguet'' was at Dakar in July 1940 during the Royal Navy's attack on the French fleet at Mers-el-Kebir (Attack on Mers-el-Kébir). '''Amadou-Mahtar M'Bow''' (born 1921) is a Senegalese educator. Born in Dakar, M'bow served in France and North Africa during World War II after volunteering for the French army. After the end of the war he studied geography at the Sorbonne University in Paris. Commons:Category:Dakar Wikipedia:Dakar

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Commons:Category:Dakar Wikipedia:Dakar

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, in the Atlantic Ocean, lie the Cape Verde Islands. During the 17th and 18th centuries, numerous trading posts, belonging to various colonial empires, were established along the coast. The town of St. Louis became the capital of French West Africa (Afrique occidentale française, or AOF) before it was moved to Dakar in 1902. Dakar later became its capital in 1960 at the time of independence from France. - Dakar (Dakar proper, Guédiawaye, and Pikine ref name "

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to pursue a career in music. His first successes came from the writing and recording of jingles for television commercials (including Stella Artois and Coca Cola. Throughout the 1980s he joined the musical comedy ''Brel en mille temps'', touring in Dakar, Moscow, and then Leningrad, Saint Petersburg. Lafontaine released three albums. The song "Coeur de Loup" was his first big hit and launched his career once and for all in Europe. The song garnered many awards

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through 1501-02, covering the huge stretch of coast of eastern Brazil. After returning from Brazil, in the Spring of 1503, Amerigo Vespucci composed the ''Mundus Novus'' letter in Lisbon to Lorenzo in Florence, with its famous opening paragraph: English translation of ''Mundus Novus'' as found in Markham (1894: p.42-52) The boat then proceeded to its patrol area off the coast

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-Tomêtin was born on January 16, 1917, a direct descendant of the kings of Abomey, the town of his birth. He attended the Ecole William Ponty and the French West Africa School of Medicine in Dakar. He served in the French Army for a short while, where he attained the rank of sergeant. After his short military career, Ahomadégbé-Tomêtin decided to pursue dentristry, opening an office in Porto Novo. . The novels have obvious


'''Dakar''' ( ) Dakar pronunciation: How to pronounce Dakar in French, Spanish, Polish is the capital (capital city) and largest city of Senegal.

It is located on the Cap-Vert Peninsula on the Atlantic (Atlantic Ocean) coast and is the westernmost city in the Old World and on the African mainland. Its position, on the western edge of Africa, is an advantageous departure point for trans-Atlantic and European trade; this fact aided its growth into a major regional port.

According to December 31, 2005 official estimates, the city of Dakar proper has a population of 1,030,594, whereas the population of the Dakar metropolitan area is estimated at 2.45 million people.

Dakar is a major administrative centre, home to the National Assembly of Senegal and Senegal's President's Palace.

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