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to Sharpes Corner, on the outskirts of Anacortes (Anacortes, Washington), where it meets the eastern terminus of veers slightly northward along a new portion of expressway

building+providing date accessdate 2013-02-15 was built in 1952. Constructed with the typical and necessary scholastic appointments and one visible and unusual difference: the central portion of the building was built over the road leading to it. To make the best use of the property, South Superior Avenue passes beneath the building, providing a weather-protected school bus loading zone. The building replaced the previous high school building in the center of town. The hallways


: title publisher date accessdate 2013-02-15 October * Ghost Walk – For several weekends each October, the Concrete Chamber of Commerce and the Concrete Heritage Museum team up to present the ''Concrete Ghost Walk'' – a tour that features the spirited history and unusual characters who inhabited the area in its heyday (and some not so long ago). * Fall Color Festival Taste & Tour – Another annual event sponsored by the Concrete

picturesque building

became the Concrete Assembly of God (Assemblies of God) church sometime in the 1990s. The church's congregation has since remodeled and restored the building. right thumb St. Catherine's Catholic Church (Image:St catherines in autumn2.jpg) St. Catherine's Catholic Church Built in 1912 by the Catholics of the community, this picturesque building is located on a hillside overlooking the town. The parish maintains a newer C.C.D. center across the street built in 1964. Concrete

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, Washington Mount Vernon -Anacortes (Anacortes, Washington), Washington Metropolitan Statistical Area. Early history left thumb Portland Superior Cement Silos at Superior Avenue and Highway 20 – Concrete, Washington. The words "Welcome to Concrete" were painted on for the filming of "This Boy's Life" (Image:Concrete silos in autumn.jpg) The town of Concrete has undergone several incarnations, the earliest being a settlement at the northwestern junction of the Baker

and the wood shop were used during the filming of the Michael Caton-Jones film, This Boy's Life (This Boy's Life (film)) in 1992. Concrete High School's school colors are purple and gold and their team mascot is the Lion. CHS's sports teams participate in the Northwest 2B 1A league under the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association. Concrete's Future Business Leaders of America was the fastest growing in the state during the 2012-13 school year.

years. Nell stayed in Skagit County up to her death in April 1969 at the age of 93. Social Security Death Index '''Tobias Wolff and ''This Boy's Life''' Another local notable is internationally-known author Tobias Wolff, who spent a large part of his teenage years in the Concrete area. Wolff's memoir ''This Boy's Life'' chronicles his early life living in eastern Skagit County and attending Concrete High School (referred to as "Chinook High School"


built in 1918 as a Model T Ford garage complete with a gas-station out front. When the building was later converted to be the Brommer Logging facility, a large apartment was added to the upper story. It was shortly after this that Concrete Herald owner and editor Charles M. “Chuck” Dwelley took over the building and made it into a modern printing facility and new home of ''The Concrete Herald'' (established in 1910). When Robert and June Fader purchased the newspaper upon Dwelley's retirement

. Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church right thumb Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church (Image:Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church.jpg) Built in 1909, the town's Lutheran church hasn't always been a church. The beginnings of this historic building were as a hospital in the "Cement City" area east of the Baker River. Built by Dr. E.F. Mertz, the doctor and his wife lived in the second-story residence and maintained the hospital facility on the first floor. Dr. Mertz was the only

was dedicated on Sunday, March 7, 1954 and is still in use by the incorporated Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Concrete Assembly of God left thumb Concrete Assembly of God (Image:Old rebekah hall.jpg) Built in 1910, the two-story building was originally a one-story structure housing an Odd Fellows Lodge in the back room with the front of the building rented out to several merchants, including a popular grocery store. When the second story was built for a larger lodge hall

life starring

1950s, after his mother moved from west Seattle to marry a mechanic who lived in one of the company houses. In his memoir, ''This Boy's Life'', he calls this isolated settlement "Chinook," and describes how the nearest high school was a long bus ride away, in a slightly larger hamlet called Concrete (Concrete, Washington). In the 1993 film version of ''This Boy's Life (This Boy's Life (film))'', starring Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio, the two places are combined

school band

served in the US Army during the Vietnam War era. He holds a First Class Honours degree in English from Hertford College, Oxford (1972) and an M.A. (Master of Arts (postgraduate)) from Stanford University. In 1975 he was awarded a Wallace Stegner Fellowship in Creative Writing at Stanford. Amidst fanfare, music provided by the Concrete High School Band (Concrete, Washington), and ribbon cutting, Highway 20 was officially


; Historic Concrete grade school destroyed by fire left thumb The Old Grade School burning down. (Image:Fireball.JPG)On April 27, 2008 at approximately 1:45 p.m., the historic Concrete grade school building was reported to be on fire and according to fire officials, was fully engulfed in flames within twenty minutes. Despite the efforts of five fire departments (including Concrete, Burlington, Sedro-Woolley and two rural fire districts), the building was a total loss. Not able

and a lesser threat to the larger and rapidly growing towns of Mount Vernon (Mount Vernon, Washington) and Burlington (Burlington, Washington), as well as other communities along the lower Skagit and Stillaguamish Rivers. A 2005 study conducted by the United States Geological Survey identified nine Cascade volcanoes, including Glacier Peak, as "very-high-threat volcanoes with inadequate monitoring". At the time of the study, only one

, completed in 2009, which it follows to Burlington (Burlington, Washington). As departs the route, and

position directing

ranger stations and fish hatcheries had lines installed and served by the sisters' phone operation. Nell was also in charge of the work crew that dug and set all the company poles. She had a team of horses she drove to drag the poles into position, directing the pole setting, and she would then finish the job by installing the telephone wiring.left thumb Nell Quakenbush working on a phone pole in Concrete, circa 1910 (Image:Nell quackenbush on phone pole.jpg) Kate was in charge

Concrete, Washington

'''Concrete''' is a town in north-central Skagit County (Skagit County, Washington), Washington (Washington (state)), United States. The population was 705 at the 2010 census (2010 United States Census). The town of Concrete is included in the Mount Vernon (Mount Vernon, Washington)-Anacortes (Anacortes, Washington), Washington Metropolitan Statistical Area.

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