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on Ascension as a link in their only air route between the United States and Desert War in Egypt. This was a secret airfield and its loss would have shut off the critically needed supply of medium bombers to British forces in Egypt and to the Soviet forces in Russia. Captain Richardson's squadron of P-39s and five B-25 Mitchell bombers was assigned to protect the airfield. *1958 – An F-104 Starfighter sets a world speed record (Flight airspeed record) of 1,404.19 mph (2,259.82

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modified into the long-range Tu-114D variant, with seating reduced from 170 to 60, and 15 extra fuel tanks added. These aircraft operated from Murmansk, in the far north of the Soviet Union, and then entirely across the ocean to Havana. In most cases, this fuel load was enough, but in case of strong headwinds, an emergency refueling stop in Nassau (Nassau, Bahamas) in the Bahamas was necessary (ironically at an American military field). All planes operating this route were converted back

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the past two decades, significant growth in the city has led to overwhelming population density and infrastructure problems. Elections in 2010 led to protests and violent clashes between Guinea’s citizens and the military. According to the U.S. Department of State, the worst is over, but “there is residual potential for violence.” The State Department further warns that “While not specifically targeted, U.S. citizens have been victimized in the past. Motorists traveling outside of Conakry have encountered improvised checkpoint-barricades manned by persons in military uniforms who demand money and search through personal belongings, confiscating items of value.” Go next WikiPedia:Conakry

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, when a purely political campaign for independence had made predictably little progress, the PAIGC adopted guerrilla tactics. Although heavily outnumbered by Portuguese troops (approximately 30,000 Portuguese to some 10,000 guerrillas), the PAIGe had the great advantage of safe havens over the border in Senegal and Guinea, both recently independent of French rule. Several communist countries supported the guerrillas with weapons and military training. The conflict in Portuguese

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dcnkr.html Archdiocese of Conakry : history and structure (at *Guinea's Telecommunication Infrastructure, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), 1999 figures. External links * Office National du

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internationale de la francophonie in partnership with the ''Haut commissariat aux Droits de l'homme et à la promotion de la Paix'' (High Office on Human Rights and on the Promotion of Peace) of Senegal. Transport With its position near the upstream limit of navigation on the Niger River, Kouroussa is an important center of transport and trade. The Guinea Railway crosses the Niger River at this town, where there is also a river port.

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Airlines Airbus A330 (Flight 520) flying from Conakry, Guinea, to Brussels, Belgium, on July 28, 1999. Their bodies were discovered on August 2 in the airplane's rear right-hand wheel bay at Brussels International Airport (Brussels Airport), after having made at least three return trips between Conakry and Brussels. The boys were carrying plastic bags with birth certificates, school report cards, family photographs and a letter. This letter, written in imperfect French, was widely published in the world media. During the period of civil war (First Liberian Civil War) in the country, Conneh founded and served as the managing director of the Damate Corporation, an export and import business entity based in Conakry, Guinea. The corporation's main activity involved the trading of second-hand cars imported from Europe. While in Guinea, he became fluent in French (French language). Club career Born in Conakry, Zayatte moved from Guinea to Paris, France at the age of fifteen. WikiPedia:Conakry

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extensive architectural research on the uses of aluminum. They built industrial buildings from aluminum and sent hundreds of aluminum sheds to Africa. He also designed an aluminum prefabricated house, ''the Maison Tropicale,'' for use in Africa, though only 3 were built. WikiPedia:Conakry


'''Conakry''' (Sosso (Susu language): '' '' ) is the capital and largest city of Guinea. Conakry is a port city on the Atlantic Ocean and serves as the economic, financial and cultural centre of Guinea. Its population was estimated in 2009 at 1,667,864. Originally situated on Tombo Island, one of the Îles de Los, it has since spread up the neighboring Kaloum Peninsula.

The current population of Conakry is difficult to ascertain, although the U.S. Bureau of African Affairs has estimated it at 2 million. Conakry is thought to contain almost a quarter of the population of Guinea.

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