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dcnkr.html Archdiocese of Conakry : history and structure (at *Guinea's Telecommunication Infrastructure, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), 1999 figures. External links * Office National du

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Airlines Airbus A330 (Flight 520) flying from Conakry, Guinea, to Brussels, Belgium, on July 28, 1999. Their bodies were discovered on August 2 in the airplane's rear right-hand wheel bay at Brussels International Airport (Brussels Airport), after having made at least three return trips between Conakry and Brussels. The boys were carrying plastic bags with birth certificates, school report cards, family photographs and a letter. This letter, written in imperfect French, was widely published in the world media. During the period of civil war (First Liberian Civil War) in the country, Conneh founded and served as the managing director of the Damate Corporation, an export and import business entity based in Conakry, Guinea. The corporation's main activity involved the trading of second-hand cars imported from Europe. While in Guinea, he became fluent in French (French language). Club career Born in Conakry, Zayatte moved from Guinea to Paris, France at the age of fifteen. WikiPedia:Conakry

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*2011 - Riots in Conakry, Guinea, at least 4 killed.

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) is a Guinean international footballer (football (soccer)), who plays as a winger (Midfielder#Winger). DATE OF BIRTH 27 February 1981 PLACE OF BIRTH Conakry, Guinea DATE OF DEATH birth_date birth_place Conakry, Guinea ''' Abdoul Salam Sow ''' (born 13 August 1970 in Conakry) is a former Guinean footballer (association football) who played for Ankaragücü, FC Martigues, Belenenses

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-06-27 After Maxéville he started "Constructions Jean Prouvé" whose major works were a cafe in Evian, a pavilion for the centennial of aluminum and the Abbey Pierre house. WikiPedia:Conakry

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for the Provisional Algerian Government (GPRA) and attended conferences in Accra, Conakry, Addis Ababa, Leopoldville (Kinshasa), Cairo and Tripoli. Many of his shorter writings from this period were collected posthumously in the book ''Toward the African Revolution''. In this book Fanon reveals himself as a war strategist; in one chapter he discusses how to open a southern front to the war and how to run the supply lines. Alice Cherki, "Frantz Fanon. Portrait" (2000

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world story 2009 09 29 guinea-bloody-crackdown-democracy-protest.html Guinea military kills 157 in protest crackdown: rights group , CBC News Captain Moussa (Dadis) Camara told Radio France International on 28 September the shootings by members of his presidential guard were beyond his control. "Those people who committed those atrocities were uncontrollable elements in the military," he said. "Even I, as head of state in this very tense situation, cannot claim

to be able to control those elements in the military." The government revised the private investment code in 1998 to stimulate economic activity in the spirit of a free enterprise. The code does not discriminate between foreigners and nationals and provides for repatriation of profits. Foreign investments outside Conakry are entitled to especially favorable conditions. A national investment commission has been formed to review all investment proposals. The United

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By 1960, it was decided to move headquarters to Conakry in neighboring Guinea in order to prepare for an armed struggle. On April 18, 1961 PAIGC together with FRELIMO of Mozambique, MPLA of Angola and MLSTP of São Tomé and Príncipe formed Conference of Nationalist Organizations of the Portuguese Colonies (CONCP) during a conference in Morocco. The main goal of the organization was cooperation of the different national liberation movement in Portuguese colonies. In 1970 the Portuguese Air Force

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Belle Vue *Center Culturel Franco Guineen


'''Conakry''' (Sosso (Susu language): '' '' ) is the capital and largest city of Guinea. Conakry is a port city on the Atlantic Ocean and serves as the economic, financial and cultural centre of Guinea. Its population was estimated in 2009 at 1,667,864. Originally situated on Tombo Island, one of the Îles de Los, it has since spread up the neighboring Kaloum Peninsula.

The current population of Conakry is difficult to ascertain, although the U.S. Bureau of African Affairs has estimated it at 2 million. Conakry is thought to contain almost a quarter of the population of Guinea.

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