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longterm book pages 94.htm accessdate 2008-01-12 date 1998-02-02 Football career Sistrunk was one of the few NFL players of his day to not play college football, going directly from William H. Spencer High School in Columbus, Georgia

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State Route 520 S.R. 520 * 25px (File:Georgia 540.svg) S.R. 540 (Fall Line Freeway) Public transit thumb METRA bus in MidTown (File:Metra bus columbus ga.jpg) '''METRA Transit System''' is the primary provider of mass transportation in Muscogee County, currently operating nine routes in Columbus. The current public transportation services are operated as a function of the Columbus Consolidated Government under METRA.

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of Georgia (Georgia (U.S. state)) as '''Cedartown'''. An influx of industrial business bolstered the largely cotton-based economy of Cedartown, with Goodyear and other fabric mills and iron works appearing in or near what is now the Cedartown Industrial Park on the west side of town. Industrial and passenger railroad (rail transport) service was added to Cedartown in the early 20th century. Main St. became a part of U.S. Highway 27, a major north-south automobile route that connects Cedartown to larger cities like Chattanooga, Tennessee and Columbus, Georgia. U.S. 27 also intersects in town with U.S. Highway 278, which connects Cedartown with Atlanta, Georgia. The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company built a large textile mill operation in Cedartown, and also built a large residential section of town for mill workers, now known as the Goodyear Village. 05 05 1952 align left DATE OF BIRTH September 22, 1891 PLACE OF BIRTH Columbus (Columbus, Georgia), Georgia (Georgia (U.S. state)), U.S. (United States) DATE OF DEATH February 24, 1978

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in Columbus include Aflac, Carmike Cinemas, TSYS, Realtree (Realtree Outdoors), Synovus, and the W. C. Bradley Co. Buildings thumb Aflac Tower in the Corporate Headquarters Main Campus. Midtown Columbus, Georgia (File:AFLAC Tower Columbus Georgia.jpg) This is a list of the eight tallest buildings in Columbus.

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Office year 1919 pages 34,123 Cecil graduated from George Tech in 1924, and moved to Bellingham, Washington, where he was first a gas

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seat baseball stadium, is the former home to the Columbus Catfish. It was also the site of the softball events of the 1996 Summer Olympics that were held in the city of Columbus. It opened in 1926, making it the oldest baseball park in the city. * RiverCenter for the Performing Arts, a 2,000-seat modern performance theatre that first opened in 2002 and is operated by the Columbus not-for-profit organization RiverCenter Inc. The theatre is commonly frequently used for local events, but occasionally, it is used for nationally recognized performances. * Springer Opera House, a historic live performance theater located in Downtown that opened in early 1871. Former United States President Jimmy Carter proclaimed it the State Theatre of Georgia for the 1971-72 season. The legislature made the designation permanent in 1992. Georgia Secretary of State - State Theatre,; retrieved February 2007 (from Springer Opera House). Historic Districts thumb Columbus Historic Riverfront Industrial District (File:Historic-columbus-ga.jpg) DATE OF BIRTH September 22, 1891 PLACE OF BIRTH Columbus (Columbus, Georgia), Georgia (Georgia (U.S. state)), U.S. (United States) DATE OF DEATH February 24, 1978

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May 29, 1973) is a contemporary Christian musician from Columbus, Georgia, USA. His most successful album to date is ''Myself When I Am Real'', which included hit songs "Great Light of the World" and "Falling Down". Other popular songs by Norman include "Disappear", "Nothing Without You", "I Will Lift My Eyes", and "Borrow Mine". He initially gained popularity when touring with another Christian band, Caedmon's Call. Norman's fans call themselves Simpletons. Norman is married to Roshare Finecey. Bebo Norman Discography, Bebo Norman Artist Database - Columbus, Georgia WKZJ FM 92.7 "The Big Station K92.7" - *'''Kelly Clarkson''' (born April 24, 1982 in Fort Worth, Texas, 20 years at the time of the show) is from Burleson, Texas and auditioned in Dallas, Texas with Etta James' "At Last" and Madonna (Madonna (entertainer))'s "Express Yourself (Express Yourself (Madonna song))". She performed Aretha Franklin's version of "Respect (Respect (song))" and Vanessa Williams (Vanessa L. Williams)' "Save The Best For Last" in the Hollywood rounds. *'''Justin Guarini''' (born October 28, 1978 in Columbus, Georgia, 23 years at the time of the show) is from Doylestown, Pennsylvania and auditioned in New York City with The Jackson 5's version of "Who's Lovin' You". He performed Oleta Adams' version of "Get Here" in the Hollywood rounds. *'''Nikki McKibbin''' (born September 28, 1978 in Grand Prairie, Texas, 23 at the time of the show) auditioned in Dallas with her married name Nikki Ozment. She had previously been on ''Popstars: USA'' and audition with Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" and Whitney Houston's "One Moment in Time". She performed The Righteous Brothers' version of "Unchained Melody" in the Hollywood rounds. See also From DATE OF BIRTH September 22, 1891 PLACE OF BIRTH Columbus (Columbus, Georgia), Georgia (Georgia (U.S. state)), U.S. (United States) DATE OF DEATH February 24, 1978


bestselling US writer. Under her own name she writes urban fantasy, and is best known for her Dark-Hunter vampire series. Under the pseudonym '''Kinley MacGregor''' she wrote historicals also with paranormal (paranormal romance) elements.

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for the annual School of the Americas Watch protest at a combat training school for Latin American soldiers now known as the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation. The date of the protest marks the anniversary of the murder of six Jesuit priests, their maid, and her daughter in El Salvador at the hands of soldiers trained at the School of the Americas. DATE OF BIRTH September 22, 1891 PLACE OF BIRTH Columbus (Columbus, Georgia), Georgia (Georgia (U.S. state)), U.S. (United States) DATE OF DEATH February 24, 1978

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-central Georgia and stretches from Columbus (Columbus, Georgia) in the south to the Atlanta metropolitan area in the north. History The colonial charter of Savannah prohibited Roman Catholics from

Columbus, Georgia

'''Columbus''' is the second largest city in Georgia. It is the county seat of Muscogee County (Muscogee County, Georgia), Georgia (Georgia (U.S. state)), United States, with which it is consolidated (Consolidated city-county). Columbus-Phenix City Metropolitan Area (Columbus, Georgia metropolitan area) counts 316,554. It joins with the nearby Alabama cities of Auburn (Auburn, Alabama) and Opelika (Opelika, Alabama) to form the Columbus-Auburn-Opelika Combined Statistical Area (Greater Columbus, Georgia), which had a 2013 population of 501,649. Situated at the heart of the Chattahoochee Valley, Columbus is the fourth largest metropolitan area in the state.

Columbus lies southwest of Atlanta. Fort Benning, a major employer, is located south of the city in Chattahoochee County (Chattahoochee County, Georgia). The city is home to museums and other tourism sites. The area is served by the Columbus Airport (Columbus Airport (Georgia)). The current mayor is Teresa Tomlinson, who was elected in November 2010. In 2007, ''Best Life'' magazine ranked Columbus #4 on the Top 100 Places To Raise A Family. Best Places To Live 2007 100-Best Places to Live Retrieved 2009-08-06 In 2013, ranked Columbus #74 on the Top 100 Best Places to Live in America. Ledger-Enquirer: Columbus appears on list of top 100 best places to live In 2011, The Daily Beast ranked Columbus #1 on the list of the 30 Brokest Cities in America. Daily Beast: The 30 Brokest Cities in America Ledger-Enquirer: Website ranks Columbus as 'brokest city in America' Security company Safemart rated Columbus the most dangerous city in 2013, while a rates Columbus the most dangerous city in America Gallup well-being poll (Gallup (company)), published in 2014 on Yahoo!, ranked the Columbus area as the seventh-most miserable city in the U.S. USA Today: Gallup ranks best and worst cities for well-being Ledger-Enquirer: Recent study names Columbus the 7th most miserable city in U.S. Yahoo!: America's most miserable cities

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