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but is abandoned. This area was also the site of the Churchill Rocket Research Range, part of Canadian-American atmospheric research. Its first rocket was launched in 1956, and it continued to host launches for research until closing in 1984. The site of the former rocket range now hosts the Churchill Northern Studies Centre, a facility for Arctic research. Churchill still hosts a rocket range and subsequent Spaceport Canada effort; currently located at Fort Churchill (Fort Churchill (rocket launch site)). In the 1950s, the British government considered establishing a site near Churchill for testing their early nuclear weapons, before choosing Australia instead.

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;ref Churchill Regional Health Authority Arctic research The Northern Studies Centre is a non-profit research and education facility located east of the town of Churchill. They provide accommodations, meals, equipment rentals, and logistical support to scientific researchers working on a diverse range of topics of interest to northern science.

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Bay Railway line. Gillam is a significant community because of the nearby Nelson River Bipole converter station on the Nelson River. Gillam receives limited VIA rail passenger service at the Gillam railway station.thumb Welcome sign at Gillam, Manitoba. (Image:Welcome-Sign-Gillam-Manitoba.JPG) HBRY was formed in July 1997 to purchase former Canadian National Railway (CN) trackage running north from CN trackage at The Pas, MB (The Pas, Manitoba) on two branches, one to Flin Flon, MB (Flin Flon, Manitoba) and on to Lynn Lake, MB (Lynn Lake, Manitoba), the other to Thompson, MB (Thompson, Manitoba) and on to the port of Churchill, MB (Churchill, Manitoba) on Hudson Bay. Operations began on August 20, 1997, and the company is owned by railroad holding company OmniTRAX. Ingebrigtson's family moved from Norway to Manitoba shortly after his birth, and settled in the northern community of The Pas. He later moved to the community of Churchill (Churchill, Manitoba) and worked as a shipper, hunter and trapper. After serving with the Royal Canadian Air Force in the Pacific during World War II, he returned to Churchill to start a family business. '''Wapusk National Park''' is Canada's 37th national park (National Parks of Canada), established in 1996. The park is located in the Hudson Plains ecozone, 45 km south of Churchill (Churchill, Manitoba) in north-east Manitoba, Canada, on the shores of Hudson Bay. Access to the park is limited due to its remote location and an effort to preserve the park. The name comes from the Cree (Cree language) word for polar bear (''wâpask''). Cree Dictionary. Wâpask The Park is also home to Cape Churchill, which is renowned as the best location in the world to view and photograph wild polar bears. The only way people can access Cape Churchill is by helicopter or Tundra Buggy. - CHFC (CBWK-FM) 1230 AM Churchill (Churchill, Manitoba) CBC Radio One public (public broadcasting) news talk (talk radio) - - VF2312 00 96.9 FM Churchill (Churchill, Manitoba) NCI (Native Communications Inc) First Nations community radio - * Churchill (redir to Winston Churchill) -- Churchill, Manitoba or Churchill (electoral district) * Cornwall (article about county in England) -- Cornwall, Ontario hubs Thompson Airport Winnipeg Airport (Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport) secondary_hubs Churchill, MB (Churchill, Manitoba); Rankin Inlet, NU (Rankin Inlet) focus_cities *Manitoba **Churchill (Churchill, Manitoba) (Churchill Airport) **Flin Flon (Flin Flon Airport) - Churchill Airport CYYQ YYQ Churchill (Churchill, Manitoba), Manitoba - - Churchill (Hudson Bay Helicopters) Heliport (List of heliports in Canada#321) CHB2 Churchill (Churchill, Manitoba), Manitoba - - Churchill Water Aerodrome CJJ7 Churchill (Churchill, Manitoba), Manitoba - The concept of an "Arctic Bridge", with a hub in Churchill (Churchill, Manitoba), was proposed by Canadians in the early 1990s. In 1997 the port of Churchill was sold to Denver-based OmniTRAX, a major railroad operator. In 2004, OmniTRAX entered into talks with the Murmansk Shipping Company to promote the Arctic Bridge concept. http: arctic_economics 2008 07 the-arctic-bridge.html While the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) has been able to keep Churchill a viable port, exporting nearly 400,000 tons (15 million bushels) of wheat each year, OmniTRAX has had difficulty in landing imports at Churchill. http: trade-development international-trade-export 5561415-1.html Wood emphasized the need to develop a regional economy in Churchill (Churchill, Manitoba). He received 1,018 votes (23.00%), finishing second against New Democratic Party candidate Eric Robinson (Eric Robinson (Canadian politician)). - Churchill (Hudson Bay Helicopters) CHB2 Private Hudson Bay Helicopters Churchill (Churchill, Manitoba) MB (Manitoba)


archiveurl http: query?url 2012-11-05 deadurl No quote Discussions are quietly underway between Calgary’s oil community, Canada’s only Arctic seaport, railway companies, and refiners on the East Coast and the Gulf Coast, as well as in Europe, to collect unrefined oil by rail from fields across Western Canada, get

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of decline in the fur trade and surfacing of western agricultural success, Churchill phased into and then back out of obsolescence. After decades of frustration over the monopoly and domination of the Canadian Pacific Railway, western Canadian governments banded together and argued for the creation of a major new northern shipping harbour on Hudson Bay, linked by rail (Hudson Bay Railway (1910)) from Winnipeg. Initially Port Nelson (Port Nelson, Manitoba) was selected for this purpose

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; ref He has emphasized that while he opposes commercial whaling, he is not against traditional whale-hunting among aboriginal societies. Peggy Anderson, "Sea Shepherd: Idealists donating time to save the whales", ''Associated Press Newswires'', 11 October 1998, 14:47. During the 1950s, while the airport was still named ''Uplands'' and a joint-use civilian military field, it was the busiest airport in Canada by takeoffs and landings, reaching a peak of 307,079 aircraft movements in 1959, nearly double its current traffic. At the time, the airport had scheduled airline flights by Trans-Canada Air Lines (Toronto, Montreal, and Val-d'Or), Trans Air (Churchill (Churchill, Manitoba)), and Eastern Air Lines (New York (New York City) via Syracuse (Syracuse, New York) and Washington (Washington, D.C.) via Montreal).


Diocese of Churchill-Baie d'Hudson Diocese of Churchill-Baie d'Hudson , with over 850 high quality Inuit carvings (Inuit art) on permanent display. The exhibits include historic and contemporary sculptures of stone, bone, and ivory, as well as archaeological and wildlife specimens. Parks Canada visitor centre also


2010 Churchill has been used to transship grain since 1929. On October 31, 2012, the ''Financial Post'' reported that due to delays in the approval of several new pipelines from Alberta's oil fields, oil industry planners were considering shipping oil, by rail, to Churchill, for loading on panamax oil tankers. Under this plan icebreakers would extend the shipping season. Demographics and culture

As of the 2006 Canada Census (Canada 2006 Census), just under half (44.10%) of the population was non-native and the rest (56.41%) were Aboriginal (Aboriginal peoples in Canada), mostly Chipewyan and Swampy Cree (33.85%), with some Métis (Métis people (Canada)) (16.41%) and a small number

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North American railroad grid . It is capable of servicing panamax vessels.

Churchill, Manitoba

'''Churchill''' (Inuit (Inuit languages): ''Kuugjuaq'') Issenman, Betty. ''Sinews of Survival: The living legacy of Inuit clothing''. UBC Press, 1997. pp252-254 is a town on the west shore of Hudson Bay in northern Manitoba, Canada, just south of the Nunavut Manitoba boundary. It is most famous for the many polar bears that move toward the shore from inland in the autumn, leading to the nickname "Polar Bear Capital of the World" that has helped its growing tourism industry.

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