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Day tours * Balamutivka: Balamutivska cave, (Печера "Баламутівська"). * Khotyn Fortress (фортеця Хотин)State historical-architectural preserve * Pogorilivka: Three levels cave, (Триярусна печера). * Shepit: Waterfall Shepit Guk, (Водоспад "Сучавський гук"). * Toporivtsi St.Elias church, (Іллінської церкви) 1560. * Vyzhnytsya: Vyzhnytskyi National Park, (Національний парк "Вижницький"). Parks *

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In 1775, Empress Maria Theresa of the Habsburg Empire took advantage of the situation and occupied the northern extremity of Moldavia, called Bucovina, marching the Austrian armies through Cernăuţi (Chernivtsi) and Suceava, considered the holy city of Moldavia, as it preserved the tombs of Stephen the Great and other Moldavian rulers. The occupation was acknowledged with a treaty between the Habsburg Empire and the Ottoman Empire, despite the protests of Grigore Ghica, the Hospodar of Moldavia. Grigore Ghica was assassinated in 1777, at Iaşi, by Austrian paid Turkish troops. After the war ended, he returned to his native Bukovina and he was one of the members of the National Assembly of Bukovina in Cernăuţi (Chernivtsi), which voted for the union with Romania (Union Day (Romania)) on November 28, 1918. Nistor was also one of the fifteen Bukovinans who presented the Union Act to Romania's King (King of Romania) Ferdinand I (Ferdinand I of Romania). Neagoe, p.XVI *Slovakia - Prešov, Košice, Moldava nad Bodvou *Ukraine - Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, Uzhhorod History According to legend, the village was founded by a forester raising oxen (''Boi'' in Romanian (Romanian language)) in a glade

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of Ukrainian pop music development that continues until today. This song was written on a train from Lviv to Chernivtsi and two days later was debuted at Ukraine's first contemporary music festival "Chervona Ruta" in 1989 - where the duo and their newly formed group were ultimately awarded ''Best International Band''. In 1940, he was named associate professor. In 1942, after an examination, he was named Professor of New Testament Exegesis at the Chernivtsi Cernăuţi

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bus ride from the train station, centrally located opposite the famous blue Town Hall. phone +380 508 857049 tollfree fax hours 24 7 price Dorm (12 bed) UAH70, dbl UAH100 checkin checkout content the common room has computers, plasma tv with surround sound with English-speaking channels and the kitchen is fully equipped. *

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~5km E - near to 'Bus Station #2' - take trolley 4 to 'Muzei narodnoi arkhitektury ta pobutu' phone +380 372 262970 hours Tu-Su 10.00-17.00 price content Outdoor architectural complex of traditional wooden buildings from Bukovina region, from 17-20th cent. +phone +380 372 907073 *

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. A similar process occurred in northern Bessarabia. Throughout the history of the region, there were no inter-ethnic clashes, while the city of Chernivtsi was known for its German-style architecture, for a highly cultivated society, and for ethnic tolerance. Small ethnic disputes were, however, present on occasion. In 1918, many Ukrainians in Bukovina wanted to join an independent Ukrainian state. After an initial period of free education in Ukrainian language, in late 1920s Romanian

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school, played the trumpet, and planned to create his own band. As a student at the University of Chernivtsi and a trumpeter in the student pop orchestra, he helped Sofia discover the pop orchestra. Before meeting him, Rotaru had used primarily violins and the cimbalom for musical backup.

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Ukrainska,31. lat long directions phone hours price content Built in 1899. * Do


'''Chernivtsi''' (

Together with the city of Lviv, Chernivtsi is viewed at present to be a cultural center of western Ukraine. The city is also considered one of modern Ukraine's greatest cultural, educational and architectural centers. Historically a cosmopolitan cultural center, Chernivtsi was even dubbed "Little Vienna" and "Jerusalem upon the Prut". Chernivtsi is currently twinned (Twin towns and sister cities) with seven other cities around the world. The city is a major regional rail and road transportation hub, also housing an international airport (Chernivtsi International Airport).

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