What is Cheongju known for?

small building

long directions in Ching Dae Jung Moon phone tollfree fax hours price content 86 Bar In the basement of a small building is 86 Bar. Decorated as if it was Korea in 1970 this is a welcome departure from the neon signs of every other bar in Korea The mood is subdued and the staff are prompt and friendly. It is popular with Koreans and Westerners alike. Unique and a must see...if you can find it. Sleep There are various love motels throughout the city


) was a Korean nationalist and Korean independence activist. He was born in Cheongju, in Chungcheong province. In 1884 he heard of the Donghak religion and its ideals of supporting the nation and comforting the people, and decided to become a member. The '''Chungbuk Line'''(충북선, 忠北線) is a railway line serving North Chungcheong Province in South Korea. The line connects Jochiwon on the Gyeongbu Line to Bongyang on the Jungang Line, serving the major

from Archbishop Kinam Ro, with Bishops James Pardy, MM (Maryknoll), and Peter Han Kong-ryel serving as co-consecrators (Consecrator), in the Church of the Holy Family in Cheongju. Cheong was later promoted to the third Archbishop of Seoul on April 3, 1998. In addition to his duties in Seoul, he was made Apostolic Administrator ''ad nutum Sanctae Sedis'' (Apostolic Administrator) of P'yong-yang (Pyongyang) on June 6 of that same year. He was elected President of the Korean

Episcopal Conference in 1998 as well, thus serving as the spokesman for the Church in Korea (Roman Catholicism in Korea). '''Planned Stores''' *Cheongju Store in Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do (scheduled for 2010) *Asan Store in Asan, Chungcheongnam-do (scheduled for 2010) *Cheonggyecheon, a stream in central Seoul. *Cheongju, the capital of Chungcheongbuk-do. **Cheongju Airport, the only commercial airport in the Chungcheong provinces

public technical

around 55 professors. '''Cheongju University''' is a private university located in Cheongju City, the capital of North Chungcheong province, South Korea. The current president is Kim Yoon Bae. '''Cheongju National College of Science and Technology''' is a public technical college in South Korea. The main campus is situated in the city of Cheongju, which is the capital of North Chungcheong province. A satellite campus is located in Jeungpyeong County

international public

of several tertiary (tertiary education) institutions, including: *Cheongju National University of Education *Cheongju University *Chungbuk National University *Chung Cheong University *Korea Air Force Academy *Korea National University of Education *Seowon University Festival Cheongju International Craft Biennale is held once in two years. It's often held in September or October. http: wp Cheongju International public website ref>


University area * *

of the biggest Western style bars in the area complete with darts,Foosball and a pool table. A good selection of Korean and Western beers, Guinness on tap and a happy hour between 12 and 1am. *

price content With their own brew on tap, Da Bar is a refreshing change for Cheongju. Along from Baskin Robbins and next door from the tattoo and piercing shop. Look for the sign. *


Expo Park are only an hour away by bus. Alternately, North Chungcheong Province's most convenient hub, Chungju and its most iconic natural landmarks can be found at Danyang, are both a short hop away. For access details, see Korea's Express Bus website. However there are many buses that are not listed on here that also go from Cheongju, including buses to Gyeongju, Incheon Airport, Nam (South) Seoul, SongniSan and pretty much every other place

nearby major

is that it houses one of Korea's major domestic (with a few international routes) airports, servicing not just Cheongju but also the nearby major city of Daejeon. Get in By plane Cheongju Airport is located on the outskirts of the city and offers limited flights to Bangkok in Thailand and Hangzhou in China. Flights to Jeju are available. By train The main train station is located at Ogeunjang. Trains are limited, making this a lesser

red hot

Tteokbokki is sliced rice cakes served with red, hot pepper paste. Fish cakes, boiled eggs or even ramyeon may be added to the dish. Mid-range * *

offering good

phone tollfree fax hours price content Tasty Indian style food in Chungdae, across the street from the newly built (in late 2012) Smoothie King. * *

style food/

phone tollfree fax hours price content Tasty Indian style food in Chungdae, across the street from the newly built (in late 2012) Smoothie King. * *

along from the North Face store. Vietnamese style food at cheap Korean prices. Splurge * *


'''Cheongju''' ( ) is the capital and largest city (List of cities in South Korea) of North Chungcheong Province in South Korea.

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