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of the downtown area. Be careful, as this area can be dodgy after dusk. * '''Barrio de San Antonio''', the Iglesia de San Antonio is located at the heart of this area. This place is popular because of its colonial architecture and it is located on top of a hill meaning that it is cooler up there and you can see the city of Cali from the top. Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights many people come to the area to watch performers, story tellers, people selling handy crafts and just chilling out

large blue

''': Inaugurated in March 2009, this transport system consists of large blue buses running in exclusive lanes with enclosed stations and offers the best option for local transit. All buses are air-conditioned, clean and safe. A one way trip costs 1,500 COP with no discount for bulk purchases. The system continues construction of new lanes with the eventual goal of comprehensive coverage of the metropolitan area. There are 23 urban transport

conducting business

, the aircraft took off from Tocumen International Airport in Panama City (Panama City, Panama) for a flight to Cali, Colombia with 40 passengers and 7 crew. Among its passengers were Colombian merchants conducting business in Panama. Because of severe tropical storms, the pilot requested permission from Tocumen air traffic control to fly a different route, taking

world basketball

;Coliseo El Pueblo", a covered arena center used for all type of events, the main use is basketball. Infrastructure Cali's infrastructure has permitted it to host several major international sports competitions such as the 1971 Pan American Games, numerous Games of the Pacific, the final phase of the 1982 World basketball championship (1982 FIBA World Championship), the 1999 World's Roller Hockey Championships, women's basketball and swimming events, Pan American Speed-Track Cycling Championships, and most recently the World's Roller Speed Skating Championships. Cali was the host city of the World Games 2013. * Pascual Guerrero Olímpic stadium (Estadio Olímpico Pascual Guerrero) * El Pueblo Arena (Coliseo El Pueblo) * Polideportivo de El Vallado * Unidad Deportiva Panamericana * Velódromo Alcides Nieto Patiño * Gimnasio Evangelista Mora * Patinódromo Los Diputados * Estadio del Deportivo Cali (Estadio Deportivo Cali) Football Santiago de Cali is home of Colombia's Deportivo Cali and América de Cali football clubs. Many well-known football players were either born in Cali or have played in one of its clubs. Wellington Ortiz, Carlos Valderrama, Anthony de Avila, Álex Escobar, Julio Cesar Falcioni, Jorge Orosmán da Silva, Jorge Bermudez, Giovanny Hernandez, Hugo Rodallega, Mario Yepes, Faryd Mondragón, Adolfo Valencia, and Oscar Córdoba are a sample of them. According to CONMEBOL, América (América de Cali) ranks 2nd and Deportivo Cali 3rd commons:Cali

Beautiful women

. * '''Calle 66:''' Nightclubs in Cali, the best events, best bars, the best rumba, the most driven, most beautiful women, most people find it cute Cali La Rumba VIP. * '''Menga:''' Located north of Santiago de Cali, it is one of the most representative examples of the rumba in the city. Here you can find all the rhythms of time, plus exclusive platform to see the best artists in action, highly comfortable facilities, environment heated, only club in the area of Menga with VIP area, latest

surgeons are famous in Colombia for having shaped some of the country's most beautiful women. There have been no significant reports of problems in this area, but Lonely Planet advises proper research before pursuing such an idea. In the city of Cali about 50,000 (2010) cosmetic surgery procedures occur per year, of which around 14,000 involve patients from abroad.

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played sport in the city. Basketball is a preferred sport at the city center location "La Carrera del Cholado". Football still surpasses basketball in sport popularity. Bullfighting is staged during the Cali Fair which is held in December. It is anticipated by many citizens in Cali, as well as by many people in all Colombia. The bullfighting ring (Bullring) is called La Plaza de Toros de Cañaveralejo, located southwest of Cali. others sports in cali Rugby


fruit and shaved ice, and best found in Jamundi, about a 15 min drive from the southern neighborhoods of Cali. * ''Pandebono'' - baked rings of cheese bread which is quite typical of Cali * ''Buñuelos'' - sweet fried doughnut balls * ''Sancocho de gallina'' - a very popular chicken soup, best found in a town called Ginebra, about one hour drive from Cali * ''Manjar blanco'' - a candy made from cooked sugar and milk, similar to dulce de leche (Milk candy) * ''Chontaduro'' or peach palm

time member

in the Colombian First Division (Categoría Primera A). He is also a long-time member of the Colombian national team (Colombia national football team). DATE OF BIRTH 1971-06-21 PLACE OF BIRTH Cali, Colombia DATE OF DEATH ::'''Comment''' Read the Cali talkpage, Rainbowwarrior. Read your comments there. Don't they deserve an explanation and apology? And I would like an apology for being called a "troll". And Soltak would like a reply for being called a "redneck". And we would all like an apology for your actions in requesting deletion over and over. I don't care about your involvement with this "Larissa" (assuming she even exists), just apologise for your actions in the aforementioned contexts, and then we can rehabilitate you and you can continue living in your little fantasy world Rusty2005 (User:Rusty2005) 10:38, 9 August 2005 (UTC) In Colombia, various indigenous groups protested the denial of their rights. People organized a march in Cali in October 2008 to demand the government live up to promises to protect indigenous lands, defend the indigenous against violence, and reconsider the free trade pact with the United States. commons:Cali

great diversity

of the great diversity in fauna. There is a brand new fancy ECO hotel opened in 2009 Reachable from Cali: Either via Buenaventura (2.5 hrs to the west by car) or regional flights available from Cali to Guapi. From any of these towns you need to take a boat to the island. * Watch '''humpback whales''': around 1,200 humpback whales are expected to arrive every June - July in the Pacific ocean waters of Isla Gorgona

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their favourite sports games. Great beer and good prices, open every day until 3AM. * '''Forum''' is a popular club for electronic music with an energetic atmosphere. * '''London Tavern''' is busy only on a Thursday night when there is a live salsa band playing. * '''Martyn´s Bar''' is a classic rock bar that has been around since the early ´80s. * '''Roosters''' is a brand new Rock Bar Pub with own Micro Brewery, imported beer and drinks, live rock music and major sports games on big screen - European


'''Santiago de Cali''' ( ), usually known by its short name "'''Cali'''", is the capital of the Valle del Cauca department, and the most populous city in western Colombia with an estimated 2,319,655 Proyecciones de poblaciĂłn residents according to 2005-2020 DANE (Departamento Administrativo Nacional de Estadística) population projections. The city spreads out across 560,3 km2 and 120,9 km2 of urban area, CALI EN CIFRAS 2011- ALCALDÍA DE SANTIAGO DE CALI (DEPARTAMENTO ADMINISTRATIVO DE PLANEACIÓN) surpassing Medellín (376.21 km² and 102.10 km² of urban area DOCUMENTO TÉCNICO DE SOPORTE POT-MEDELLÍN Y SU POBLACIÓN (pag 84) ) making Cali the second largest city by area in the country, behind Bogotá. As the only major Colombian city with access to the Pacific coast it is the main urban, and economic centre in western Colombia, making the city one of the fastest growing economies in the country and the cultural capital of Salsa music. http: decoracion content cali-la-capital-mundial-de-la-salsa http: news_view.php?idnews 178 http: vernoticia.asp?WPLACA 14272 It was founded on 25 July 1536 by the Spanish conquistador Sebastián de Belalcázar.

It is the main sports center of Colombia, being the only Colombian city to have hosted the Pan American Games (in 1971 (1971 Pan American Games)), the 1992 World Wrestling Championships, ninth edition (World Games 2013) of the World Games in 2013. It hosted the UCI Track Cycling World Championships in 2014, and will host the World Youth Championships in Athletics (IAAF World Youth Championships in Athletics) in 2015.

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