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buildings keeping

checkin checkout content Surrounded by a nice and quiet atmosphere, historical cafés and buildings keeping their original façades. Every room is delicately decorated with style and unique vanguard design. They are all equipped with a private bathroom, air conditioner and a 32” LCD cable TV. *

period location

fax hours 6PM-3AM, F,Sat to 5AM price content This popular pub offers the best selection of tap beers in San Telmo, a huge variety of cocktails and top shelf liquors in a beautiful period location. Great European menu includes moderately priced tapas, picadas, pizzas, hamburgers, mains and Polish specialties. An international crowd enjoys a large projection screen for sport events, Nintendo Wii, board games, free WiFi and comfortable sofas in the living room club section of the pub

early studies

in Buenos Aires to a German (ethnic German) father and a Basque (Basque people) mother. His early studies were in geology, which has been said to contribute to his acuity as a science fiction writer. He began his journalistic career in the early 1940s. His first work appeared in the daily ''La Prensa (La Prensa (Buenos Aires))'' newspaper and then at the publishing house Codex. DATE OF BIRTH July 23, 1919 PLACE OF BIRTH Buenos Aires, Argentina DATE OF DEATH 1977 Plot The story begins as a deadly snowfall covers Buenos Aires and the surrounding metropolitan area (Greater Buenos Aires), wiping out most life in a few hours. Juan Salvo, along with a couple of friends (Favalli, Lucas and Polski who were playing truco at his house), his wife and his daughter remain safe from the lethal snowflakes thanks to the protection of Juan Salvo's home and the cleverness of Favalli. They soon get organized in order to survive the ordeal, making special suits to leave the house protected from the snow and gather supplies. During these trips they find Pablo, a twelve year-old boy, and realize that other, crazed or needy survivors have become as much of a threat as the deadly snow. thumb right 140px One of the alien ''Manos'' (''"Hands"''), Italian translation (Image:Eternauta-kol.jpg) birth_date Commons:Category:Buenos Aires Wikipedia:Buenos Aires Dmoz:Regional South America Argentina Provinces Buenos Aires City

picturesque metal

, shady walk or jog head to the golf course north of the railway tracks. Another great place to walk along and experience Argentine (Argentina) street life is ''El Puerto de Buenos Aires''. Its personality however is quite contrasting during the day and during the night. La Boca (Buenos Aires La Boca) has the ''Caminito'' pedestrian street with arts and crafts. There is also a river cruise you can take from there where you can see a huge picturesque metal structure across the river. You

quot legendary

Sosa: Obituary" In 1994, she played the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City. In 2002, she sold out both Carnegie Hall in New York and the Coliseum

in Rome in the same year. In 2005, the band released a CD of their renditions of ''Animals (Animals (Pink Floyd album))'' and ''Wish You Were Here (Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd album))'' at the Liverpool Pops Festival. In the same year the band undertook a two-week tour of South America consisting of dates in Mexico City, Buenos Aires, and Brazil. A documentary about the group was shot

eccentric performances

and journalist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina but raised in Italy who lives in the United States. Later that same year, 1991, during one of its Japanese tours, they decided to record the only live album of the group, ''In the Hell of Patchinko'', recorded during two concerts at the city of Kawasaki (Kawasaki, Kanagawa) (Japan). The work captures, in essence, the energy of live band, as Mano Negra was a band of ''performance'', which owed much of its success to its eccentric

performances and travel. Precisely in this year, they started the ''Cargo 92'' project, embarking from the city of Nantes in the cargo ship ''Melquiades'' with the theater company Royal de Luxe, in order to start a boat trip to South America, subsidized by the French government. The tour, which lasted nearly five months and visited countries such as Colombia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba, Ecuador, Brazil, Uruguay or Argentina, giving free performances in public places


lat -34.694973 long -58.586821 label Alte. Brown (Almirante Brown de Isidro Casanova) position right mark Blue pog.svg From 1907 to 1935, she wrote twenty-one articles for the National Geographic Society that featured her photographs, including "Some Wonderful Sights in the Andean Highlands" (September 1908), "Kaleidoscopic La Paz: City of the Clouds" (February 1909) and "

great international

the theater had been the scene of stage plays of great international theatrical companies, that played in Brazil, in the axis Porto Alegre-São Paulo-Rio de Janeiro, and then going on to Buenos Aires and Montevideo. Due to the ease of the rivber travel, these European companies always played in Itaqui's Theater, giving to the city the nickname of “Small Paris.” Not only the foreign companies were attractions at the Theater, the biggest names of the Brazilian stage also have

metal sound

Angra's earlier experimental sound. It focused more on the traditional heavy metal sound, and lacked the classical influences that were apparent in ''Angels Cry'' and the Brazilian rhythms that were included in Holy Land. A lengthy world tour was set up in support for the album. Angra made an appearance at the Buenos Aires´s edition of the Monsters of Rock Festival. ''The Holy Box'' was released the same year by ''Lucretia Records'' including exclusive acoustic tracks. In 2000 Angra co

strong friendship

enrolled him in the ''Colegio de San Bernardino'', to pursue religious studies, but Artigas refused to submit to the school's strict discipline. Before he left the Colegio, he developed a strong friendship with Fernando Otorgues, who would work with him in later years. Luna, p. 26 At the age of 12, he moved to the countryside and worked on his family's farms. His contact with the customs and perspectives of gauchos made a great impression on him. Luna, p. 27<

Buenos Aires

'''Buenos Aires''' (

The city of Buenos Aires is neither part of Buenos Aires Province nor the Province's capital; rather, it is an autonomous (autonomous city) district. The city limits were enlarged to include the towns of Belgrano (Belgrano, Buenos Aires) and Flores (Flores, Buenos Aires); both are now neighborhoods of the city (Barrios and Communes of Buenos Aires). The 1994 constitutional amendment (1994 amendment of the Argentine Constitution) granted the city autonomy (autonomous area), hence its formal name: '''''Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires''''' ('''Autonomous City of Buenos Aires'''). Its citizens first elected a Chief of Government (List of mayors and chiefs of government of Buenos Aires) (i.e. Mayor) in 1996; before, the Mayor was directly appointed by the President of the Republic (President of Argentina).

Buenos Aires is, along with Mexico City and São Paulo, one of the three Latin American cities considered an 'alpha city' by the study GaWC5 (Global city).

Buenos Aires is a top tourist destination,

People from Buenos Aires are referred to as ''porteños'' (people of the port (Port of Buenos Aires)). The city is the birthplace of the current pope, Francis (Pope Francis) (former Archbishop of Buenos Aires), and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands.

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