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as the 9th most popular DJ in the world by the ''DJ Magazine'' poll. By this time Burridge was also touring globally and playing in cities such as Sydney, Buenos Aires, New York, Singapore and Ibiza in addition to playing top U.K. festivals such as Creamfields, the Gatecrasher Summer Sound System, V Festival and Homelands. Garré was born in the San Telmo district of Buenos

metal sound

Angra's earlier experimental sound. It focused more on the traditional heavy metal sound, and lacked the classical influences that were apparent in ''Angels Cry'' and the Brazilian rhythms that were included in Holy Land. A lengthy world tour was set up in support for the album. Angra made an appearance at the Buenos Aires´s edition of the Monsters of Rock Festival. ''The Holy Box'' was released the same year by ''Lucretia Records'' including exclusive acoustic tracks. In 2000 Angra co

extensive series

, Argentina to hold a one man exhibition. He was the first British artist to do this. He took full advantage of his journey and despite being nearly sixty, undertook long and arduous excursions to Chile and Brazil and painted an extensive series of landscapes. West’s paintings were largely of Morayshire scenes but one of his most famous paintings was the Dutch (Netherlands) landscape “On the Scheldt” which was hung in Edinburgh in 1932. He was elected as Vice-President of the RSW

legal science

for integral reform of the Civil Code, which took place in 1926. This project was begun by the Law No. 12,542 and then expanded by 13,156, which established a committee formed by a member designated by the Supreme Court of Argentina, another member by the National Academy of Legal Science (''Academia Nacional de Ciencias Jurídicas''), designated by each of the Civil Courts (''Cámaras Civiles'') of the Nation's Capital (Buenos Aires), another member by the Bar Association and another

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: laacademiatango.com content quienes-somos Susana Miller , Susana Miller - director of La Academia de Tango who had been the assistant to Pedro 'Tete' Rusconi (Pedro Rusconi). Sin miedo, amigos!, Tete - Sin miedo, amigos! Many of the older dancers who dance close embrace (including 'Tete') prefer not to use the label. These ''milongueros'' of Buenos Aires refer

pioneering film

Eugene Py (Eugène Py) directed the pioneering film ''La Bandera Argentina (La bandera argentina)'' in 1897. Since then, over 2000 films have been directed and produced within the city, many of them referring to the city in their titles, such as ''I Was Born in Buenos Aires'' (1959), ''Buenas noches, Buenos Aires'' (1964), and ''Buenos Aires a la vista'' (1950). The culture of tango music has been incorporated into many films produced in the city, especially since the 1930s

short passing

Club Internacional Internacional '''Andrés Nicolás D'Alessandro''' (born April 15, 1981 in Buenos Aires) is a left-footed Argentine (Argentina) footballer (Association football) who currently plays for Sport Club Internacional in Brazil. He is best known for his dribbling and his short passing ability. Early career D'Alessandro was born in the La Paternal (La Paternal, Buenos Aires) section of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He joined the labor force as a pizza

buildings large

region4color #ac5c91 region4items region4description Hip residential neighborhood of tree-lined streets and intersections packed with restaurants, bars, and boutiques. There are several "sub neighborhoods" such as Palermo-Viejo, Palermo-SoHo, Palermo-Hollywood. region5name Recoleta (Buenos Aires Recoleta) region5color #71b37b region5items region5description One of the finest and most expensive areas of the city. It boasts many French style buildings, large green

personal style

All UWC schools and colleges offer two years of pre-university education (with the exception of the Simón Bolívar United World College of Agriculture in Venezuela which offers an agricultural diploma). After these two years UWC alumni are holders of the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB Diploma Programme), a prestigious high school diploma recognised

in Recoleta. There are also many suites-only hotels like the Broadway Suites which are very close to the Obelisk. The stylish and Bohemian Palermo Soho and Palermo Viejo neighborhoods are home to some of the trendiest small boutique hotels in Buenos Aires. These hotels offer the amenities of their larger international chain counterparts, plus a more personal style of service, often at a fraction of the cost. *

manufacturing plays

international airport, 34 km from San Salvador, connects the province with Buenos Aires, Córdoba (Córdoba, Argentina), and some destinations in Bolivia. Gas and petroleum from the ''Tartagal'', ''Aguas Blancas'', ''Madrejones'' and ''Campo Durán'' centres is transported to Buenos Aires and Rosario by pipes. ''Campo Durán'' also has an oil refinery located in the province. In all, manufacturing plays a significant role in Salta, adding 20% to the economy. Mining

Buenos Aires

'''Buenos Aires''' (

The city of Buenos Aires is neither part of Buenos Aires Province nor the Province's capital; rather, it is an autonomous (autonomous city) district. The city limits were enlarged to include the towns of Belgrano (Belgrano, Buenos Aires) and Flores (Flores, Buenos Aires); both are now neighborhoods of the city (Barrios and Communes of Buenos Aires). The 1994 constitutional amendment (1994 amendment of the Argentine Constitution) granted the city autonomy (autonomous area), hence its formal name: '''''Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires''''' ('''Autonomous City of Buenos Aires'''). Its citizens first elected a Chief of Government (List of mayors and chiefs of government of Buenos Aires) (i.e. Mayor) in 1996; before, the Mayor was directly appointed by the President of the Republic (President of Argentina).

Buenos Aires is, along with Mexico City and São Paulo, one of the three Latin American cities considered an 'alpha city' by the study GaWC5 (Global city).

Buenos Aires is a top tourist destination,

People from Buenos Aires are referred to as ''porteños'' (people of the port (Port of Buenos Aires)). The city is the birthplace of the current pope, Francis (Pope Francis) (former Archbishop of Buenos Aires), and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands.

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