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; High schools Thousand Islands Secondary School has an enrolment of approximately 1000 and is both a university and college preparatory school with strong technology facilities. It is also known for its athletics programs including: track and field, women's basketball, men's soccer, and cross country running. St. Mary Catholic High School is the English Catholic school and has around 600 students. Brockville Collegiate Institute has an enrolment of approximately 560

oil blending

include ceiling fan manufacturer Canarm, pharmaceutical manufacturer Trillium Canada, and the oil-blending plant of Shell Canada. Canadian retailer Giant Tiger has also opened a distribution centre for frozen food in Brockville. Abbott Laboratories previously operated a manufacturing plant in Brockville, making infant formula and adult nutritionals for the domestic and overseas markets, but it closed in 2012, resulting in a loss of 150 jobs. Record & Times article on plant closure Many area residents are employed at the Invista Canada facility (formerly DuPont Canada Ltd.) located in Maitland (Maitland, Ontario), just east of Brockville. Transcom WorldWide (formerly NuComm International) also operates a large call centre employing roughly 200 people. Brockville is also the main administrative, health-care and commercial centre for Leeds—Grenville county. Major public-sector employers include the Upper Canada District School Board, which has its headquarters in Brockville; and the Brockville Mental Health Centre, locally referred to as the "psych", short for Psychiatric Hospital. Demographics

style training

in the raids of 1866 and 1870. The regiment also contributed troops to the Boer War in 1899. The Brocks train regularly in either CFB Petawawa or at CFB Kingston. On some occasions the unit has even conducted urban style training exercises in the City of Brockville. Members of the unit can usually expect to train a minimum of one night a week and one weekend exercise a month. Often, members of the unit will train and parade more often. Training consists of basic infantry soldier skills, individual battle task standards, and more advanced training that is more pertinent to current operations overseas in Afghanistan, which is usually headed by senior members with one or more deployments to Afghanistan. The unit often trains with its sister unit, The Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders, as well as participating in Brigade level training exercises with 33 Canadian Brigade Group. The '''Brockville railway station''' in Brockville, Ontario, Canada is served by Via Rail trains running from Toronto to Ottawa and Montreal. It is staffed, with ticket sales, free outdoor parking, telephones, washrooms, and wheelchair access to the platform and trains. Via Rail - Station Description His working life began as a farmer in Rochester (Rochester, New York), New York, then moved on to being a machinist's apprentice in Almonte, Ontario. In 1873 journeyman Neilson worked in Brockville, Ontario, moving on in 1889 to retail store. Afterward he sold his store in 1890 and moved to Toronto and began a grocery store that eventually failed. Leaving his family behind, he moved to North Dakota to work as a farmer with his brother Jessie. - CNL3 XBR Brockville-Thousand Islands Regional Tackaberry Airport (Brockville Municipal Airport) Brockville, Ontario - - CPH8 Brockville (Medical) Heliport (List of heliports in Canada#31) Brockville, Ontario - - Brockville, Ontario CJPT (CJPT-FM) 103.7 FM ''"Bob FM"'' the Toronto Coach Terminal, Coach Canada operates casino shuttles from Toronto to Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls. Under the Megabus (Megabus (North America)) Canada brand, Coach Canada operates double-decker buses to Montreal via Kingston (Kingston, Ontario) with stops in Kirkland, QC (Kirkland, Quebec), Cornwall (Cornwall, Ontario), Brockville, and the Scarborough Centre Bus Terminal. Coach Canada also operates buses to Niagara Falls (Niagara Falls, Ontario), with select buses going to Buffalo (Buffalo, New York) and Buffalo International Airport. In conjunction with Megabus USA (operated by Coach USA), Coach Canada operates buses to Buffalo, NY, Buffalo International Airport, Rochester (Rochester, New York) on limited schedules, Syracuse (Syracuse, New York), New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. Please see the Toronto Hub section on this page (Megabus (North America)) for more information on their schedules. birth_date

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ArticleDisplay.aspx?e 2757003 Record & Times article on plant closure Many area residents are employed at the Invista Canada facility (formerly DuPont Canada Ltd.) located in Maitland (Maitland, Ontario), just east of Brockville. Transcom WorldWide (formerly NuComm International) also operates a large call centre employing roughly 200 people. Brockville is also the main administrative, health-care and commercial centre for Leeds—Grenville county. Major public-sector

performance program

and entertains at charitable fundraising events. Since 1995, the band's musical director and conductor has been trumpeter and music teacher Lance Besharah. St. Lawrence College in Brockville is home to the Music Theatre - Performance Program which trains students to enter the professional world of musical theatre. SLC Stage produces three professional quality musicals each season at the Brockville Arts Centre. The Brockville Arts Centre is a 710-seat, newly refurbished theatre venue with a full season

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Community Christian School located 20 minutes from downtown Brockville is a privately funded Christian school offering pre-school through grade 8 in a Christian environment. Fulford Academy is a private boarding school for international students grades 7 - 10 learning English as a Second Language (ESL).

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straight overall provincial (OFSAA) Ontario championships in track & field and cross country running in an association of over 1000 schools since 2004. With over 15 former students currently on NCAA athletic track & field scholarships in the United States, TISS has been awarded over $1,000,000 in student athletic scholarships. The TISS team travels all over North America including Ohio, Florida, New Hampshire, and British Columbia, consistently winning major international

running program

such as Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. Close to 50 Brockville Area Youth are offered an opportunity to participate in a national level rowing program annually. The club has also sent athletes to cities across Europe and Asia to compete at international regattas as part of the Canadian National Team. Thousand Islands Secondary School is home to a strong high school track & field and cross-country running program. The Pirates have captured numerous Canadian championships and have won 5

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and Vermont. In many areas traders and merchants such as the coastal cities or the northern border regions had stronger business ties and allegiance to the Crown than did the frontiersmen of the interior. During the 6-year war which ended with the capitulation of the British in 1782 many colonists who remained loyal to the crown were frequently subject to harsh reprisals and unfair dispossession of their property by their countrymen. Many "Loyalists" chose to flee north

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, tinsmiths, a foundry, a brewery, and several hotels. By 1854, a patent medicine industry had sprung up in Brockville and in bordering Morristown (Morristown (village), New York), NY featuring products such as "Dr Morse's Indian Root Pills", "Dr. McKenzie's Worm Tablets" and later, "Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People". thumb The south portal of the Brockville Railway Tunnel Brockville Tunnel (File:Brockville - ON - Railway Tunnel.jpg), Canada's first railway tunnel, opened in 1860 In 1855, Brockville was chosen as a divisional point of the new Grand Trunk Railway between Montreal and Toronto. This contributed to its growth as it could offer jobs in railway maintenance and related fields. At the same time, the north–south line of the Brockville and Ottawa Railway was built to join the St. Lawrence River ship route with the timber trade of the Ottawa Valley. A well-engineered tunnel for this railway was dug and blasted underneath the middle of Brockville. The Brockville Tunnel was the first railway tunnel in Canada. Brockville and many other towns in Canada West became involved in the threatened Fenian invasion after the American Civil War in 1865. In June 1866 the Irish-American "Brotherhood of Fenians" invaded Canada. They launched raids across the Niagara River into Canada West and from Vermont into Canada East. Canadian Prime Minister Sir John A. Macdonald called on the volunteer militia companies in every town to protect Canada. The Brockville Infantry Company and the Brockville Rifle Company (now The Brockville Rifles) were mobilized. The unsuccessful Fenian Raids were a catalyst that contributed to the creation of the new Dominion of Canada in 1867. By 1869, Brockville had a population of 5000 and a station on the Grand Trunk Railway. It was the County Town of the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville and a port of Entry. Steamers stopped in Brockville daily while plying between Montreal, Kingston, Toronto and Hamilton. The Brockville and Ottawa Railway connected Brockville with Smith's Falls, Perth, Almonte, Carleton Place and Sandy Point. During the summer, a steam ferry plied every half hour between Brockville and Morrisburg New York. The province of Ontario gazetteer and directory. H. McEvoy Editor and Compiler, Toronto : Robertson & Cook, Publishers, 1869 In 1962 Brockville was granted official status as a city. Its coat of arms featured a beehive surrounded by a golden chain and bears the motto ''Industria, Intelligentia, Prosperitas''. This is an official heraldic design. Brockville is one of the few cities that has a recognized heraldic flag. Climate


'''Brockville''', formerly Elizabethtown, is a city in Eastern Ontario, Canada in the Thousand Islands region. Although it is the seat of the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville it is politically independent (Independent city) of the county and is included with Leeds and Grenville for census purposes only.

Known as the "City of the 1000 Islands", Brockville is located on the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River opposite Morristown, New York (Morristown (village), New York) about half-way between Cornwall (Cornwall, Ontario) to the east and Kingston (Kingston, Ontario) to the west and roughly a 50-minute drive south of the national capital of Ottawa. It is one of Ontario's oldest communities and is named after the British general Sir Isaac Brock.

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