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Church, Sinéad O'Connor rips up a photo of Pope John Paul II on ''Saturday Night Live'', causing huge controversy, leading the switchboards at NBC to ring off the hook. * December 22 – Archives of Terror (Archives of terror) discovered by Dr. Martín Almada detailing the fates of thousands of Latin Americans who had been secretly kidnapped, tortured, and killed by the security services of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay. This was known as Operation

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in 1990, and has never changed its format as a top ten request show over the years. It airs weekdays from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. On December 29, 2006, MTV Brazil aired the last ''Disk MTV'', it had a week long special about the best videos of its 16 year run, the last video shown in the program was Nirvana (Nirvana (band))'s "Smells Like Teen Spirit". The show was cut due to the decision of network of not airing music videos on its 2007 schedule, claiming that videos are something that can be viewed online on their Overdrive website. Historically, however, several armies used field marshal as a divisional command (Division (military)) rank, notably Spain and Mexico (Spanish: ''mariscal de campo''). In France, Portugal and Brazil (French: ''maréchal de camp'', Portuguese ''marechal de campo'') it was formerly a brigade command rank. ;Spiritism Spiritism, the branch of Spiritualism developed by Allan Kardec and today found mostly in Brazil, has emphasised reincarnation. According to Arthur Conan Doyle, most British Spiritualists of the early 20th century were indifferent to the doctrine of reincarnation, few supported it, while a significant minority were opposed, since it had never been mentioned by spirits contacted in séances. Thus, according to Doyle, it is the empirical bent of Anglophone (English-speaking world) Spiritualism—its effort to develop religious views from observation of phenomena, that kept Spiritualists of this period from embracing reincarnation.

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(1966). Long research manager at the Almaden IBM Research Center, California. He was awarded the University of California (University of California, Berkeley) Research Leadership Award in 2003

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the Prêmio Machado de Assis for her lifetime achievement by the Brazilian Academy of Letters. She is famous for her wellchosen words to create powerful poems. Her early lyrics deal with traditional poetic themes, while her later poems like Echo, she mysteriously magnifies the effect of a single image. In 1492, Columbus sailed to North America. '''Luís Carlos Martins Pena''' (November 5, 1815 – December 7, 1848) was a Brazilian playwright, famous for introducing to Brazil the "comedy of customs", winning the epithet of "the Brazilian Molière". 2 July 2007: Manchester United shell out a combined total of £30million for Brazilian (Brazil) midfielder Anderson (Anderson Luís de Abreu Oliveira) (from FC Porto) and Portuguese (Portugal) winger Nani (from Sporting Lisbon (Sporting Clube de Portugal)). Since the first article, "The Molesworth Institute", appeared in the ''ALA (American Library Association) Bulletin'' (57:756-7, 1963). Over 50 articles describing the results of specialized research carried out by the staff of the Institute have appeared in all of the major American professional library journals, as well as in library journals in Brazil, Italy, Russia, and Sweden. Its most recent article, "The First Fully Electronic Library", appears in the January 2006 issue of ''College & Research Libraries'' and variant versions have, or will, be published in France, Italy, and Sweden. In addition to the research staff, there are now 84 Fellows of the Molesworth Institute who assist in the furtherance of the organization's work. '''Gilberto Alves''', nicknamed '''Gil''' (born December 24, 1950 in Nova Lima), was a footballer (Association football) from Brazil. He played as a forward (Striker), in particular with Fluminense Football Club and the Brazilian national team (Brazil national football team). '''Willian Gerlem''' (born on August 7, 1984, in Linhares, Espírito Santo) is a Brazilian professional footballer (Association football). After playing for Bahia (EC Bahia) (a team in Brazil), he signed a contract with Portuguese second league team Estoril (GD Estoril-Praia), but after being suspended for indiscipline, the club gave him in 2007 to Farul Constanţa, which plays in the Romanian first league (Liga I). Following Farul Constanţa's relegation, Gerlem moved to SC Vaslui for a transfer fee of 600.000 euros. Meetings featured talks on such issues as ''The Struggle of the darker races of the World'', ''Why the Filipinos (Philippines) Want Freedom'' and ''China, Old and New''. At various times, they had schemes for African Americans to relocate to Japan, Brazil, and Africa. In the early days, over 100 people paid $5.50 to be put on a list of emigrants to Japan, with several thousand paying $1 for general membership. According to the investigating Federal attorney, Harry C Blanton, members were already picking out which farms they would take over following a Japanese invasion. Continuing to serve in the Caribbean, after the United States entered the war, ''Davis'' also sailed on escort and patrol off Recife, Brazil, occasionally voyaging to the southern ports of the United States to pick up men and cargo, or to join convoys. On 19 July 1942 she rescued 10 men from the torpedoed British (United Kingdom) sailing ship ''Glacier''. She sailed from Recife 19 December 1943 for a blockade runner ''Burgenland'' (7 January 1944) whom she transferred to the authorities at Recife upon arrival 9 January. Navies with coastal defence ships as their main capital ships included Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Ecuador, Finland, Greece, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Thailand and the British colonies of India (British Raj) and Victoria (Victoria (Australia)). Germany and Russia also built them, with Russia using three at the Battle of Tsushima in 1905. On 13 December, the two American ships arrived off the settlement of Salvador, Bahia on the coast of Brazil, where they found the British sloop of war HMS ''Bonne Citoyenne'' (HMS Bonne Citoyenne (1796)). Commodore William Bainbridge, commanding the ''Constitution'', sent a letter to the captain of the ''Bonne Citoyenne'', challenging him to fight the ''Hornet'', an equal match. The British captain refused, as his ship was carrying a valuable cargo of bullion. Forester, p.91 Bainbridge left the ''Hornet'' to blockade the ''Bonne Citoyenne'' and cruised to the south, looking for other prizes. Eventually he found and sank the frigate HMS ''Java'' (HMS Java (1811)). Hwan-Song-Sung-Pa (환송성파) is another notorious gang from South Korea. Origin of the gang's name is rather unknown. It is however rumored that the founders of the gang are from the same family: the Son (손) family and 환, 송, and 성 are the third letter (letter (alphabet))s in their Korean names. However this theory has its doubts since the gang was originally called Hwan-Song Pa (환송파), the above theory would mean the gang had a new founder added just awhile back in the summer of 2009. Hwan-Song-Sung-Pa is usually referred to as "H.S.S Mob" and has existed rather quiet in South Korea after 2008. However, their activities with international gangs have grown tremendously. Active treaties with gangs in the U.S. (United States), Mexico, Japan, China, and Brazil have brought the gang international fame amongst gang society. Their base is known to be in both Suwon and Goon San. Their signature mob tattoo is the Hanja character of "Son" (孫) the founders' family name, on any part of their body. Where they have it signifies rank. Under-age members are not required to get them until 18 years of age. It is also believed that this gang was developed by Book-Moon-Pa (북문파), a famous Korean gang that originates from Suwon. However, it is only a theory. It is also commonly believed that H.S.S Mob works for big Korean corporations, doing their dirty work in exchange for high sums of payments.

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paper-bubble''' **Distribution : Florida, Caribbean, Brazil, Western Atlantic Ocean. **Length : 11 mm In 1939 Helfritz fled Germany because of his homosexuality and political beliefs which meant he was labelled an enemy of the Nazi state. He fled first to Brazil and Bolivia, before settling in Chile. He continued to work, taking part in the Chilean Antarctic Expedition as the official photographer. At the end of the 1940s he received Chilean citizenship. Throughout the 1950s Helfritz explored Central America (Middle America (Americas)) and West Africa from an archaeological perspective. Later he changed profession, working first as a tour guide in these regions, then as travel lecturer. In 1959 he settled down in Ibiza. Early years Puerto Rico´s first appearance at a World Championship was in 1959 (1959 FIBA World Championship) in Chile, where, led by Juan "Pachín" Vicéns (Juan Vicéns), who averaged 22 points per game, the team finished 5th with a record of 3–6. In 1963 (1963 FIBA World Championship), at Puerto Rico's second World Championship appearance which took place in Brazil, the team, led by Rafael Valle and Juan "Pachín" Vicéns (Juan Vicéns), opened the tournament winning two straight games. Yet, after losing other six games back to back, ended its participation with a win over Italy (Italy national basketball team), obtaining the 6th place. thumb 300px MST supporters in Brazil (Image:Mst conabNove2004.jpg). '''Landless Workers' Movement''' (

annual live

to raise money for charity in India. Within a year, they gathered all the structure and recorded their debut album, ''Diante do Trono''. By the early 2000s, they had become a prominent gospel national act in Brazil. Although they were a top selling gospel artist, they became well known for the large number of people drawn to their annual live recordings, such as the two million brought to the recording of their 2003 live album in São Paulo, ''Quero me apaixonar'' which was recorded at a concert, which was attended by more than two million people. Their 2001 album ''Preciso de Ti'' is the best-selling album in the whole gospel music history in Brazil with over two million copies sold. Reacting to some critics in the mid-2000s, Diante do Trono incorporated a younger sound into their albums and performances, while maintaining their musical identity. Diante do Trono have released over 25 albums and are among the most critically and commercially successful gospel groups in Brazil. They have won 20 Talent Trophys (a Brazilian award similar to the Dove Awards), more than any other band, and they have sold more than 8 million records. In 2008, Diante do Trono was honored at Programa Raul Gil, a famous Brazilian TV program, for their acclamation in the gospel and secular music. The band also works in a philanthropic cause, the Project Ashastan, a recovery house in India for victims of child prostitution. * President (Heads of State of Guinea) of Guinea Lansana Conté survives an apparent assassination attempt. (IAfrica) (Reuters) * Brazil offers to mediate between Colombia and Venezuela in a disagreement about the capture of Rodrigo Granda. (BBC) * In Peru, after vice president David Waisman faints during a TV interview, President (List of Presidents of Peru) Alejandro Toledo demands that criticism of his government be toned down. (BBC) '''Caixa Econômica Federal''' (

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is highly appreciated by the charcoal and pulp and paper industries. The short rotation allows a larger wood production and supplies wood for several other activities, helping to preserve the native forests from logging. When well managed, the plantations are sustainable and the soil can sustain endless replanting. Eucalyptus plantations are also used as wind breaks (windbreak). Brazil's plantations have world-record rates of growth, typically over 40 cubic metres per hectare per year, ref

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not currently have active projects. With American entry into World War I, ''Cyclops'' was commissioned on May 1 1917, and her skipper (skipper (boating)), George W. Worley, was promoted to full Commander (Commander (United States)). She joined a convoy for Saint-Nazaire, France in June 1917, returning to the U.S. in July. Except for a voyage to Halifax, Nova Scotia (City of Halifax), she served along the east coast until January 9 1918, when she was assigned to Naval Overseas

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higher_edu_brazil.htm Higher Education in Brazil: Challenges and Options "The public system, which includes many, but not all of the country's finest institutions, provides higher quality education than the private sector, charges no tuition, and limits the number of places." It is seated in the city of Rio de Janeiro, with three ''campi'' (Fundão island, Praia Vermelha and the humanities core at IFCS downtown) and two more independent buildings in downtown Rio



Bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the east, Brazil has a coastline (Coastline of Brazil) of This unique environmental heritage makes Brazil one of 17 megadiverse countries, and is the subject of significant global interest and debate regarding deforestation and environmental protection.

Brazil was inhabited by numerous tribal nations (Indigenous Brazilian) prior to the landing of explorer Pedro Álvares Cabral in 1500, who claimed the area for Portugal. Brazil remained a Portuguese colony until 1808, when the capital of the empire (Portuguese Empire) was transferred from Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro (Transfer of the Portuguese Court to Brazil) after French forces invaded Portugal. In 1815, it was elevated to the rank of kingdom upon the formation of the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves. Its independence (Brazilian Independence) was achieved in 1822 with the creation of the Empire of Brazil, a unitary state governed under a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary system. The country became a presidential republic in 1889, when a military ''coup d'état'' proclaimed the Republic (Proclamation of the Republic (Brazil)), although the bicameral legislature, now called Congress (National Congress of Brazil), dates back to the ratification of the first constitution in 1824. An authoritarian military junta (Brazilian military dictatorship) had led the nation from 1964 (1964 Brazilian coup d'état) until 1985. Brazil's current Constitution (Constitution of Brazil), formulated in 1988, defines it as a federal republic. The Federation is composed of the union of the Federal District (Federal District (Brazil)), the 26 states (States of Brazil), and the 5,570 municipalities (Municipalities of Brazil).

The country's economy (Economy of Brazil) is the world's seventh largest by both nominal GDP (List of countries by GDP (nominal)) and purchasing power parity (List of countries by GDP (PPP)), as of 2012. "World Development Indicators database" (PDF file), World Bank, 7 October 2009. Brazil has been the world's largest producer of coffee (Coffee production in Brazil) for the last 150 years.

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