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, surveying, and engineering, and so studied at the Columbia School of Mines of Columbia University in New York City, New York, under the direction of Professor William Ware. Through the 19th century, urban planning became a more important need. The combination of the tradition of landscape gardening (History of gardening) and emerging city planning that gave Landscape Architecture its unique focus to serve these needs. In the second half of the century, Frederick Law Olmsted

business skills

by governments and businesses as a consulting engineer for power generating stations throughout North America. A man with great business skills and a foresight, with ready financial backers he undertook major projects in North (North America) and South America. The Plaza de Mayo-Plaza Miserere subway section was inaugurated on 1 December 1913. On the following day it opened to the public, carrying 170,000 passengers who enjoyed the first subway in South America. Buenos Aires thus became the 13th city to have this service, behind London, Athens, Istanbul, Vienna, Budapest Glasgow, Paris, Boston, Berlin, New York, Philadelphia and Hamburg. Each station had a length of 100 metres and had friezes of specific colours for easy identification, taking into account the high level of illiteracy that existed at the time. Film A two-hour documentary film about this thesis, also called ''Status Anxiety (Status Anxiety (film))'' and written by Alain de Botton, was released in 2004. A version of it was shown in 2008 on Public Broadcasting Service channels like Boston WGBH-TV's digital channel WGBX-TV in the United States. Enoch Pratt clerked in a Boston hardware firm before moving to Baltimore in 1831 to launch his own wholesale hardware business on South Charles Street (Maryland Route 139). Career Born and raised in Toronto, Thornley studied jazz music at Boston's Berklee College of Music in the 1990s, and formed the band Big Wreck in 1993 with classmates David Henning, Brian Doherty, and Forrest Williams. They soon relocated from Boston to Toronto and eventually signed a US record deal with Atlantic Records. Their 1997 debut album, ''In Loving Memory Of...'', was a significant hit that year on rock radio in both Canada and the United States. Big Wreck released a follow-up in 2001 called ''The Pleasure and the Greed'', but went on to break up in 2002. A popular myth (urban legend) with the residents of Marion is that Harding's dog Laddie Boy (Laddie Boy (dog)) is buried in the memorial with him. The dog is actually buried in Boston, Massachusetts. Career Mark emigrated to Brighton, Massachusetts in 1975, after living for a year in Hong Kong, and founded the Chinese Wushu Research Institute in July 1976. commons:Boston

television public

and women's. '''''The French Chef''''' is an influential television cooking show created by Julia Child, and produced and broadcast by WGBH (WGBH-TV), the public television station (Public television) in Boston, Massachusetts, from February 11, 1963 to 1973. It was one of the first cooking shows (Cooking show) on television. The show grew out of some special presentations that Julia did based on the book ''Mastering the Art of French Cooking'', which she had co

describing life


songs scenes

Alternative KBXR Columbia, Missouri) and Lexie Kaye (recently with Classic Hits WSRV Atlanta). In December 2005 Alarm Clock Theatre Company, based in Boston, Massachusetts, created a play based entirely on pieces published in ''Found'', turning the text from several pieces into songs, scenes and short films. The show won the Elliot Norton Award for Best Fringe Production. Train size and motive power Some urban rail lines are built to the full size of main-line

innovative video

, it drew inspiration from Patterson's animated film ''Commuter'' and the film ''Altered States''. The innovative video for "Take on Me" was first broadcast on local Boston music video station V-66 (WUTF-TV), and soon after given heavy rotation on MTV. '''Barneys New York''' is an American (United States) chain of luxury department stores headquartered in New York City. The chain owns large stores in New York City, Beverly Hills, Boston, Chicago

community participation

was developed by Swiss (Switzerland) civil engineer Christian Menn and its design was engineered by American civil engineer Ruchu Hsu with Parsons Brinckerhoff. Boston-based architect Miguel Rosales was the lead architect urban designer and facilitated community participation during the design process. Neither Hsu nor Rosales served as the designer of record for the project. The engineer of record is HNTB FIGG. The lead designer from HNTB was Theodore Zoli; and W. Denney Pate from FIGG. The bridge follows a new design in which two outer lanes are cantilevered outside of the wires another eight lanes run through the towers. It has a striking, graceful appearance that is meant to echo the tower of the Bunker Hill Monument, which is within view of the bridge, and the white cables evoke imagery of the rigging of the USS ''Constitution'' (USS Constitution). ** Hamid Karzai is sworn in as head of the interim government in Afghanistan. ** A Paris–Miami, Florida flight is diverted to Boston, Massachusetts after passenger Richard Reid (Richard Reid (terrorist)) attempts to set his shoe, filled with explosives, on fire. * December 27 In 1974, Louis Kahn's last and arguably most famous building, the National Assembly Building of Dhaka, Bangladesh was completed. The building's use of open spaces and groundbreaking geometry brought rare attention to the small south Asian country. Hugh Stubbins' Citicorp Center (Citigroup Center) revolutionized the incorporation of solar panels in office buildings. The seventies brought further experimentation in glass and steel construction and geometric design. Chinese architect I. M. Pei's John Hancock Tower in Boston, Massachusetts is an example, although like many buildings of the time, the experimentation was flawed and glass panes fell from the façade. In 1976, the completed CN Tower in Toronto became the world's tallest free-standing structure on land, an honor it held until 2007. The fact that no taller tower had been built between the construction of the CN Tower and the Burj Khalifa shows how innovative the architecture and engineering of the structure truly was. * September 5 – The first edition of Jack Kerouac's ''On the Road'' goes on sale. * September 9 – Catholic Memorial (Catholic Memorial School (West Roxbury, Massachusetts)) High School opens its doors for the first time in Boston, Massachusetts. * September 14 – Have Gun, Will Travel premiers on CBS. * November 28 ** In Boston, Massachusetts, a fire in the Cocoanut Grove (Cocoanut Grove fire) night club kills 491 people. ** The large-scale German "pacification" of the Zamojszczyzna region of Poland begins. * March 18 ** Twelve paintings, collectively worth $100 to $300 million, are stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, Massachusetts by 2 thieves posing as police officers. This is the largest art theft in US (United States) history, and the paintings ( commons:Boston

composing songs

;Frank, Ganz, 2005. p. 3 death_date Soon after returning to Massachusetts, Thompson dropped out of college, and moved to Boston with Santiago. He spent 1985 working in a warehouse, "managing buttons on teddy bears", composing songs on his acoustic guitar, and writing lyrics on the subway (Subway (rail)) train. In January 1986, Thompson formed the Pixies with Santiago. Bassist Kim Deal

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Guernsey." Other New York satirical references included Short Island Sound, the United World building (the UN), the West River and Chimes Square. A closer examination of the "Giant Lighted Lucite Map of Gotham City" reveals that the map itself is a reverse-image of the St. Louis metropolitan area, complete with Forest Park, Horseshoe Lake (on the Illinois side) and all major roadways as they appeared in 1966. Although the setting for the series was Gotham City (as with virtually

program shows

been more than 500 films broadcast. Although primarily seen through television, the program shows a large portion of their shows in interactive webcasts on their main website. According to a 1990 study on ayurvedic medicines in India, 41% of the products tested contained arsenic, and 64% contained lead and mercury. A 2004 study found toxic levels of heavy metals in 20% of ayurvedic preparations made in South Asia and sold in the Boston area, and concluded


'''Boston''' (pronounced Included in the CSA: MA counties: Bristol, Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk, Plymouth, Suffolk and Worcester; NH counties: Belknap, Hillsborough, Merrimack, Rockingham and Strafford; RI counties (entire state): Bristol, Kent, Newport, Providence and Washington (South County)

One of the oldest cities in the United States, Boston was founded on the Shawmut Peninsula in 1630 by Puritan settlers from England.

The area's many colleges and universities make Boston an international center of higher education and medicine, and the city is considered to be a world leader in innovation for a variety of reasons.

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