What is Bogotá known for?

annual rock

and other activities. * "Simón Bolívar Metropolitan Park" is a large park regularly used to stage free concerts (such as the annual Rock al Parque (Rock al parque), a festival in which popular and or recently formed international, latinamerican, and Colombian rock (Rock music) bands play free of charge). * The public ''Parque Nacional'' (National Park) has


: documentos informe 14.htm Informe Poltitico BIFF for Schools The festival offers free showing of documentaries that covers important subjects in history, democracy and human rights. BIFF also tries to bring filmmakers and even the characters the films portray to the screenings, making it possible for the students to converse with the talent afterwards. In 2010, former mayors of Bogotá, Antanas Mockus and Enrique Peñalosa

important collection

is the repository of more than two million volumes, with an important collection of ancient books. The latter has almost two million volumes. 45 thousand square meters in size, it hosts 10 thousand visitors a day. Bank of the Republic depends also on the Library Alfonso Palacio Rudas, north of the city, with about 50 thousand volumes. Other large public libraries are the Library of Congress in Colombia (with 100 thousand volumes), of the Instituto Caro y Cuervo (with nearly 200 thousand volumes, the largest

Museum, with 35 thousand pieces of tumbaga gold, along with 30 thousand objects in ceramic, stone and textiles, represents the largest collection of pre-Columbian gold in the world. The Botero Museum has 123 works of Fernando Botero and 87 works by international artists. The Museum of Modern Art in Bogotá has a collection of graphic arts, industrial design and photography. The Museum of Colonial Art is home to an important collection of colonial art from Colombia. Fundación Gilberto Alzate


team 1–0, with a stupendous free kick courtesy of Rubén Darío Bustos. In their next game, Colombia would defy expectations again by beating Argentina, at the time ranked first in the world. On November 17, 2007, In Bogotá against Argentina (Argentina national football team), Lionel Messi beat the defense before scoring past goalkeeper Agustín Julio. Colombia turned the game around in the second half, however, when Rubén Darío Bustos got his second free kick goal

controversial lyrics

her husband. 'Gotas de Rap' "Drops of Rap" are a Colombian Rap Group from Bogotá. They toured Europe in 1995 and in their songs they rap in Spanish (Spanish language) about the social and political problems in Colombia. They had huge success among the ghettos and rappers but never reached stardom because of their controversial lyrics and new breed of music for the Colombian people. Hip-hop only came to its peak in 2002 and has dominated radio stations since then. The new


members of the Liberal Party formed armed guerrillas, that were then targeted by conservative paramilitary forces. The Liberal Party boycotted the presidential election of 1950, which were won by the radical conservative Laureano Gómez. Gómez became the leader of the most radical faction of the Conservative Party, while Ospina formed a moderate faction friendly with the less extremist members of the Liberal Party. http: elecciones_2006 partidos 11-01-2006 nota271234

history related

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that the Chinese food is almost always Colombianized, which can be pretty good anyway, but is almost never the real deal. Sushi is likewise easy to find, but usually of below-average quality. The clear exception is (upscale) Wok, which has several locations, and for a North American-price will serve you top-notch sushi and other authentic East and Southeast Asian dishes. For lunch, definitely try a ''corrientazo''—a small eatery that is only open for lunch, serving people on their lunch break

based products

of the cheapest and picturesque places to buy handicrafts is Pasaje Rivas (Calle 9 no. 9). You can access the narrow hall filled with small stores crossing Plaza de Bolívar, where de Major's and president's office is located. * Coffee-based products * Leather handbags, shoes, and wallets. * Uncut and cut emeralds brought in from the world's best emerald mines * Inexpensive silver jewelry * Dress suits and shoes In '''Usaquen''' (or Uzacan) you can find a huge flea market on Sundays. Malls

political theory

and their communities. thumb CSC (File:San Carlos School.png) birth_date Wikipedia:Bogotá Commons:Bogotá


'''Bogotá D.C.''' (

In terms of land area, Bogotá D.C. is the largest city in Colombia, and one of the biggest in Latin America. It figures among the 25 largest cities of the world and is the third-highest capital city in South America at

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