What is Bogotá known for?

making covers

Krápula , a rock band with strong ska influences that is known for making covers of traditional Latin American songs, enjoys great popularity. The most popular Colombian Rock band outside of Colombia is The Monas, winners of a Billboard Award and Mick Jagger's favorite Latin Rock Band. Aside from playing to sold out crowds from New York to Los Angeles, They played at SXSW festival in Austin, TX and to fifty thousand people at the Latin Grammys in L.A. The Monas have played with Rage

important collection

is the repository of more than two million volumes, with an important collection of ancient books. The latter has almost two million volumes. 45 thousand square meters in size, it hosts 10 thousand visitors a day. Bank of the Republic depends also on the Library Alfonso Palacio Rudas, north of the city, with about 50 thousand volumes. Other large public libraries are the Library of Congress in Colombia (with 100 thousand volumes), of the Instituto Caro y Cuervo (with nearly 200 thousand volumes, the largest

Museum, with 35 thousand pieces of tumbaga gold, along with 30 thousand objects in ceramic, stone and textiles, represents the largest collection of pre-Columbian gold in the world. The Botero Museum has 123 works of Fernando Botero and 87 works by international artists. The Museum of Modern Art in Bogotá has a collection of graphic arts, industrial design and photography. The Museum of Colonial Art is home to an important collection of colonial art from Colombia. Fundación Gilberto Alzate


. Lauderdale, Florida Ft. Lauderdale to Baranquilla), between two international destinations (Such as Paris to Guayaquil) and allows for simpler codeshare connections (such as Atlanta to Cartagena (Cartagena, Colombia) with Delta Air Lines and Avianca). *On April 20, 1998, Air France Flight 422 from Eldorado Airport to Quito, Ecuador, using an aircraft leased from TAME and flown with Ecuadorian crew, crashed into a mountain near Bogotá. All 43 passengers and 10 crew

gold work

, Colombia. It displays an extraordinary selection of its pre-Hispanic (Pre-Columbian) gold work collection - the biggest in the world - in its exhibition rooms on the second and third floors. Together with other pottery, stone (Rock (geology)), shell (Animal shell), wood and textile archaeological (archaeology) objects, these items, made of what to indigenous (amerindian) cultures was a sacred metal, testify to the life and thought of different societies which

significant efforts

TransMilenio bus thumb 100 Street north to Highway (File:Trancon Autonorte.jpg) Bogotá's growth has placed a strain on its roads and highways, but since 1998 significant efforts to upgrade the infrastructure have been undertaken. Private car ownership forms a major part of the congestion, in addition to taxis, buses and commercial vehicles. Buses remain the main means of mass transit. There are two bus systems: the traditional system and the TransMilenio. The traditional system runs

projects building

to regenerate the rainforest that was destroyed by decades of extensive cattle farming. He provided an impulse to one of the most innovative restoration projects building on the Human Quality of the local population capable of responding to local needs with what they have. At the age of 20, Vergara moved to Bogotá, Colombia, where she worked as a runway (runway (fashion)) model and on television. From 1995 to 1998, she was co-host with Fernando Fiore of ''Fuera de serie'' ("Out

poetic work

of Culture for Second Time" Cultural history Bogotá gave the Spanish-speaking world José Asunción Silva (1865–1896), Modernism pioneer. His poetic work in the novel De sobremesa position him in an outstanding American literature place. Rafael Pombo (1833–1912) was an American romanticism poet who left a collection of fables essential part of children imagination and Colombian tradition. Architecture File:Torrecolpatria.jpg thumb upright

public films

;. Acevedo and sons produced the films "''La tragedia del silencio''" (The Tragedy of Silence) in 1924 and "''Bajo el cielo antioqueño''" (Under the sky of Antioquia) in 1928. Under the Sky of Antioquia was financed by local magnate Gonzalo Mejía. The film was criticized for being elitist, despite of which it had a somewhat positive acceptance among the public. Films in Colombia were mostly based on themes such as Nature, folklore, and nationalism with some exceptions

dance amazing

to walk - it's quite a hike on a steep hill, but people going by car will often pick you up and take you to the entrance if you ask. * '''Andrés Carne de Res''' (Restaurant and dance) Amazing steak and a great place to party. Do not miss it if you want to see how important food and dancing is for Colombians! Calle 3 # 11A -56 Phone: 863-7880 (Chía) Live music is one the best "rumbiaderos" (nightclubs). It is located about 20 mins north of Bogotá. * '''Bogotá as a hub to visit other

series called

of the governor of the region. birth_place Bogotá, Colombia nationality Colombian American DATE OF BIRTH 1988-10-16 PLACE OF BIRTH Bogotá, Colombia, South America DATE OF DEATH Coraima also played in a mini-series called "Geminis" and in another Venezuelan telenovela " Cambio de


'''Bogotá D.C.''' (

In terms of land area, Bogotá D.C. is the largest city in Colombia, and one of the biggest in Latin America. It figures among the 25 largest cities of the world and is the third-highest capital city in South America at

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