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are connected to major cities where the economy was diversified, adding cottage industries to the original agricultural production. In this way, the Southern Brazilian areas of European settlements formed a prosperous regional economy and a European cultural landscape, contrasting with the relative Portuguese-Brazilian uniformity found in the rest of Brazil. In recent years a large industrial development has occurred in these areas, stemming from the cottage industry. Some of the old German communities are now prosperous industrial centers, such as São Leopoldo, Novo Hamburgo, Blumenau, Joinville and Itajaí. The Germans became entrepreneurs due to their knowledge of more complex techniques of production than those dominated by other Brazilians. In addition their bilingualism gave them better European contacts. - Blumenau 309.011 Santa Catarina (Santa Catarina (state)) - *States: Paraná (Paraná (state)), Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina (Santa Catarina (state)) *Largest Cities: Curitiba (1,828,092); Porto Alegre (1,441,554); Londrina (510,707); Joinville (429,004); Caxias do Sul (360,223); Florianópolis (341,781); Pelotas (323,034); Canoas (305,711); Maringá (288.,465); Ponta Grossa (281,000); Blumenau (277,500); Cascavel (273,000); Foz do Iguaçu (269,585); Santa Maria (Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul) (243,396), Rio Grande (Rio Grande, Rio Grande do Sul) (238,000) *Economy: Machinery and automobile industries, textiles, tourism, energy production, information technology, orange, apple, grapefruit. In Santa Catarina, most German immigrants were not brought by the Brazilian government, but by private groups, such as the Hamburg Colonization Society, which were promoting the immigration of Europeans to the Americas. They created rural communities or colonies to these immigrants. Many of these German colonies had a great development and became large cities, such as Blumenau and Joinville, the largest city in Santa Catarina. foundation 1880 location Blumenau, Brazil key_people Ivo Hering, (Chairman) Fabio Hering, (CEO) Was founded in Blumenau, Santa Catarina (Santa Catarina (state)), and its headquarters and major factories are still in this city. Hering is the major employer in the city (when not including public jobs). '''Itoupava Norte''' is a neighborhood of Blumenau, Santa Catarina (Santa Catarina, Brazil), Brazil located on the left bank of the River Itajai-Açu. The principal streets are 2 de Setembro and Primeiro de Janeiro. A big part of this neighborhood is subject to flooding. Teka and Mogk are the most important plants in this place and Guarani Club is the most important club. * WikiPedia:Blumenau Commons:Blumenau

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Moellmann.jpg thumb right Blumenau thumb right Blumenau (File:Blumenau-1.jpg) Divisions Blumenau has 2 districts and 33 neighbourhoods: border "0" ----- valign "top" * Vila Itoupava (Vila Itoupava (Blumenau)) (District) * Itoupava Central (Itoupava Central (Blumenau)) * Itoupavazinha (Itoupavazinha (Blumenau)) * Testo Salto (Testo Salto (Blumenau)) * Badenfurt (Badenfurt (Blumenau)) * Salto do Norte (Salto do Norte (Blumenau)) * Salto (Blumenau) Salto

* Fidélis (Fidélis (Blumenau)) * Fortaleza Alta (Fortaleza Alta (Blumenau)) * Salto Weissbach (Salto Weissbach (Blumenau)) * Fortaleza (Fortaleza (Blumenau)) valign "top" * Tribess (Tribess (Blumenau)) * Nova Esperança (Nova Esperança (Blumenau)) * Itoupava Norte * Boa Vista (Boa Vista (Blumenau)) * Itoupava Seca (Itoupava Seca (Blumenau)) * Escola Agrícola (Escola Agrícola (Blumenau)) * Passo Manso (Passo Manso (Blumenau)) * Água Verde (Blumenau) Água

Verde * Velha (Velha (Blumenau)) * Velha Central (Velha Central (Blumenau)) * Velha Grande (Velha Grande (Blumenau)) * Vila Nova (Vila Nova (Blumenau)) valign "top" * Victor Konder (Victor Konder (Blumenau)) * Ponta Aguda (Ponta Aguda (Blumenau)) * Vorstadt (Vorstadt (Blumenau)) * Centro (Centro (Blumenau)) (Downtown) * Bom Retiro (Bom Retiro (Blumenau)) * Vila Formosa (Vila Formosa (Blumenau)) * Jardim Blumenau (Jardim Blumenau (Blumenau)) * Ribeirão

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in the Center-North. Inside the terminals you can transfer to another bus without paying extra. The buses are yellow and light blue. Line 33 goes from Fonte-PROEB-Fonte via Beira-rio and Rua 7 de Setembro. One single trip costs R$2,05 (US$1,15), which you pay either when you get in a bus or in the terminals. There is also another kind of bus, the red ones, which are restricted mostly to the downtown area and a little further to the north and south. These buses have air conditioning and more comfortable

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) Santa Catarina , in Southern Brazil. Her father was a Nazi. Fischer never had a good relationship with him: ''"My father was German, Nazi, and used to force me to read Hitler and he beat me a lot"'', she wrote in a recent autobiography. "Meu pai era nazista e mandava eu ler Hitler", diz Vera Fischer DATE OF BIRTH

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Park). Additionally, a new but rapidly expanding market is the production of beer craft, such as Eisenbahn. In 2005, the city has an export of products equivalent to US$405 million (R$820 million), representing 6.1% of exports of the state in this year. Transport Even though Blumenau has its own airport, normally passengers use scheduled flights operated from Ministro Victor Konder International Airport, located in the nearby municipality

of its low temperatures. Blumenau, in the interior of Santa Catarina, is the stage for one of the biggest events of the country: the Oktoberfest, a traditional beer party originated from Germany, that happens in October. The heritage of the Italian (Italian people), German (German people) and Portuguese (Portuguese people) immigrants can be seen in the architecture and the customs (Norm (sociology)) of the state. Joinville is Santa Catarina's largest city. German

Catarina Massaranduba , Pomerode and Rio dos Cedros to the south; Guaramirim, Joinville and Schroeder (Schroeder, Santa Catarina) to the east and Corupá to the west. '''Eisenbahn''' is a microbrewery located in Blumenau, Santa Catarina (Santa Catarina (state)), Brazil. It produces beer and draft beer (draught beer) following the Reinheitsgebot, with a quite variety of flavours and fermentations. The name (which means railroad, in German language

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People Italian immigration. Between July and November, the Right whales visit the state's coast. The great festivities take place in October. The main Oktoberfest in Blumenau is Brazil's largest and the world's second largest (after Germany's Munich). * Chad's government signs a cease-fire with the rebel Movement for Democracy and Justice in Chad (MDJT) in Burkina Faso. story&u ap

; Apucarana, Paraná (Paraná (state)) * '''SSBL''' (BNU) – Blumenau Airport – Blumenau, Santa Catarina (Santa Catarina (state)) * '''SSCK''' (CCI) – Concórdia Airport – Concórdia, Amazonas (Amazonas (Brazilian state)) * Chad's government signs a cease-fire with the rebel Movement for Democracy and Justice in Chad (MDJT) in Burkina Faso. story&u ap 20031214 ap_on_re_af

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during the sixteen or seventeen days it's held. History thumb One of Blumenau's many German-style buildings (Image:Blumenau Moellmann.jpg) In September 2nd, 1850 the German immigrant Bruno Otto Hermann Blumenau settled on the site of modern-day Blumenau, on the shores of the Itajaí-Açu river. He came with another 17 immigrants and intended to developed a farming colony, but due to the rugged terrain, the development of industries came more natural to the region. Throughout its history

and open for cars. Don't miss as from this bridge you have a spectacular view of the city. * WikiPedia:Blumenau Commons:Blumenau


the opportunity to visit the "Museu da Cerveja" (''Beer Museum'') and see how beers are brewed. There's also a monument for the Brazilian soldiers who fought in World War 2. Also in this area if you go down to the shore of the river, you'll see a magnificent view of downtown from below. In this region it's very common to see capybaras, the biggest rodents in the world, and don't worry, they're gentle. Across the street there's the old city hall, a very beautiful building. You can also

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Brest , Brest Voblast, Belarus - valign top Blumenau Santa Catarina (Santa Catarina (state)) SSBL BNU Blumenau Airport - valign top * Porto Alegre, Brazil (2010) * Santa Catarina (Santa Catarina (state)), Brazil (2011) visiting Blumenau, Camboriú, Florianópolis, Joinville, Rio Negrinho * Goiânia, Brazil (2012


'''Blumenau''' is a city in Vale do Itajaí, state of Santa Catarina (Santa Catarina (Brazil)), in southern Brazil. It is 130 km away from the state capital, Florianópolis.

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