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in the Maya Classic Period, or the 2nd to 10th century. One important site in southern Belize is known as Lubaantun, that boasts particularly detailed and prolific works. As evidence of the extent to which these ceramic art works were prized, many specimens traced to Lubaantun have been found at distant Mayan sites in Honduras and Guatemala. C. M.Hogan, ''Comparison of Mayan sites in southern and western Belize'', Lumina Technologies (2006) Furthermore

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wider security interests, and supporting international peacekeeping efforts. The Mission of the Armed Forces, They are active and regular participants in NATO and other coalition operations. Britain is also party to the Five Power Defence Arrangements. Recent operations have included wars in Afghanistan (War in Afghanistan (2001–present)) and Iraq (Iraq War), the 2000 intervention

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+jay&showwhat images&AGE All&SEX All&ACT All&Search Search&VIEW All&ORIENTATION All&RESULTS 24 Green Jay photo gallery VIREO '''Land of the Free''' is the national anthem of Belize. The words were written by Samuel Alfred Haynes and the music by Selwyn Walford Young in 1963. It was officially adopted in 1981. This is a '''list of Prime Ministers of Belize'''. The Prime Minister is the head of government of Belize. Historically "

, Honduras in 1997, Bolivia in 1998, and Nicaragua in 1999. * images&AGE All&SEX All&ACT All&Search Search&VIEW All&ORIENTATION All&RESULTS 24 King Vulture photo

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Belize 2009 National Team , June 17, 2010 Potential players for the National team hit the court, June 17, 2010 professional basketball player with the Seoul Samsung Thunders in the Korean Basketball League. Prior to joining Seoul, Felix played with the Springfield Armor of the NBA Development League. He previously played for Hapoel Jerusalem (Hapoel Jerusalem B.C.) in the Israeli Ligat Winner

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, 2011 In Central America, the only English-speaking nation is Belize, and like the other six Central American (UNCAF) nations, the unqualified term ''football'' refers to association football, as used in the Football Federation of Belize and in the Belize Premier Football League. thumbnail left Wartburg Castle from Germany SST 2007 (Image:WartburgSST.JPG) Started in 1968, Goshen College's Study Service Term (SST) is a unique program. Goshen was one of the pioneers of colleges in offering programs abroad, due in part to its Mennonite heritage of missions and foreign service, particularly Mennonite Central Committee. International education is a requirement for all students at Goshen College. Approximately 70-80 percent of students complete the requirement by participating in SST. Students are required to spend one semester abroad in a country or complete an intercultural experience in the US. They study the language and culture for six weeks at a foreign university, then do service for the remaining six weeks. Service may include working at a hospital, nursing home, kindergarten, or missionary service. Goshen College students currently may visit Cambodia, Nicaragua, China, Tanzania, Peru, Senegal, and Egypt. Previous SST spots include Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Germany, Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize, Cuba, Haiti, Poland, South Korea, Indonesia, Mali, and Ivory Coast. Over 7,000 students and 230 faculty members have journeyed to 23 different countries as part of SST.

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, synthesizers, congas, drumset '''Punta''' is a Garifuna music and dance style performed at celebrations (celebration (party)) and festive occasions. Contemporary punta arose in the last thirty years of the twentieth century in Honduras Rosenberg, Dan. 1998. Parrandalised. Folk Roots 20 nos. 2-3: 47-51. It also has a following in Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Southern Mexico and the United States. It is a circle dance in duple rhythm: one couple dances in the middle of the circle a while the other participants sing and clap their hands. Punta uses the call and response patterns in songs. Lyrics may be in Garifuna (Garifuna language), Kriol (Belizean Kriol language), English (English language) or Spanish (Spanish language). Greene, Oliver N., Jr. 2004. Ethnicity, modernity, and retention in the Garifuna punta. Black Music Research Journal 22, no. 2: 189-216. When Banda Blanca of Honduras sold over 3 million copies of "Sopa De Caracol" ("Conch Soup"), originally written by Belizean Chico Ramos (Herman Ramos), the Garifunas of Belize felt cheated but celebrated the success. The genre is continuing to develop a strong following in the United States and South America and the Caribbean. * Bahrain, embassy in Washington D.C. covers Canada * Belize, embassy in Washington, D.C. covers Canada, has consulates in Calgary and Vancouver * Bhutan, U.N. representatives in New York cover Canada, has a consulate in Toronto *White-tipped Dove videos on the Internet Bird Collection *Stamps (for Argentina, Belize, Netherlands Antilles) with RangeMap *White-tipped Dove photo gallery VIREO Since then they have served in Aden, Oman, Belize, Saudi Arabia, Canada, with the UN (United Nations) in Cyprus, in Germany throughout the Cold War and Northern Ireland throughout The Troubles. D Squadron deployed to the Middle East in 1991 on Operation Granby to provide Battle Casualty Replacements. On 10 May 1972 the Regiment received the Freedom of Derby and in 2000 the Queen Mother paid another visit to present a new Guidon shortly before her 100th birthday. The Regiment was once again at the forefront in 1992 as part of the deployment to Bosnia on Operation Grapple 1 (Operation Grapple (Yugoslavia)) Brief History, page 15 and they were to return to both Bosnia and Kosovo on numerous occasions over the coming decade. On August 29, a tropical storm formed in the western Caribbean Sea. It moved northeastward, turned to the west, and made landfall in Belize on August 31 where it caused heavy rains and high tides. The system weakened to a depression after moving inland on September 1, and the remnants dissipated over interior Central America shortly thereafter. A tropical storm first detected on October 2 moved westward across the western Caribbean. It reached a peak of 95 mph (150 km h) winds as a Category 2 (Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale) hurricane, and hit southern Belize on October 4. It maintained its circulation across Central America, and hit Acapulco, Mexico on October 5 as a weakening tropical depression. The hurricane caused severe damage in southern Belize and northwestern Guatemala, but no damage figures exist. A hurricane crossing from the Atlantic to the Pacific is a relatively rare event. In 1977 the battalion were brought back to the United Kingdom and posted to Aldershot, also during this period they spent time in Belize and Hong Kong as well as on exercise in Germany and a further tour in Northern Ireland. The battalion re-enacted the defence of Rorke's Drift as part of the centenary events at the Cardiff Castle Tattoo in 1979, probably the best known event in their history. This user was blocked by Danny (User:Danny) for removing material from current events which was added by Belizian (user:Belizian). However, Belizian did not cite sources for the majority of his additions, and no warning was given to Carrp. In addition, the events removed by Carrp (material related to striking in Belize) were not on Google News's World section. I have not unblocked Carrp, but I thought it might be wise to ask for input from others. Johnleemk (User:Johnleemk) Talk (User talk:Johnleemk) 19:25, 20 Jan 2005 (UTC) The 1942 season (Atlantic hurricane season) was near average. A few storms of note were two Category 1 (Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale) storms striking north and central Texas and a Category 2 hitting Belize. Most of the rest of the season's storms stayed out to sea. Only 1 major hurricane formed during the season and the only other landfall was a weak tropical storm that struck the Outer Banks as a tropical depression. On November 5, a tropical storm was first seen over the northern Lesser Antilles. It headed west-northwestward, becoming a hurricane on November 6 over the southern Bahamas. A ridge of high pressure to its north forced the storm west-southwestward, where it hit Cuba later that day. After weakening over the island, the now tropical storm re-strengthened to a hurricane on November 8 over the western Caribbean Sea. It attained a peak of

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of the road. ! 1981 Belize (then British Honduras) and Antigua & Barbuda become independent. - Programs abroad Wayne State offers an array of choices with over 30 abroad programs, some being as short as two months in length with others lasting an entire year. As of 2009 students have their pick from numerous countries including Belize, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, England, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana

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. It is a circle dance in duple rhythm: one couple dances in the middle of the circle a while the other participants sing and clap their hands. Punta uses the call and response patterns in songs. Lyrics may be in Garifuna (Garifuna language), Kriol (Belizean Kriol language), English (English language) or Spanish (Spanish language). Greene, Oliver N., Jr. 2004. Ethnicity, modernity, and retention in the Garifuna punta. Black Music Research Journal 22, no. 2: 189-216.<

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year 1995 url http: 1995.html format Lecture accessdate 3 May 2009 though the Queen was evidently not representing Australia at that time. Similarly, Elizabeth II undertook a visit to Latin America to promote British goods at the same time a Canadian ministerial trip was underway in the same region in order to promote Canadian products.

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the British Army Training and Support Unit Belize (BATSUB) and 25 Flight AAC until 2011 when the last British Forces left Ladyville Barracks, with the exception of seconded advisers. Foreign relations


'''Belize''' ( wide.

With The country's population growth rate of 1.97% per year (2013) is the second highest in the region and one of the highest in the Western Hemisphere (List of countries by population growth).

Belize's abundance of terrestrial and marine species and its diversity of ecosystems give it a key place in the globally significant Mesoamerican Biological Corridor.

Belize has a diverse society, with many cultures and languages. Originally part of the British Empire, it shares a common colonial history with other Anglophone Caribbean countries. From 1862 to 1973 the area went by the name of British Honduras. It became an independent Commonwealth realm in 1981, retaining Queen Elizabeth II (Elizabeth II) as head of state.

In general, Belize is considered a Central American and Caribbean nation with strong ties to the entire Latin American and Caribbean region. Belize is a member of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), and the Central American Integration System (SICA), the only country to hold full membership in all three regional organisations.

Belize is known for its September Celebrations (September Celebrations of Belize), and is the birthplace of chewing gum (Chicle) last Ryan first Jennifer year 1995 chapter The Garifuna and Creole culture of Belize explosion of punta rock title Popular Music: Style and Identity editor Will Straw, Stacey Johnson, Rebecca Sullivan, Paul Friedlander, Gary Kennedy pages 243–248 ISBN 0771704593

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