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to pick up the prince and with a message to see her upon arriving in Lisbon, in order to tell her where his loyalties lay. Marcus Checke (1969), p.182 On shore the local population acclaimed their regent with cheers, while bells rang from some church towers and cheerful hymns were sung in the streets. There was a triumphal march to the Ajuda Palace (Ajuda National Palace), along streets adorned with silk banners, while the ladies of the city threw flowers. Everywhere

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, King João IV (John IV of Portugal) was proclaimed king of Portugal and, in 1641, king of Brazil as well. He was then invited by the governor of the state of Pará, Lauro Sodré, to reorganize the Pará Museum of Natural History and Ethnography, in Belém, which had been founded in 1866 by Domingos Soares Ferreira Penna. He arrived on 9 June 1894 in Belém. In his pioneering work, Goeldi was helped by several other foreign researchers, such as the Swiss botanist Jacques Huber (1867–1914), zoologist Emilie Snethlage (1868–1929), geologists Friedrich Katzer (1861–1925), and Alexander Karl von Kraatz-Koschlau (1867–1900), and Adolpho Ducke (1876–1959), entomologist, ethnographer and botanist. From 1826 to 1829 he accompanied Langsdorff's expeditionary party through its many vicissitudes and disease, and was the only artist to arrive at Belém (Pará) and return unscathed to Rio. The annual training cruise for the cadets has taken the ship as far as Belém, Brazil. The accommodation capacity of the vessel for the long range cruises can be increased with accommodation containers. In 2003-2004, he was Responsible for European policies; he devised and carried out a humanitarian mission to Belém, Brazil, and was a promoter and organiser of events to help the civilian victims of the Yugoslav wars. He attended the General Assembly (United Nations General Assembly) of the United Nations as an observer for Israeli-Palestinian (Palestinian National Authority) issues. 1974 * WikiPedia:Belém Commons:Category:Belém

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2002 ), actor Eytmology After a while, a local radio station from Belém (Pará's capital city) started to call these new type of music "the strong-beated rhythm" and "the rhythms of Lambada" (''lambada'' meaning "strong slap" or "hit" in Portuguese; ''cf.'' French and later English ''lambaste''). This last name "Lambada" had a strong appeal and began to be associated with this new emerging face of an old dancing style. ref name

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to Fortaleza) - especially from the south. By plane There are regular international flights linking Belém to Cayenne, Georgetown (Georgetown (Guyana)), Paramaribo and Miami, and many direct domestic flights linking Belém to Brasilia, Fortaleza, Manaus, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Macapá. Bus ''Pratinhas'' to from Presidente Vargas, and ''Marex'' to from Prça da República. Taxi to center R$20–30 (negotiate!). By boat Passenger terminal at the north end of the docks. Many


. Many of the grander ones now house official bodies and there has been a recent drive to preserve them. Belém has many attraction, here are some of many attractions the city offers. * '''Mercado Ver-o-Peso''' (See-the-Weight Market) - by the waterfront, the first and foremost tourist attraction of the whole Pará state. The old fish market, a large and lively traditional market, pre-built in England in the 19th century. Here you will find fish, fruit, vegetables, regional items and offers a good

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FIFA World Cup qualification - - 21. 12 October 2005 Belém, Brazil 3–0 0 2006 World Cup qualification (2006 FIFA World Cup qualification (CONMEBOL)) - *Construction year: 1896, launched on 10 June 1896 *Maiden voyage: on July 31, 1896 to Montevideo and Belém, Brasil - her namesake *Shipbuilding: Chantiers Adolphe Dubigeon, Nantes (Chantenay-sur-Loire). *Hispanic Crypto-Jews (Crypto-Judaism) are the descendants of Sephardi immigrants

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" Turner, I. M. 2001. ''The ecology of trees in the tropical rainforest''. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. ISBN 0-521-80183-4 As the largest tract of tropical rainforest in the Americas, the Amazonian rainforests have unparalleled biodiversity. More than one-third of all species in the world live in the Amazon Rainforest. Amazon Rainforest, Amazon Plants, Amazon River Animals Economy The most valuable products now exported from the Amazon by way of Belém are aluminium, iron ore, and other metals., Metals in Belém nuts (chiefly Brazil nuts), pineapples, cassava, jute, wood veneers, and hardwoods. Japanese immigration (Japanese Brazilian) after the 1930s was an important factor in developing jute and black pepper, notably at Tomé-Açu, just south of Belém, and near Santarém (Santarém, Brazil). Japanese Immigration to Pará and Belém Marajó Island, the largest fluvial island in the world, which lies just across the Rio Pará from Belém, has some livestock grazing. About Marajó Island Electricity is provided by the massive Tucuruí Dam, some 300 km southwest of the city on the Tocantins River. Tucuruí Dam Tourism Belém has a modern appearance with tree-lined streets, several plazas and public gardens, and many noteworthy buildings. The north's leading educational and cultural centre, it is the seat of a bishopric (Diocese), and its cathedral (Igreja da Sé, founded in 1917) is one of Brazil's largest. Santo Alexandre, the oldest of Belém's churches, was built in 1616. The Museu (museum) Paraense Emílio Goeldi (Émil Goeldi), the Teatro da Paz (Da Paz Theatre) (a classical theatre), and the public library and archives are other notable institutions. The Universidade Federal do Pará (1957), a teacher-training school, an agricultural institute, and an institute for research on tropical diseases are also in the city. The Ver-o-Peso (Portuguese: "see the weight") market in the old port centre is a major tourist attraction. The city is also home to a large football (Association football) stadium. Demographics According to the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) of 2012, there were 2,079,699 people residing in the Metropolitan Region of Belém. The population density was WikiPedia:Belém Commons:Category:Belém

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. WikiPedia:Belém Commons:Category:Belém


'''Belém''' ( ) is a Brazilian municipality (Municipalities of Brazil), the capital and largest city of state of Pará in the country's north (North Region, Brazil). It is the gateway to the River Amazon with a busy port, airport, and bus coach station. Belém lies approximately 100 km upriver from the Atlantic Ocean, on the Pará River, which is part of the greater Amazon River system, separated from the larger part of the Amazon delta by ''Ilha de Marajó'' (Marajo Island (Marajó)). With an estimated population of 1,402,056 people — or 2,249,405, considering its metropolitan area — it is the 11th most populous city (List of largest cities in Brazil) in Brazil, as well as the 16th by economic relevance (Economy of Brazil). It is the second largest in the North Region (North Region, Brazil), second only to Manaus, in the state of Amazonas (Amazonas (Brazilian state)),

Founded in 1616 by the Kingdom of Portugal, Belém was the first European colony (Colonial Brazil) on the Amazon but did not become part of Brazil until 1775. The newer part of the city has modern buildings and skyscrapers. The colonial portion retains the charm of tree-filled squares, churches and traditional blue tiles. The city has a rich history and architecture from colonial times. Recently it witnessed a skyscraper boom.

Belém, literally ''Bethlehem'' is also known as the ''Metropolis of the Brazilian Amazon region'' or the ''Cidade das Mangueiras'' (City of Mango Trees) due to the vast number of those trees found in the city. Brazilians often refer to the city as Belém do Pará ("Belém of Pará") rather than just ''Belém'', a reference to an earlier name for the city, Santa Maria de Belém do Grão Pará, and also to differentiate it from a number of other towns called Belém in Brazil. It is named after Santa Maria de Belém (Santa Maria de Belém (Lisbon)) in Lisbon, also better known by its shortened name, Belém (Belém (Lisbon)).

Belém is served by two airports: Val de Cães International Airport, which connects the city with the rest of Brazil and other cities in South America, and Brig. Protásio de Oliveira Airport (Júlio César) Airport (Protásio de Oliveira Airport) dedicated to general aviation.

The city is also home to the Federal University of Pará.

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